Barrister Babu 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita studies hard

Barrister Babu 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trilochan asking Bondita not to worry, he will end all her problems. He asks her to help. Bondita tries to help. Anirudh says you have asked her about maths, she has left maths a long time back, you should ask her about cooking food. Bondita says no, I can answer. Anirudh says fine, then tell it. He says you have to practice maths every day, Manorama also knows it well. He asks Manorama to tell Kaka. Manorama asks me? I will give an answer. Trilochan asks her to answer. Manorama says the answer is…. Anirudh signs her. Manorama says 575. Anirudh says look at her, she gave the answer. Trilochan says so what, can she make good tea like Bondita or know Durga shtotra. Anirudh praises Manorama. Trilochan asks her not to take this on her heart. Bondita goes. Manorama checks some map. Anirudh comes. The glass falls down the door.

She hides the map. He says its a good way to get alert before anyone comes, but the glass could have fallen on my head. She asks are you hurt. He says no. She says whatever Sampoorna did, I m staying alert. He says I can understand. He says you will go after your mission completes, what should I say if anyone from our families ask where did you go. She says I will be going too far, I mean I have to leave the city. He says thank God, I felt… She thinks you thought right, you don’t know that I have to sacrifice my life for completing this mission. Bondita comes in and recites 23’s multiplication table. She asks him is he not happy. Anirudh says I m happy, Manorama wrote this english essay, its so good. Manorama thinks I will be caught if she asks me to read it. Bondita asks her to read it. Manorama says you can’t read it.

Bondita asks why, I have learnt everything well, show me. The paper flies away. Anirudh says I like to teach, I will teach Manorama. Bondita cries and goes. She reads the essay, value of education. She says Manorama has written well, the essay is really good. She goes. Its morning, Bondita reads the essay again. She goes out and sees a photographer. She asks why did he come. She sees Anirudh and Manorama getting their pic clicked. She stops them and says its not right. Anirudh says everything is right. He says these barrister clothes, its yours, remember we got a pic clicked, Manorama also got the right fitting, it suits her a lot, you wear an apron, your saree won’t get spoiled. Bondita says no, its not fine, this is mine and will be mine. He smiles.

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  2. Amazing epi

  3. Rena

    Wow! Our Bondita is on her way coming back

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Finally our bondita is coming on track 😌😌😌😌😌😌 but anirudh could have used reverse pscyhology without doing marry drama😣😣😣😣😣

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