Barrister Babu 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita welcomes Mallika home

Barrister Babu 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Batuk saying maybe Batuk and I look same from behind, I m not Batuk, but his elder brother Anirudh, she is my wife, Bondita. He asks Bihari to drop Mallika outside. Bondita says if Mallika is here, then Batuk will also be here. Batuk laughs and asks Trilochan to tell Batuk’s old habit, he tells that he is coming and never comes, he must be waiting for you Mallika, you should go. Mallika says but… Trilochan says Batuk has wings to fly here and there, I will arrange a car for you, you can go. Bondita says no, Mallika is Batuk’s friend, we should welcome her. She welcomes Mallika and says I will show you the room, come. Trilochan asks what all did you do, make Mallika away, else Bondita will know the truth, its dangerous for baby and mum, do something. Batuk says I will do something. Mallika says this haveli is really pretty, I m from Delhi, I had been in Italy, I met Batuk 3 years back, I have trapped him in my love. Bondita says when he comes this time, I won’t let him go. Batuk hears them. Bondita says take rest. She goes. Batuk comes to Mallika’s room and shuts the door. She says I knew it that you will come when she leaves, what game was going on. He laughs and says I came to tell that. He tells her everything. He says that’s why I m doing this drama of becoming Anirudh. She asks really, you don’t do anything that’s not profitable for you, what’s your profit. He says I don’t prove myself to anyone, have food and then leave, I will leave you. She hugs him and says don’t say that again that you will leave me, I won’t let you stay as someone’s husband here. He says I love you. She says I love you too, so I won’t go anywhere.

He catches her neck and says I don’t like to hear a no, just go back to Delhi. She asks can you explain Bondita that you aren’t Anirudh, but Batuk, if I go out, then your truth will come out. Sampoorna says I found that girl strange, why did you ask her to stay. Bondita says just that girl can bring Batuk back, this incomplete family will complete again, now the enmity is over, we can live the old moments again. Sampoorna says yes. Batuk says I love you, I trust you, you won’t tell the truth to anyone, stay here in this room and keep the truth here, you promise. Mallika says I promise. He leaves and sees Trilochan. He says I got scared. Trilochan says your Bijli can shock everyone. Batuk laughs and says I will handle Mallika, she will stay here. They all dine. Mallika comes and greets. She sits. She says its really hot here. Somnath goes to some other chair. Sampoorna covers up Mallika and says there are many mosquitoes, if they bite you then you will get fever. Bondita smiles. Batuk asks Bondita to have green vegs. Mallika looks on. Batuk feeds her. He says this kheer is for Bondita.

Sampoorna says Bondita is pregnant, so Anirudh asked us to give her kheer in a silver bowl. Mallika says thanks, I don’t need any special bowl. Batuk asks how is the kheer. Bondita says really good. Mallika hurts her finger by the fork. Batuk gets up. Trilochan says Anirudh, give me Luchi, don’t dare to go there. Mallika gets angry and leaves. Bondita says stop, listen to me. Trilochan asks Batuk to sit. Bondita does the aid to Mallika. She says you can tell me if you felt bad. Mallika says don’t mind, I got jealous seeing your and Anirudh’s love. Bondita asks why. Mallika says Batuk isn’t such. Batuk looks on. Bondita says he is such since childhood, you don’t know about him. Mallika says you don’t know many things about him after he has grown up. He thinks she can get angry and tell Bondita that I m Batuk. Bondita says I want to know where is he, what is he doing, why didn’t he come. Mallika asks shall I tell everything, leave it, one has to keep secrets of lover, why are you interested in Batuk’s life.

Bondita says because you have become his girlfriend now, I m his Baudi and friend since childhood, I have to meet him and pull his ears, you can help me, you can get him back. Mallika asks what’s the need to call him, he is here. Batuk worries. Bondita asks what do you mean. Mallika says he is in my heart. Bondita says I will send food for you, take care. Batuk hides. Bondita says its a photo locket, it will have Batuk’s pic right, can I see it. Batuk comes and asks did you take medicines. Bondita says you forgot, you gave it to me. He says I forgot it in stress. Bondita takes the locket to open. Batuk thinks does she know my truth. She checks the pic.

