Barrister Babu 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh convinces Bondita

Barrister Babu 26th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita saying I will get food for you. Sumati asks why are you showing fake happiness. Bondita says no, I m happy. Sumati hugs her and says we know Thakumaa’s condition, we are upset with Anirudh that he broke the marriage. Bondita says it was my decision as well, why is Anirudh blamed. Sumati says he did a lot for us, but we know that Thakumaa does what she says, you have to stop Anirudh even if you meet him. Trilochan says I will tell Anirudh to come along, we shall leave from here, Kalindi will take his life. He gets shocked seeing a woman in Anirudh’s room. He says how could I see that. He turns away. Bihari collides. Trilochan says there is a woman in Anirudh’s room, go and see who is she. Bihari says better cover this matter, Anirudh is also a man, he has some needs. They silently go.

Anirudh is changing in the room and taking Roopa’s disguise. Bondita waits for Anirudh. She thinks when will he come, I have to tell him that its not safe for him to come here. Thakumaa thinks I m also waiting for Anirudh to come, so that I cut his hands. Anirudh comes as Roopa. Bondita smiles. Thakumaa scolds him for coming late. Anirudh falls. Bondita cares for him. Thakumaa asks how did you change in a day, you didn’t like Roopa. Anirudh makes excuses. He thinks Thakumaa shouldn’t doubt on us. Thakumaa asks him to just stay as a servant. Anirudh says if you beat me, then it will be a blessing for me, you worry for Bondita all day, so I went to get bhabhut for her, it will change Bondita’s thinking, she changed in a day, she will be your slave and do what you say, she will obey you, not Anirudh. Thakumaa asks him to do the work, else he will get half food.

She asks Anirudh to go on the terrace and do the work. Anirudh struggles. He gets hurt. Bondita comes and cares for his bruised hand. She asks him to go back, she doesn’t want to go to London. He asks did you go mad. She says no, go back, Thakumaa is here to take care of me, we will stay separated now. He says you want me to leave you alone in this hell, that our every dream breaks, what about our dreams, what about your bright future. She returns the ink pen to him. She says we had seen the dream when we were together. He says we are still together. She says for ourselves, not for the society. He says I will fight for you. She asks why, when we were married, you used to fight Trilochan and everyone for my studies, but when you have to hide and fight, you had to take this woman’s disguise, there is a big danger on you, I know it was my decision also to break the marriage, we wanted to save the girls from child marriage, but I m scared, Thakumaa said she will cut your hands, she does what she says, was our relation wrong, if we didn’t break our relation, then we would have got this aim reached easily. He says you have to stay strong, you always support the right, you were my responsibility and will always be. He says I will be proud to say that I have made you a barrister, even if I lose hands, I would say that you will not be handicapped by illiteracy, I can’t meet my eyes if I lose, I want your bright future, do you want me to bow my head down. She asks can I live by making your sight lowered, no. He says then support me. They hold hands and smile. Aaja tujhko mitti pukaare….plays… Anirudh gives her the ink pen back. Anirudh jokes. He says I will teach you as Roopa, you have to write the essays, we will make the essays ready, you will become a barrister, you can help me in work. She laughs. They work together. Rishta tera mera…plays….

Anirudh’s wig flies off. Thakumaa comes that way. Anirudh worries. She calls him out. Bondita gets the wig and tries to fix it quickly. Thakumaa comes. Anirudh covers up with the pallu. Thakumaa says you upstairs and clean the terrace, I have to dry the herbs. She goes. Anirudh says thanks Bondita, you saved me. Bondita says we have to fix the wig by rice water. She goes. Anirudh cleans the place. Bondita smiles seeing him. Thakumaa comes. She asks what’s this,a hair. Anirudh says give it, I will throw it. Thakumaa says I won’t give it, even for any gold or diamond. Tupur asks what’s in this. Thakumaa says hair can open many secrets, I will cut Anirudh’s hands by this hair. Anirudh asks how. Thakumaa says it can just be a man’s hair, it belongs to Anirudh, we just have women in our house, Anirudh is trying to enter the house. Bondita worries.

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Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Priscilla-Ignacia

    OMG. This thakumaa is really strange. She’s smart to be honest.

  2. I dont like sampoorna at all…. Ithink kalingi should do something to her… may be in future she will marry trilochan becoz females are necessary to create drama in serials…firstly bondita was alone in her sasural then they brought sampoorna so next it may b kalingi 🙂

  3. Shilpa Biswas

    OMG, Anirudh i think you should try to make Thakuma a barrister. We have to angry she has got quiet nice brains…

  4. Trilochan’s reaction was so funny. Anirudh looks more beautiful without the wig.

  5. Ani is such a handsome so he looks beautiful automatically 😆 but without wig ws looking funny 😂
    Thakuma talent is over spilling now, inne sare balon mein se ani ka baal nikala kuch bhi..😂

  6. Where is 27 may 2021 update

  7. Priscilla-Ignacia

    @Shweta that’s the same question I’m asking myself. Amena pls post 27th may written update. I’m getting to read.

    1. @priscilla-ignacia whether 27 may 2021 episode uploaded on voot app?

    2. Its now uploaded

  8. I love watching this movie
    It gives us the decision and some advice for us human beings
    Don’t bully others

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