Barrister Babu 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita intentionally flops the interview

Barrister Babu 3rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh asking Bihari to get water for Bondita, she will come to study now. Bihari asks will she come. Anirudh says yes. Bondita comes. He thinks thank God, she is going towards studies. He says I will ask you few things, you will answer the questions well, I trust you, be confident, don’t get scared. She says I m not scared, I didn’t get scared when Manorama raised hand on me, I could have replied her, but you taught me that its weakness to raise hand on someone, its not strength. He asks her to give the interview. He interviews her. She gives a good interview in favor of women. He claps and says bravo Bondita, I m very happy, it means you are ready for the interview. They laugh. Manorama looks on. Anirudh goes out and hurts himself. Manorama stops him. He says you should have not raised hand on Bondita. She apologizes.

She says I didn’t wish to raise hand, I lost all my secret things, the guns were also fallen there, I was scared, I had to do that. He says you can’t hurt her under any circumstances. Anirudh meets the hostel principal. He asks Bondita to answer everything well. He says I trust you, you have to answer now. Anirudh introduces her. The man asks him not to interfere in the interview. Bondita doesn’t answer any question. Anirudh worries seeing her behavior. Anirudh asks her to give all the answers right, why isn’t she answering. The man says don’t talk to a weak child like this, if Bondita’s mental strength is less, then don’t pressurize her. He asks Bondita to keep trying to study, best of luck. He leaves.

Bondita laughs. Anirudh says she is very sharp, listen to me, she knows all answers. The man leaves. Anirudh asks Bondita what did she do. He angrily goes. She says you are trying to send me to hostel, do anything, I will not go from here now. Anirudh goes to Manorama. She says fire lit on the right place shows direction, my anger is taking me towards the country’s freedom. He says yes, you are right, I have to direct Bondita’s anger towards her aim, to become a barrister babu, Bondita does the opposite of what I do. Anirudh says I will make Bondita a sun who will give a new morning to the world.

Bondita is with koyli. She smiles. Koyli asks the reason. Bondita recalls Anirudh’s typewriter. He explains her about typewriter. He says you have learn to make words, you will learn writing it and then typing it, you will learn English language also. Bondita hides behind his chair. He asks her to come out. Bondita says I m scared of colours. She tells the village instance. He says don’t be scared of colours, I had taught you that we should not have any fear, fear makes us weak, people take an advantage of the colours, we should fill colours in our life, clothes have colours, even the colour of education. He applies colours to her face.

She applies colours to her. He promises to always apply colour to her first. They smile. FB ends. Bondita sits smiling. Bihari asks will Anirudh apply you colour first. Bondita says just I m here, you know why, Anirudh likes only those who are educated. Bondita says I know english also. Everyone meets for the puja. Trilochan does the puja. He throws colours and wishes them happy holi. Anirudh looks on. Bondita comes there. She takes the colours and sees Anirudh. She says I will apply colours to him first before Manorama. Manorama comes with the colours. Bondita gets sad and looks on.

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Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Samaila

    Anirudhji, agar aap bondita ko sach bata dengi toh woh khushi khushi hostel chalijayigi, lekin yeh aap jo karrahehai yeh theek nahi hai.

  2. I read somewhere that Manorama is going to become a negative caracterr….

    1. @shana shana i also read the same about Manorama will turn out to be negative…we need to wait and watch…if that happens so i will claps (sarcastic way)

    2. If she became a negative caractère, poor bondita… too much of negative caractère not enough positive caractère

      I am waiting for the new entry

  3. Ispita Talukdar


  4. After so many days drop of rain in a desert
    We just want these anidita scenes n lotts of learning
    Ani nee jb mano ko daant lagayi
    Tab dil garden garden ho gya😂
    Seriously mazaa aya

    1. So true sugar …

    2. Anirudh thinks she will go to hostel in this way …Hahaha ..
      Somewhere i feel he will make Bondita jealous by applying color to Manorama and not to Bondita but by Magical drink he will loose his senses and play holi with Bondita😁

    3. Bss just waiting this track to end
      Btw that flashback loop was so nice n that study scene was 😍
      It showed how both can keep aside everything for bondi future
      After so many ages i saw them laughing satisfactorily

  5. Amena can you please change the date

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