Barrister Babu Comments Analysis


Hi guys, This is just a message I would like to convey to all of you. I have been reading the comments section of Barrister Babu’s written update for a long time and I have been noticing that some of you have been writing some rude replies to people expressing their opinion on the show. Now let’s think about what a comment is in the first place. A comment is a verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction. So the comments section of the written update is to write comments on the written episode posted also known as expressing your opinion on that serial or episode. Kindly remember that everyone has a right to comment in the comments section because the comments text box is available to everyone so that they can express their views and opinions on the serial Barrister Babu.

Now, I have seen a few mean replies to people who have been expressing their views of the serial. Like Jiya and Hope. Many people attack them for expressing their opinions and viewpoints. I don’t know about you, but I feel like there is nothing wrong with what they are saying. They are just expressing their feelings. They too are writing ‘comments’. It is not nice to be mean.


Now, this is what I want to say to those who have been writing mean replies to Hope. Look, I understand that most of you have the opinion that there should be a romance between Anirudh and Bondita. In fact, it’s my opinion too. But that does not mean that you criticise, use hurtful words and disrespect his opinion. Remember, not everyone has the same opinion. I too read Hope’s comments. I don’t think he said anything wrong about the serial, he just expressed an opinion. He just wanted to think of something different for a change so he was just expressing his point. He is free to express his opinion on an episode. He just said that he doesn’t like a particular part of the serial post leap and he also expressed what funny and cute parts he liked, but he doesn’t like romance and cheesiness. Which is okay, but that doesn’t mean he is a hater. He likes some parts and doesn’t like some. So what’s wrong with expressing it? After all, he can comment. Is it hate? No, he is just expressing an opinion. You cannot force him to look through your perspective, as this is wrong. He told both the positive sides and the negative sides of it. He is not pressurizing the makers; he is just telling what he feels. So please do not be rude. And yes the big problem of enmity was created by Chandrachur in the serial. So it does revolve around him. Whatever Hope said was not wrong. I think he likes Chandrachur because of his acting. Which is true, he acts well. Maybe he thinks that Chandrachur’s acting is underrated. So he is just saying that he likes that particular actor. And the same applies to whatever he said for Aurra, choti Bondita. And reading his comments, we don’t know whether he has watched Barrister Babu from the beginning or not, so we cannot comment on that.  You guys also can reply and express your opinion, but please do it politely without words like annoying bedbug, rants, if you don’t like the serial don’t watch it etc…

That is why I request you to kindly stop hurting Hope with rude comments.

My reply to Hope: Hope, you have strong opinions on the show and you express them well too. I appreciate these qualities in you. It is only natural for people to think about another storyline further or think of alternative outcomes. I find you creative, the way you think in a different way. There is nothing wrong with what you did. You did not say anything mean to anyone. You just thought of something new. But unfortunately, there will be fewer people who will understand you. So next time you write a comment, I suggest that you can write at the end of the comment, “Feel free to give your opinions on my comment, but kindly do not reply if you are going to write something mean or hurtful about me.”


Now, Jiya just expressed her opinion on Bondita using ‘tu’ for her mother and you all literally bashed her for that. Please try to understand that it was her opinion on the serial. You guys might have told her about why it is like that, but maybe she still felt that it is disrespectful. Maybe because in her family tu for elders is strictly forbidden. You never know why she is writing about this. So please don’t be mean.

My reply to Jiya: Jiya, your view is not wrong. In the 1930s, they used to use tu to show love to their mother. Tu just means that there is a close bond. You see, if Bondita really disrespected her mother, she would never touch her feet and ask for blessings. In those days everyone used tu for mothers, so it would be weird if she used aap. In the villages especially, it is normal. And if Sumati asks Bondita to use aap and to stop using tu, Bondita will happily agree and never use tu again. So, you get what I mean.

And regarding, the 15th July scene 10:17, firstly, the writers are from the 21st century and so they wrote as per our generation.  I know it was a big deal if someone removed their parent’s hands and shouted in the 1930s, but the makers did not want to focus on her behaviour as they only have 20 to 25 minutes for one episode and if they focused on Bondita’s behaviour then everyone would think that they just wasted the time of the episode where other important things should have been shown.