Precap: In the night, Mallika is dancing with Batuk. Bondita wakes up and goes to check.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. oh god i knew malika won’t make batuk get caught so soon 🙁

  3. I have came to read the precap😂

    1. In search of precap U got latest update

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  5. Batuk’s bijli ⚡️⚡️ shocksss everyone…

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      We are informing but no use

    2. Barrister babu

      How did you informed sis ? Didn’t they respond for that sis???

    3. Lopa

      No they didn’t respond…We are informing through mails and stories by mentioning them

  7. The shows getting interesting day by day (may be out of theme)but really love this.and… one missed me I think

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      We remember you 😇
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  8. Lopa

    I was commenting on previous episode when new one is here 🙄🤣

  9. Mega

    @visalee, yaaay you are back 😘 how are you? You are back home for Diwali 🪔

  10. let’s pray that this Diwali should and will bring goodness regarding our own personal things and for barrister babu on air

  11. Prachi Gill

    Aye the precap ki khoj mein, par episode se takra gaye 🙄🤣
    1. Honestly I am finding it extremely weird watching another girl romance with Pravi… got used to Anchal probably 🤣
    2. ARC needs to came back quickly yaar….really missing him
    3. BRC was the strongest player in the game but now Mallika can blackmail him.

    1. Lopa

      Actually we can’t see any other girl with him except Anchal 😅

    2. Ikr. I’m yet to watch the episode but from the written update alone, my heart is aching when he said I love you to Mallika. I wonder what the feeling will be when I watch it 💔💔💔💔💔

    3. Sreya Susan Roy

      Yaa true, we are habituated with Anchal and Pravisht in BB ,my heart is paining just by reading Batuk and Mallika saying I love u to each other😒😒

    4. We are in the same mood sis

  12. ❤️❤️❤️
    Barrister babu

  13. Lopa

    This mallika is so obsessive, her acts will expose BRC…
    I am shocked with ksj…Did ge forget all about traditions and etc etc…How he is allowing the girl in his house with such dressing sense…
    I have no problem with her dress please those fake feminist… Don’t come to argue.

    1. Forget the feminism, and also there’s nothing wrong with her outfit.
      I was also surprised kaka allowed her into their house and even made her stay. Kaka who wouldn’t touch a drop of alcohol even when his life depended on it allowed her into the haveli dressed in mini dress. Had it been Binoy, it would have made sense, but kaka….
      Bondita should realize kaka and ARC (BRC) are hiding something.

    2. Lopa

      Yes sis…His behaviours are shocking me…He is allowing BRC to do that everything he is(was) against…He allowed mallika but he has problem with tapur’s past 🙄

    3. Same thing was going in my mind you have written it sis.Kaka has no problem with this overreacting girl but poor Tapur what is her fault in it but he canceled the engagement.

    4. Lopa Didi, it seems BRC and ARC are kaka’s favorite. Kaka is a hypocrite, I don’t like his lukewarm attitude.

  14. I think after seeing mallika som realizes about tapur and get back her.

  15. Mallika should spill the beans.
    I’m yet to watch the episode but I can’t watch BRC/ARC/PM saying “I love you” to another lady.
    Wait, wait, wait, is Bondita not reasoning? It’s perfectly clear now. He’s Batuk not Anirudh. She should know they both look alike by now. Mallika is BRC’s gf and can’t mistaken him for someone else. She after seeing his face even in lenses still introduced herself as his gf.
    ARC (BRC) said, he and BRC look similar from behind meaning they have similar physique. He was in ARC’s clothes not BRC’s but she still recognized him from behind that he’s BRC. And if BRC / ARC didn’t look the same facially, then Mallika would have apologized for what she did. She wouldn’t have tried to retaliate when BRC wanted Bihari to accompany her out. Also ARC once said she’ll get a shock if she meets Batuk.
    Why would ARC get up immidiately Mallika got injured and why would she also leave the dinning table angrily leaving her food untouched and also get jealous bcoz ARC (BRC) was feeding Bondita kheer?
    She should have at least apologized to Bondita when they were alone but she didn’t. This should tell Bondita at least BRC and ARC look alike.
    Fam, my POV. Whatcha say?

