Barrister Babu 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita catches Mama’s fraud

Barrister Babu 28th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh and Bondita going to the market. He buys a kulfi. He eats it and its really tasty. Bondita asks shall I eat kulfi, will you teach me accounts again. He laughs and says no, you can eat it. She eats the kulfi. He says I feel many times, we say ourselves that we can’t do it, we believe that maybe we can’t do it. He asks her to clean her face. He cleans her face. He says that’s why, we can say yes, your mind will believe that you can easily understand the calculations, that’s the power of thoughts. Bondita says yes, I will say this to myself from now, I can do it. He says great.

She asks for kerchief. She asks shall I keep it, I will wash it and give you, else husband and wife have a fight. They laugh. She asks for another kulfi. She eats it. He smiles. Rishta tera mera…plays…. Mami enjoys the cool air. Mama says I will be getting some money today. Mami says we will soon get much money. Sampoorna comes. She asks did you write accounts well. Mami says you asked me not to do anything, we are greedy, but not mad. Bondita says we will get all the calculations right, I can do it right. Anirudh says great. She gives the answers. He says I will check.

She smiles. He says all the answers are wrong, what did you say. She says I told that I can understand, but power of thoughts didn’t help. He says you have to keep practicing, Trilochan gave you a responsibility. Bondita says one who tries never loses. Mama and Mami come to Trilochan. Everyone looks on. Mami thinks if Trilochan checks the accounts, then we will be caught, I have to do something. Bondita comes to Anirudh. He asks do you want something, I m preparing for the case. She gives her book. He says we tried our best, we will try again. He explains her again. He checks her answers.

He says you got the right answers, you have learnt it finally, I m very happy with you, you should get some reward. Bondita says no, I have to complete my work. Mami says yes, you can check if you don’t trust Bondita, how can you trust us. Trilochan asks did I say that I don’t trust Bondita, if Bondita has seen it and agreed to it, then I won’t see it, take the money to deposit. Bondita comes to stop him. She says I have to check the accounts. Anirudh comes. Trilochan asks why, Mama said you have already checked it. Bondita says yes, I had seen it, but I didn’t know calculations that time, I understood it well today, forgive me, I can keep your given responsibility today. He says its fine, check again. Bondita sits to check the accounts. Anirudh says I trust that Mama will not break our trust. Mami says yes, he can’t make any mistake. Anirudh says its good, Bondita will practice while checking. Sampoorna says yes, Bondita, check well.

Mami asks Sampoorna to stop Bondita, else they will be thrown out. Sampoorna says I don’t understand. Bondita checks. She thinks its all wrong, how shall I say it. She cries. Anirudh asks why are you crying. He also checks it. Trilochan asks what happened. Anirudh says Bondita won’t say anything, because Mama has done a fraud since first day to 7th day, he has taken 50rs in 7 days. Sampoorna thinks what will happen now, I told them not to do anything.

Anirudh says we trusted you, you did this. Trilochan says that’s why I didn’t want to keep him on Munshi’s place, he will get us insulted, so that he can put money in his pocket. He scolds Mama. He asks them to get out of the house. Sampoorna gets angry. Anirudh says they didn’t respect relations, but we are not like them, they can stay here today, they should leave by tomorrow with all the respect. Bondita is sad. Bihari comes and asks what happened. She says I was happy, but I got sad when I caught Mama’s lie. Sampoorna scolds Mama and Mami. Bihari says you shouldn’t feel bad for those liars. Bondita says I m sad for Sampoorna, she would be feeling so bad seeing her parents insult. Mama apologizes to Sampoorna. Mami says we are ready to apologize to Trilochan, if Bondita wanted, then she could have hid this matter, she is clever, she didn’t support you. Sampoorna says yes, Bondita could have done this if you told me the truth on time, you spoilt it. Mami says fine, we admit our mistake, we are not spoiling your work, Bondita is spoiling it, until she is here, your work will be spoilt. Bondita says I m feeling bad for Sampoorna, how shall I fix it now, Mama and Mami did wrong, but Sampoorna had to hear it, she would be crying, just I can wipe her tears. Mami says you have to fill Bondita’s life with tears if you want to win.

Precap: Sampoorna tells Anirudh that accounting book that he checked in the morning was not the right book. She gives him the right book. He asks how’s that possible. She asks him to check. He checks and all calculations are proper. He calls Bondita and shouts at her saying she did a fraud by teaming up with Trilochan.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Samaila

    Bondita is in a literal toxic family. Hope Arina Dey returns as sumati. Saudamini will not be seen for a long time as Pranali rathod is playing the role of Radha in KUDCA.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    What the hell they are trying to show?? 😵😵😵😵😵😵 I can’t tolerate more . So i am quiting until story get better

  3. Oh please not again, but I hope bondita and trilochan team up together, put a stop to this. As for sampoorna, her parents are evil. It looks like she is going to go that way.

    1. I just saw the new promo hats off to the team of barrister babu.
      My mum was a child when she married my dad. She was also 10, my dad was in his mid twenties. My family back ground are Islam. In my religion say a girl have to have her period in order to marry. My mum didn’t. My dad’s parents thought that she was 15, my mum parents lied to them, truth to be told, they didn’t want her. My mum didn’t know that she was going to get married. My dad didn’t want to marry. All my mum remember is that her mum made her favourite pudding. Then she went to sleep. My dad remember that he said I do. Then my nana said that they all must leave now,the bride is in her carriage, ready to leave. So you can image the shock.