Just imagine, after Bondita did this if her mom were to slap her and scold her over it for some time, they are going off the main point and track of the show, so they can’t do that and waste time. This is not the case in real life. In real life, there is not main track or concept. Our life is not a tv serial. Please understand this. Secondly, Bondita shouted because usually, actors have to shout in order to show that they are stressing on some topic and not knowing what they are saying and then they keep quiet realising that they opened their mouth at the wrong time. Shouting and leaving the hands was also in order to express an emotion that an actor has to portray.

Imagine Bondita saying the same thing without shouting and leaving the hands in a low tone, there would not be any expression and it would not look like real serial acting. It is fine in real life, but in a serial, it won’t look good. So let me just say that if Bondita would be someone from the real-life 1930s, she wouldn’t have shouted or left her hands but just told it in a low volume.

If you have any more doubts on this, please feel free to comment and will give you a more detailed explanation on this topic.

Guys, please don’t get me wrong. I tried to explain this to you politely so that you won’t feel bad. Feel free to comment on this as I would love to know your perspectives and opinions, but please don’t be rude or use hurtful words.

Thank You 😊.

Stay home🏠, Stay Safe❤.

  1. Thank you for clearing my doubts and yes it is a strict rule to not use tu or tum to elders in my family, once I accidentally used tum to my mother and then I got punished for disrespecting.

    1. Aanya

      I’m happy you understood

  2. Yes i do feel they are being very rude. Previous commentors weren’t like that . They never used to pull each others leg and said hurtful words. This happens when we express what we didn’t liked in episode . I don’t want to take name but i feel calling someone bedbug is not correct and always replying to other comments . If you disagree than simply don’t reply and if you want to reply , just write your reason with formal language and go. Why personal attacks. This comment analysis was needed.

    1. Aanya

      Yes that is true. If a person disagrees they must not be rude, instead they must respect another person’s opinion and reply or disagree politely. If they can’t disagree politely, then let them just not reply.

    2. Same applies to you @Breadbutter. Kindly do what you preach!

    3. And well, I think writing such responses is like empowering the wrong doer. It is like if you do something wrong to a person which makes the other person complaint, then the complainant will be asked to forget it. Not that the wrongdoer will be questioned or asked to correct themselves. That’s not what we want , I think.
      @Aaaa If you like laughing, that is great. No one is stopping you. Laughter is the best medicine after all. But I hope you get the point here.
      And questioning Jinny Jenny might make her feel as if she weren’t valued and nobody cared about her welfare. Wrong is wrong and shouldn’t be tolerated.
      Plus, please don’t pull her leg by asking her not to pull a topic that would need yet another analysis. Because her comment is very much related to this topic.
      @Aanya your views?

    4. Aanya

      Yes @Bacii you are right.

  3. Breadbutter is very rude too.
    Just look at these comments:

    “@jinny jenny i am seeing from my perspective. If i was at Ani’s place , i wouldn’t have dragged anyone so roughly . I would have shouted but dragging a person with things all around seems bit like a dictater. I don’t know what you think and it is my opinion. I am not a blind supporter.”

    “June this means you can beat the one who tries to invade your past ? Common have some sense man . Anirudh was close to Bondita and he made that room for his personal requirement. If someone enters it ,then he should be voilent . I don’t know how low you all will fall to justify wrong doings . It is not always a show will be perfect . It has some imperfections. You have to accept and let it go . You don’t have to be mad about that. Now i won’t comment anything now . You people act so wild when we share the things we don’t like as if we are prey and you are predator”

    Questioning people’s character, mindset and decency only because they expressed opposing views. Both June and I were very polite. What was the point of calling someone a blind supporter? How can someone judge whether I am blind or not without even knowing me? How can you call someone wild and predator, Bread butter? You can not complaint about people being rude when you yourself are so impolite. How can you simply judge that we are justifying wrong things without being aware of our ideas and thoughts? You are indirectly calling us backward, which is not acceptable at all!

    1. oho JINNY JENNY

    2. @Aaaa you are not being rude, you are only expressing your opinion which is pretty fine with me. But disrespect cannot be tolerated. Breadbutter was not right at all. I had the opportunity of voicing my opinion, so I voiced it.
      I am not the one to tolerate insults without saying anything. So this was my way of responding. If I feel someone is rude, then that doesn’t mean everyone is rude in my eyes.
      Plus my comment is very much relevant and related to this analysis. So I don’t see the need of writing yet another analysis.
      Someone was not good to me, so I expressed that. That’s all. Period.