    1. Lopa

      I think Bondita will connect all the dots…She should start doubting by now… but as we know Bondita can doubt herself but can’t doubt her patibabu.
      So she needs time to investigate all this… I think it is

    2. Yes sis we are easily saying Bondita to doubt.But think from bondita’s pov.Ani is not just her husband who came in between.But he is her savior,teacher,her everything.Infact he raised her So she can’t doubt him just because he acts strangely.She can’t apply her barrister brain over him so easily. Bon doubting on Ani is like we doubting on our parents. Can we?So she will come to conclusion only when she gets strong evidence.

    3. You are right about the the doubt. It’ll be very difficult for any woman to doubt a hubby like Anirudh.
      But, in this case, using her barristery knowledge to figure out the truth doesn’t mean she’s using her knowledge above him. Already she has doubts about his identity. But Batuk maliciously clears her suspicions everytime with lies.

  16. Neha Choudhury

    I think arc will be again in the show on diwali 😅😅 coz diwali is coming

    1. After hiramandhi track bondita come to home and celebrate diwali. May be aniruddh also came in diwali

  17. I’m praying Bondita will hear BRC and Mallika saying I love you to each other. I want to see her reaction when it happens

  18. I think they test our patience.given this batuc entry.i hate batuc so much.

  19. Finding this the most disappointing track so far..why drag a good show for eternity and spoil it this way.. It’s unbearable to watch 😑 .. so I started watching this old show of Colors instead “Naati Pinky ki lambi love story” … It’s very watchable and unlike it’s name, cute and short … About 100 episodes with beautiful story, performances and chemistry.. Though it was taken off air coz of low ratings (surprisingly!), they maintained production quality till the end and wound it up nicely.. I think it’s the ideal length of time for a show to run ..Do watch (available on mx player wid subtitles) .. I wish the channel revives this show in some way.. a season 2 maybe.. there’s scope for it too.. if you have followed this show, don’t u think? 🤔

  20. yes @mega ka,I am fine❤

  21. i don’t watch this episode.if i watch this episode my whole day going by day batuc break our hearts.why makers doing this us?

    1. Lopa

      Even if you don’t like please watch on TV… Because it’s important for now.
      The track will end soon but what if the show ends in real Because of low trp?
      So pl watch

    2. Even if you don’t want to watch, please switch on the TV and channel it at bb

  22. Hello @mega, hope you good

  23. hello all.
    these days i am very busy as i am having exams.
    but i assure u that i regularly watch bb at 8.30
    so no need to worry for trp from my side.
    love u all. will probably catch up to u all soon

    1. Best of luck in your exams 👍👍

    2. All the best for ur exams sis!!

    3. All the very best for your exams sis!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    4. Lopa

      All the best for exams sis

  24. I really think there will be someone else in the locket and bondita will think that is batuk, and then batuk finds out that she is cheating on him, then he sends her away…? Lol idk..😂

  25. The funniest part was sampoorna covering up Malika with the saari🤣🤣

    1. VarshaMaurya

      It was shawl…🤣

  26. Hiii! Paris di!!
    I think this is the first tym a show is getting so much prayers from its famdom… BBC’s uniqueness can be easily proved by its family!!!

    Even I was thinking of how ksj wud react to knw that mallika is rc’s youngest babu…😰🤯😜
    Good sampurna covered her…😂

    Okay gud night guys!!

  27. The first time I hated Anirudh because of Sudamini, the second time Manorama but now Mallika, the producers are bring a lot of girls for pravisht. But i only want to see pravisht and Anchal together

    1. Sakuraaa

      yup me too. but I didn’t hate them. didn’t like those couples😏😉

  28. please tell me ,after having anirudh’s baby ,will kaka evict bondita from roychaudry haveli?because she is a widow.

    1. Not at all. Bon has to live there with her child. It’s Batuk’s plan to get rid of Bon.

  29. This show might go off air but it will always be alive in our hearts ❤️ bb and our connection is really strong 💞 Anidita may only be a name to everyone but to us true bb fans it’s a not only a name, it’s an emotion 😍,
    To everyone out there, it might be an ordinary love story but only true bb fans know that it’s not only a husband and wife’s love but love between fitoor and pagalpan, student and shikshak babu, sakhi and her sakha babu….
    Prathaon ke bhanwar se nikla inka khoobsurat rishta 💖
    #Anidita always and forever 🤗

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