Barrister Babu 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita to become a barrister


Barrister Babu 9th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita saying I will study and become a barrister babu, Anirudh has seen this dream for me. Anirudh smiles. Manorama says let me just wear this and get a pic clicked. Bondita says I will fulfill his dream, return my coat. Tujhme roshan hoga….plays… Bondita takes the coat and wears it. She goes. She says you have chosen this goal for me, you can’t snatch this dream from me. Anirudh pays the photographer and asks him to go. The man says but I didn’t click your pic. Anirudh says I wanted Bondita to get this pic in her heart, I m glad Bondita remember the dream, barrister babu. Bondita says I will shine bright and become a barrister babu, its my promise to you and myself.

Bondita goes to Batuk. She says I will study and go to school, I will study all night. Batuk says we will study together. Anirudh smiles. He goes and sees the book papers. He says Manorama, I m so happy, Bondita will study well, Bondita is joining the book papers. He holds her hand and says sorry. She says don’t apologize, we can share our joy and sorrow, you are so determined and sacrificing, I m proud to be your friend. Anirudh says you are also sacrificing a lot for the sake of the country, I m also proud to be your friend. They shake hands. She thinks my mission will soon complete. Trilochan doesn’t have his glasses. He wants to read the newspaper. Binoy asks him to wait till evening. Bondita says I will read it. She reads it. Trilochan says great. Manorama hears the news of Viceroy coming to Tulsipur in 3 days. Manorama thinks I will sacrifice my life for the sake of the country. The vase drops by her hand.

Trilochan asks what did you do, you don’t know anything. Bondita smiles. Manorama says I will get it cleaned. Trilochan asks Koyli to clean it. Manorama asks about the Viceroy’s invite. Trilochan says its not needed, we are not going. Manorama asks why. Binoy says we didn’t get the invite, Thakur is taking revenge for her insult. Manorama says we can talk to Vaibhavi devi to invite us. Trilochan says no need to think, we won’t go to welcome Viceroy this time. Manorama thinks its imp for me to go there. She goes. Bondita thinks what happened to her. Manorama says I had become the bahu of this house to get the invite to meet Viceroy, but if this doesn’t happen, then it will be wrong, I can give my life for this mission. Anirudh says come here, you can’t go there, but you can welcome Vaibhavi Devi, call her and invite the queen for tea. Manorama says I don’t like such parties. Anirudh says you just do your work, I will tell you, please them, the queen will get our name in the invite list. She says yes, but I don’t know about such parties. He says I can tell you, we have to keep some english cakes and cookies, compliment the queen, you will get close to the queen. She says I will make this try.

She goes to prepare the cake. Bondita says I will get tiffin from the kitchen. She sees Manorama making the cake. She thinks Manorama will make a bad cake, why shall I tell her. She says its good, I came to take my tiffin. She goes and thinks why is she making a cake. Batuk says whoever will come first in the exam will get a chance to welcome Viceroy. Bondita thinks the cake will be like a stone. She imagines Manorama taking the cake for Anirudh. He eats and breaks his tooth. She says Anirudh will be hurt, no, if his tooth break then he will look strange. Manorama thinks to impress Vaibhavi. Bondita thinks to make the cake properly. She goes to make the cake. Koyli asks shall I help. Bondita says no, I will make it. Bondita says I have made this cake for Anirudh, keep it safe, Manorama shouldn’t see this cake. Koyli nods.

Precap: Manorama takes all the praise to make a good cake. Bondita comes there and says, you burned your cake and here taking credit for my cake. First you snatched away my pati babu, and now my cake.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Bondita loves cooking…she should become a chef instead .

    1. Umm, cooking can be a side hobby, I’m really good at baking and cooking, I’ve made 4-5 layer cakes before, but that can be a hobby, not a career, she should become a barrister.

    2. I know …i just said it in a humourous way … It wasn’t a serious approach . Hope you can differentiate between the two. By the way , cooking too has a career .

  2. Episode was good 👍👍👍👍 . Funny elements which once used to be a part of BB are now back . Manorama is good . I like her now . Makers should show friendship between Bondita and Manorama .

  3. what will thakur do? hope it doesn’t harm Bonita and anirudh. I haven’t fully trusted the manorma until this mission is over and it doesn’t hurt our Anidita🙁


  4. Finally ! A great relief. Bondita back on track but still is somewhat distracted and has a bit of hatred for her “husband’s” “second wife”. Whatever it is I feel a bit relaxed as of now.

  5. This show has lost its storyline and main theme.Har kuch dino bad kisi naye character ki entry kr dete hain or fir uspar episodes banate hain. Are bhai makers log fans ko naye chehre nahi dekhne hai but anidita ka bond or unka barrister hone ka safar dekhna hai. Aise hi chalta raha to bondita kbi badi hogi hi nahi or barrister banegi hi nahi or anirudh or kaka ke faislo mein pisti rahegi🙄. Starting episodes were really good and now it’s loosing its originality. What i want to say is shortness me hi sweetness hota hai. Ye khich ke dikhane main koi point ni .

  6. Did anyone see the new promo? Can someone please translate?

    1. Child marriage is prohibited by law so Anirudh says that they are no longer husband and wife then bondita questions him that what will be the name of their relationship.

    2. New promo seems interesting…2nd marriage is wrong so does child marriage. Now they are no longer husband and wife let see how the story unfolds. Here Anirudh is a good guy so people are shipping andita. However child marriage is wrong. Anidita have pure bond that’s what I like about BB show. No relationship name is required for the bond between them he is a guide companion for Bondita let this be that way.. let bondita grow up and decide what she really want untill then no need for love track… Makers just make ani understand what is love and what he has for manorama is attraction…

    3. The good points about the show is that it deals with sensitive topics like child marriage, pedophilia and consent. I feel like some of these topics went over viewers heads because they were too busy shipping bondita and ARCs relationship.

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    Good episode…
    Bondita is coming back on track👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    I just hope🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 manorama doesn’t turn negative, as sometime her actions shows this, apart from country love, she is developing feeling for Anirudh, seeing his love, care, understand, etc for bondita

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