    3. jinny jenny OM SHANTI HAHAHA

    4. Radhika Desai

      @Aaaa please don’t do this. You are undermining someone, which is not right. You don’t want to support them, then please don’t. But please, don’t dilute them. They are not the one making a fuss out of it.

    5. Aanya

      @Jinny Jenny I read your comments and yes it is very relevant to my article and whatever yousaid was right. Breadbutter should have expressed it more politely respecting another person’s viewpoint… But it’s okay maybe he/she did not mean to be rude. After all everyone makes mistakes. So I suggest that we can forgive anyone who was rude in the comments section in the past as we cannot change the past. Let us hope that the comments section of the written updates in thefuture is a friendly and peaceful one 😊

    6. Absolutely @Aanya. I am not the kind of person to drag things or hold grudges. We can always be friends.
      Just that I was disturbed because someone said I would fall low to any extent to justify wrong things, called me a blind supporter, and a wild person.
      But yes, I don’t want to have any bad blood with anyone. @Breadbutter if you are ready to behave in a much better way, and be much more courteous, then we can surely be good with each other.
      I forgive you without any apology from your end.

    7. Radhika Desai

      At least you should apologise to @Jinny Jenny and @June. Be a bit courteous, @Breadbutter. This much decency can be expected from anyone, I think.

    8. Dear Radhika
      I dont support anyone. I just want that through my smile i can also calm others who have indulged themselves in to a fight. AS I HATE FIGHT .

    9. Radhika Desai

      Well @Aaaa I think I asked you not to undermine Jinny Jenny. That is what she has already said! But you didn’t listen to her. Peace is not good if it is forced on someone!
      You are simply asking herself to get silent, and not doing much to help her.
      Plus, I never said anything that indicates I want a fight with you. I only said what my heart feels.
      And if you say I asked you to apologize, then sorry you are not the one whom I asked. I asked @Breadbutter because their words are quite hurtful.

    10. Aanya

      @Radhika Desai, That is your opinion, but Aaaa does not mean anything bad. Aaaa just wants peace and everyone to have friendly relations. Aaaa just thought that a further conversation on that topic would lead to a fight that no one wants. But it did not turn into a fight because we are just having a polite and friendly conversation. Not undermining anyone. Plus, Aaaa was just joking and having fun. But anyway that topic of discussion was over because I already suggested to Jinny Jenny that we forgive everyone who was rude in the past and hope that we all have friendly comments discussions in the future and that we respect other’s opinions and disagree without hurting the other person. No one was forcing peace, it is just that Aaaa was sensing a fight so just replied pre telling not to have more fights. Now that everything is solved let and we have forgiven those who we rude to us. Let us have friendly conversations in the comments going further 😊.

  4. I don’t think writing such posts is allowed as per Telly Updates guidelines.
    You can write messages to others only on your profile or in the comments section, not in a separate article.

    1. Aanya

      Well, I don’t have instant approval yet. This article was read and reviewed by the Telly Updates Team and if they felt that it was not allowed then they would have sent me a rejection email. Also, this is an important message that all of the commenters need to read. I don’t think everyone reads the message on profiles or comments, but everyone will read the article 😁

    2. @Aanya pls don’t get me wrong. I get what you are trying to say and feel that it us needed as well. Just read the guidelines today. And I found d that there. So was a bit curious. Plus I didn’t know you don’t have instant messaging.
      Should have expressed myself differently, sorry.

    3. Sorry instant approval

    4. Aanya

      @Bacii, There is no need to apologise. I did not feel bad at all. I just thought that you were confused so I wrote that in order to clear your confusion.

    5. Minerva Snape

      @Aanya come with me to the Choti Sardarni forum, please. You are really needed here. The space is becoming too negative due to certain commenters. Please come and help people with your comment analysis.

  5. AANYA- You are very optimist like me.😉😅😂😂 You reply in a respectful way.
    And i reply in a funny way .I just hate fights.
    sorry if i was being muh mia mitthu/praising myself very much.😉😅😂😂😉😅😂😂
    But thats APUN KA STLYE. hehehehe
    Hey u can also vote me as the last comment there was of mine.
    plz corrrect me if i was a bit insulting .

