Barrister Babu 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Sampoorna tricks Bondita

Barrister Babu 26th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita defending Trilochan. She says Trilochan can never do wrong in any puja, he has much devotion in his heart. She says when Anirudh takes any case, he doesn’t know which side is right, he follows his heart, my heart says that Trilochan can never do this, I will prove it. Anirudh says I also believe that Kaka can’t do this when its about Dharm and puja, Bondita we will together find the person who did this cheap thing. Sampoorna says fie, but will it help us, will Durga Maa forgive me, my first rasoi got spoilt, its true that I m unlucky, happiness isn’t in my fate. She cries and goes. Everyone leaves.

Mami asks Sampoorna did she see what happened. FB shows Mama keeping the dead rats in Trilochan’s room. Mami gets a dead rat and passes it to Sampoorna. Sampoorna puts the dead rat in the bhog. FB ends. Mami says Bondita is clever, she has failed you. Bondita says Sampoorna had made bhog with her heart, but Trilochan can’t do this. Mami says we will not attack Trilochan now, we will target Bondita now. Sampoorna asks what. Mami says yes, Bondita. Sampoorna says Bondita loves me a lot. Bondita asks who has done this. A bucket falls down. Bondita picks the clothes. She gets the dead rat smell from Mami’s saree. She catches Mami’s lie. She says it means Mami has done all this, I have to tell this to Anirudh. She takes the saree with her. Sampoorna asks what is it.

Bondita shows the saree. Sampoorna says its mum’s saree. Bondita says I m going to tell truth to Anirudh, I understood that Mami had added the rat in the bhog, you can smell the saree and know. Sampoorna asks why will mum do this. Bondita says we know Mami has done such things, Trilochan was accused by Mami. Sampoorna says go and tell Anirudh, they will see mum’s evil and consider me bad, its fine, it doesn’t matter, my mum did wrong, I should get punished, they will make me out from the haveli. Bondita says I will never let you go away from me. Sampoorna asks can you see your mum’s insult in your Sasural. Bondita says never. Sampoorna asks how shall I tolerate it, when mum gets insulted, when everyone asks her to leave, I will be helpless to leave. Bondita says no, I will not let you get insulted. She promises Sampoorna and hugs her. Sampoorna gets tears in eyes. She thinks Bondita proved that she loves me a lot more than Trilochan.

Bondita comes to the room. Anirudh says you didn’t do the homework, why are you sad. She asks how do you know that I m sad. He says I know you well. He says when Bondita is happy, I hear a different sound of your feet, like you are flying, when you are naughty, I get a sound like you are eager to jump, when you are sad, I don’t get any sound, I just hear sadness, I don’t like it. She says you understand my heart always. He asks her why is she upset. She recalls Sampoorna’s words. She says I miss mum a lot, when will she come from tirat. He asks her to sit.

He says even Sumati would be missing you, she will come soon to meet you. She asks really. He says really. She recalls Sumati and cries. She says you make me busy in talks, teach me fast now. He teaches her tables. She notes down. Rishta tera mera….plays… He cheers her up. They laugh.

Its morning, Trilochan asks why didn’t Bondita’s Mama and Mami not leave, they have stayed over a dad, go and pack their bags. Bihari gets the bags. Mami stops Bihari. Trilochan says you may leave for the village. He asks Bihari to give them some food items also. Mami starts crying and asks how can you do this with us.

She says Sampoorna has no respect here and even we don’t have any respect, we are getting ousted. Mama and Mami do a drama. Sampoorna signs Binoy. Binoy says no one will insult you from now, you can stay here. Trilochan asks what will they do here, what will be their work, they have their own house and work in the village. Binoy says I have found work for them. Anirudh smiles. Binoy says Mama will handle Munshi’s position from now, he will see our accounts. Trilochan gets shocked.

Precap: Bondita tells Anirudh it would be better for Mama, Mami to go back to village. Mama and Mami are shocked. Anirudh tells Bondita it’s surprising to hear this from her, she loves her Mama, Mami. Why does she want to send them back? Everyone looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Now my doubt 🤔🤔🤔 is getting stronger that might be it was Sumati who met with accident and binoy got blackmailed by sampoorna, mama and mami for her fake murder..
    2. Thank god🙏🏻🙏🏻 atleast on puja drama anirudh sided with trilochan, though i had full doubt😣😣😣
    3. Anirudh has got to know so much about bondita, her happiness☺️☺️, her naughtiness🤭🤭, her sadness😢😢😢 and even her anger😡😡…

    1. I so knew Bondita will make Anirudh remember his own words! This girl is smart! And I knew Anirudh would not blame anyone without proof and Bondita is his path bearer! Loved the episode as whole! But Sampoorna ko positive karo yaar!

  2. ******** I want to use bad words for this sampoorna family….but I can’t….😭😭😭😭

  3. Samaila

    Ok so now Sumati is in the top list. Anirudh used his brain finally.

  4. Now I know the truth of mama mami and that night 😁

  5. I was surprised when I saw Sampoorna’s father had joined in the treachery. I thought he’s a good man whose wife is troubling. So he wants to come and live here and become accountant. This is so funny. There’s is an opened gap that is giving people the chance to trouble them. Starting from Mimi, to the last woman that trouble them claiming to be Anirudh’s mother and now Ssmpoorna and her parents. After this is settled, the two fathers should get wives for themselves. Or better still Anirudh should look for wives for them. That is how some cultures do.
    If this two gentlemen have wives, they will block outside Intruders.
    This Evil Sampoorna and her parents will soon be disgraced out of that house. I trust my Bondita. But I’m not happy, the way she hid the truth of Sampoorna parents from her Patti babu

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