      I am so glad that they are talking about this topic. Bondita start her period. Of cause sampoorna is being a b*t*h. Uncle telling Aniruddh, to consummate the marriage. It happened to my parents. The pressure that they had. My dad managed to put them off for about couple years. Until my mum was 13, still young. My dad had to explain to her what was going to happen. Both felt dirty, when I was young I thought that my dad rape my mum, now I am older, I realized both of them was rape. My dadi use to get these women to come and see if my mum lost her virginity. So you see they had no choice.

    2. Please don’t spread half learned things about Islam .
      it’s said never marry off a “baleg” or a widow without her consent .

      I’m copy pasting things that I found online

      All Sunni/Shia schools of thought agree that forced marriages are strictly forbidden in Islam, as Islamic marriages are contracts between two consenting parties referred to as mithaq.[16] A hadith attributed to Muhammad states that a woman cannot be given to a man in marriage without consulting her first, and her consent is obtained either by her agreeing to the marriage or by her remaining silent. [17]

      In addition, Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave women the power to annul their marriages if it was found that they had been married against their consent

      That’s why In our religion girls have given the right to say “qubool”

      Also it’s said only consumate with your young (I mean to say if someone is minor) wife if she’s physically strong and and mentally willing to do so .

      Its the society who thinks that girls are given with no rights but Islam did give the rights. But no on will talk about that.everyone cares about boys irrespective of the religion .

      I’m sorry if I sounded rude. But just wanted to clear things out . You can check up online . Many hadiths are described beautifully on this matter.

      Girls were married of at an young age irrespective of the religion or time .

      Child marriage is still happening .

    3. This is what happened to my mother, child marriage is still happening. I know that.
      Girls are still unwanted, my Nana and Nani didn’t want my mum. And yes it is true a woman to a marry in Islam she have been having her period. It doesn’t matter if she is 11 or 20. This is reason why my dad parents went mad. But they kept my mum because of honour, shame and nothing else.

      When my mum did started her period it was after a year. My parents had do their vows again or this wasn’t a marriage.

      Yes people mind set is very different now in some parts of the world. Even in the village that my parents come from. They don’t practice child marriage any more. Now they educates their girls, even ask them if they want to marry. It all comes down to laws. That what makes a difference.

      Bondita time, also my parents time, even the so called British time child marriage was common thing. It was everywhere. It’s not an India thing. Even in the 1950s in Britain, 12 year old children was allowed to marry. It was nothing to do with religion. It was people mind set at the time. This is what is missing in barrister babu.

      Now consummate the marriage, the pressure was on both my parents. Oh the things that my parents had to do, the lies they told. But my dadi, yes it took her 2 years. She realised in the end my mum was still a virgin. I just hope that barrister babu team get it right. People telling my mother off, can’t you please your husband.

      People asking my dad is everything right down there or are you gay.

      When comes to the bedroom it everyone business.

    4. I can’t even imagine the pressure to consumate marriage on both your parents.i mean how can people be such insane . Just bcz someone doesn’t wanna do it with a minor they are gay . Slow claps .
      I hope nothing bad happens to you 🙂

      All I wanted to say in my previous comment that it’s society who doesn’t give a f to any religion and it’s morals totally . Rather they would do whatever they want without understanding the depth of a law .

      CONSENT is important in Islam , i didn’t say about the age but I was talking about the consent .

      but clearly people who pressurised your parents don’t even wanna follow the law all they want is to do whatever they want to .
      Luckily we are evolving nowadays but still at some places these are happening which is the sad part

  4. I like it 👍☺️

  5. Before quiting watch the new promo guys! Menstruation track coming! Nd kaka asking Anirudh to start family planning! And Anirudh refusing as she is a kid! Bondita stepping into womanhood! So have patience!
    Precap dkh k am also a bit scared and angry, but this time I hope they are having that much good bond that they will overcome their misunderstanding!

    1. I stopped watching the show only reading written update since sampoorna marraige track. After reading your comment saw new promo finally good track is coming up… But hate this sampoorna track..hope they end it soon and bring new strong antagonist like Tara Bhai(hiramandi track) …enough of this positive character turning negative and fooling RC mansion people…1st it was saudamini next munshi now sampoorna same type track…

    2. Sampoorna abhi rahegi, iss menstruation track ko mushkil karne, and when this track will end, Maybe Sampoorna will exit as well or atleast turn positive! She will use this menstruation to keep Bondita away from Anirudh but Anirudh is Anirudh!
      Aur villain kyun chahiye, society ki soch kaafi nahi h kya! Like look at kaka’s thinking, pressurizing Anirudh to start a family with a 11 year old kid?? Like seriously! Look at Sampoorna’s thinking, ye shraap h! These are the mentality to be targetted.
      I knew makers will bring this track, but itni jaldi ye nahi socha tha. Toilet wala track adhura chhod diya h, usko atleast complete kr de! Aurto ko kabse dilasa deke rakha h Anirudh ne😅

  6. Samaila

    Now that mama got caught. Anirudh will not sit quietly, he will definitely start investigating.

    1. Precap dekh k lgta h, Anirudh k dimaag pe Surmani ne bohot zorr se mara tha! Pagal kahika! Re thik h, man le ki woh kitaab badli gayi h, lekin Bondita pe shakk krna! Oh bhaiii! If he seriously believes Sampoorna then usko sach mei maathe parr chot aayi h, agr acting kr rha hoga, toh firr bhi thik h!

  7. Today’s episode was awesome . I loved it

  8. Guys can you please say what happend in the promo

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