    1. Aanya

      No, @Aaaa you were very funny. You really express your opinions and comment in a sweet and hilarious way. 😂😁😊😊

    2. Arre wah thank uhh guys

  6. Anirudh and bonditha after leap turn into husband and wife?

    1. Aanya

      We don’t know anything so far, lets watch and see 😄

  7. Dear Radhika
    I dont support anyone. I just want that through my smile i can also calm others who have indulged themselves in to a fight. AS I HATE FIGHT .

  8. I just want to know why the show is turning into family drama instead of giving some knowledge about girl’s freedom.

    1. Aanya

      Since this is a serial that will have many more episodes, they will need to extend it with family and romantic drama after which they will focus on topics like women empoverment.

    2. Aanya


  9. ohk thik h radhika i got ur point

    1. Aanya

      It’s ok this is what happens. Misunderstandings. It is ok Radhika had a different point of view and so did you so that is why you both misunderstood each other. But no problem, misunderstandings happen. Now that it is clear let us be friendly with each other. This is the reason I posted this article 😅

  10. I did feel you were trying to stop me @Aaaa
    Plus understand that @Radhika Desai was asked @Breadbutter to apologize, not you.

    1. Aanya

      Actually, @Aaaa just wanted everything to be friendly and peaceful. So that’s why Aaaa said this in order to avoid fights. Aaaa had no intention of stopping you. Aaaa just pre-informed you all to avoid any kind of fight. Not to stop you from expressing your opinions.

    2. Aanya

      Also don’t feel bat but even June was mean to Hope. She too said that Hope rants and called him an immature brat.

    3. Aanya

      I mean don’t feel bad

    4. I know. All of it was meant for @Breadbutter and not @Hope, unless and until they are not the same people.
      I only meant that Aaaa should have spoken to @Breadbutter first instead of saying that. That should have been a second move, not the primary one. That’s why it went the wrong way.
      And Radhika wanted @Breadbutter to apologize, not @Aaaa

  11. But honestly I feel funny to see people fighting in comment section for a serial(no offense only my opinion). There is nothing that much intense to fight about and I could also see so many harsh comments. Its just a serial for entertainment and has nothing to do with our real life. One can express his satisfaction or disappointment on the ongoing track in comment section but converting it into a rivalry is pointless. Just enjoy the show and if you feel that the show is spoiling, move on. Using mean words in comment sections is a petty issue but it can even spoil the mood of person the whole day. Take it easy.

    1. yeah I too agree

  12. Thanuja Ashani Rupasnghe

    Thank you very much that you are writing in english.
    Really appreciate..we can understand whole story.
    Jm very sorry to here that some people rude to you.
    Not every human being has very good mental health. Try to understand..may be those who never appreciate your translate and updates ..really they have some psychological issues.
    Dont take it too close to your heart.
    Life is move on no matter whats people say.
    Be strong
    Dont get emotional with unhealthy peoples attitudes.
    Thank you very much.

  13. Aaya Bravo and kudos for drawing a line between acceptable and un-acceptable behaviour in online chatting and commenting using very diplomatic tone.
    I would just like to offer some good practices or procedures to assist my fellow participants on forums for different shows.
    1… Never post a comment written in haste or anger.
    2… Ensure that you are not very tired or agitated when reading or writing comments. By reading or commenting in tired or agitated state will make you vulnerable to getting into some bad habits.
    3… Review your comments before posting them. While reviewing ask yourself following questions:
    Would I be comfortable with tone and language if the comments pertained to me or directed to me?
    When replying to an improper comment did I manage to cool down the temperature and calm nerves?
    I hope this helps.

  14. First of all i didn’t intended to use any harsh words on anyone . It was collectively meant for all and not jinny and june. I expressed my discontentment regarding the show which i think is not wrong . I know how HOPE is treated in comment section by you all and I didn’t wanted me to be treated like her for expressing my discontentment. I used word “wild” and “blind supporter” not for any particular person but for the whole who attacks commentors like me and hope who share their discontentment . I will try my best not to comment now since my words are taken in wrong manner. Also Jinny Jenny, I was surprised the way you were giving me explanations about my previous comment which I did days back as if you wanted me to prove wrong for so small comment . This action is justified since I commented long back and just to defy me you commented in return just . My anger was missed response for the way you defied me for my previous comment and the way hope is treated in comment section. I don’t want to extend the fight . You all can continue . Maybe the show is not made for me.

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