Barrister Babu 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita confronts Batuk

Barrister Babu 29th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita asking how did you check the accounts today, Batuk had much interest in this, anyways, check this, you remember what Somnath told, Tapur wrote a fake letter, but she didn’t write it, someone else tried to copy my handwriting. Batuk checks. She says we have to find out. Mallika looks on. Bondita feels like puking. Trilochan comes. Batuk recalls Trilochan’s words. He forwards hands and catches Bondita’s vomit. He feels like puking and runs. Mallika says Batuk is holding her vomit in his hand, I knew it, he is acting like Anirudh and becoming like him. Batuk asks are you feeling fine now, Bondita, come. He takes her to the room and asks her to take rest. She says sorry, that day, you scolded me a lot and I felt bad, I felt you have changed. He says sorry. She says I was wrong, you didn’t change, punish me for thinking so. He says you should get punished, you should rest. She lies down.

He sees his hands and goes to wash. He says I can’t bear this. He says don’t know how Anirudh used to bear Bondita, I can’t bear her, she is mad, I m waiting for Anirudh’s son, then I will throw Bondita out of this house. Bondita wakes up. She sees Anirudh’s pic and says I love you. She hugs his pic. She gets a call. She answers. The man says I got the audio recording, do you want to hear it on call, or shall I send it home. She asks him to play it. She hears Batuk on call. She says it looks like Anirudh’s voice, play it again. She gets shocked and thanks the man. She says no, Anirudh can’t do this, I can’t believe this, but this voice…. Batuk sees Bondita’s trophy. He recalls the man’s words. He says you are proud to become a barrister, I will show your pride the right place. He throws the trophy. He sees Bondita there. She cries and asks why did you change so much, don’t make an excuse. Trilochan comes and looks on. She says I found out from telephone exchange that you were the one who denied the calls for me, I was sure that I have heard it wrong but…. seeing you break the trophy, my trust also broke. Batuk says sorry. She says you promised me, you will become a good barrister, while being good in relations, why did you change when Lord doesn’t change, tell me, why did you do this, I know you aren’t my Anirudh, don’t know who are you, tell me, who are you. Trilochan worries. Sampoorna stops him and says a wife has questioned her husband, so a husband has to answer his wife. He nods. They go.

Batuk wears the specs. He says you wanted an answer, I m your Pati babu, Anirudh, you wanted to know why you did this, I m your husband, I want you to walk with me, not ahead of me, no, you forgot us, I was very happy when people called you barrister babu Bondita, now I don’t like it, people don’t talk about me, so I feel bad, I m a human, am I not, why did you make me Lord, please don’t make me Lord, else give me such respect. She gets shocked. He says you do everything without asking your Lord, sorry to break your trophy, you got it for becoming a barrister, I had shown you that dream that you were dependant on me, you decide everything now, is that right, no, this is wrong, you have become famous now, you don’t need me now, that’s why I broke this, my ego got hurt, humans have ego, we will forget everything, you are pregnant, you are carrying my baby, I want you to stay at home, stop the practice, think of baby’s health, if you love me and the baby, then you will listen to me, else its clear that you don’t love us, but the barrister tag, please don’t cry, I know you love me, you will just stay as a wife and mum, and not be a barrister, next time, you answer the call and tell them that barrister Bondita doesn’t stay here, will you do that for the baby’s sake, its your decision. He goes saying I love you Bondita. She cries.

He sits playing the mouth organ. Mallika comes. Bondita cries. Sampoorna comes and says I know you are sad, if a husband loves his wife, then his ego falls short in front of love. Bondita says I can’t believe that Anirudh can do this, this can’t happen. Mallika thinks I will have to tell the truth to Bondita, that her husband is dead, Batuk is mine. She gets Batuk and her pic. Bondita says diya will just give the light, Anirudh will always respect women, I have to find out why did Anirudh change.

Bondita prays to Durga Maa and asks her to show some way. She asks how will I fulfill my promise to Anirudh that I will fight against all the injustice. Anirudh is seen somewhere. He recalls Bondita and takes her name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    4. Bondita prays to Durham MA to do some miracle.ani is shown unconscious in some place he wakes up and says Bondita

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