Barrister Babu – A historical serial

Barrister Babu is an serial which is airing in Colors Tv. It became an important part in the people’s life.

A news which have been spread that it is going to off air in November or December. Barrister babu serial is gaining a lakhs of fans everyday. but due to the leaking of episodes in youtube the trp still remains the same and also repeated warnings and reports by fans The channels continue to post and leak episodes. Everytime we get any news about bb a lakh of fans pray that it should not happen. One of the biggest heartbreaks for fans was leap in the serial. Before pre leap it starred Pravisht Mishra , Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni , Pallavi Mukherji, Chandan Anand, Rishi Kurana, Arina Dey, Param Mehta etc But after leap Our Small Bondita Had to leave the show And Aanchal Sahu is in the place of aurra as badi Bondita. She is now in hearts of the fans. A lot changes happened like Krishna Nagar and Tulsipur have divided as Anirudh and Thaku Maa became enemies , Vaijayanti and comes to Roy Choudhary house and learns the truth. Etc. But the story came to the track when Bondita wins her first case and too  Anirudh and Bondita get into contact with Batuk, Anirudh’s youngest brother, who is studying in another country. Batuk, though resembling Anirudh, is the total opposite of his brother. He decides to return to India and make Bondita’s life hell. Anirudh while saving Bondita he dies (shown in the serial). Batuk changes his avatar and becomes anirudh to take revenge and snatch bondita’s child.
Bhavya Sachdeva On Barrister Babu Going Off-Air; Says ‘I Didn’t Think I’d Have To Bid Farewell To Chandrachur’  says Barrister babu fame bhavya sachdeva (chandrachur).  Well, the news is not only shocking for the viewers but the cast members as well. A couple of days ago, Rishi Khurana expressed his sadness about Barrister Babu going off-air. And now, Bhavya Sachdeva, who is playing the role of Chandrachur has also reacted to the news says people. Also in a insta live pravisht, aanchal and crew members expressed on the rapid news barrister babu off air the hinted that it may get to off air. It was a heart breaking news to the fans. In the present as talked before people only like saas bahu drama, naagin etc. but barrister babu showed all types of social problems does not get to reach to the  people. It was interesting that a mystery still remain was leap really necessary? But some still stated that it was all because of trp. Maybe yes.. Maybe wrong.The imdb shows 8.2 BY 10 but why a low trp? It’s really heartbreaking that our lovely bb is off airing on 5th nov 2021. Fans are trying to stop bb from off airing but will it work? It is on makers hands. Based on news reports, some other serial is going to be replaced.  The most displeasure comes when people does not like when  bb was showing challenge the stereotypical ideas.  Some contents that they showed were such that no shows had dared to come up with. Mensuration is a big problem with people but this serial tried break their views. If we observe a thing Manorama (Rachana Mistry) who was fakely married to anirudh did not tried to woo anirudh or hurt bondita. This tracked showed how a husband brings another wife in spite of having first wife. What hardships she faces! Bb served a lot to serial industry and should be marked. But alas people dont like good things. Will barrister babu be off aired? lets see
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  1. Though am broken inside after hearing our favorite show going to off air but still am having hope please guys try to increase the TRP

    1. Zeo

      Yes totally true!

  2. This is so depressing. I feel absolutely cheated. I hate colors.

    1. Zeo

      Yup! the felling is terrible. but still as I say fingers crossed!

  3. This is really a bad news… As u said it is said to know that our people cannot praise the right content… They speak of changes but they don’t support or bring changes in society… So they are not supporting BB…This historical drama is very close to my heart… I will really miss it… But at least I don’t want Anirudh dead… He must be alive and he must change the society with Bondita… I want this happy ending…

    1. Zeo

      Yes! but we cant understand why this track is shown? at least fingers crossed that ARC should be alive and brc should learn about his mistake🤞

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