Barrister Babu 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Sampoorna accuses Trilochan

Barrister Babu 25th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sampoorna lying to Bondita. Bondita asks her to make Trilochan happy by making good food, then he will give keys to her. She goes. Sampoorna thinks I will get the keys some day, you will support me that time. Bondita gets coffee for Anirudh. She jokes. He says I m studying a complicated case, when I see it, I feel both the parties are right and then I feel both the parties are wrong. He catches her habit of eating the sweets. She says you always get to know this. He asks her to wipe clean the sugar syrup from her face and end the evidence. She says I love Rasgulla a lot, its good that Sampoorna is there to feed me sweets. Anirudh says its just my right to get Almond rasgulla for you. She says yes, if you don’t get to see the case clearly, why did you take it. He says I followed my heart and took the case, when my mind was confused, what’s your heart saying. She says my heart calls me out, like I wanted to eat Rasgullas and now fruits. He says that’s the call of the stomach. She laughs and says you engage me in talks, do I like to talk, I like to stay quiet. He says very soon, you will be a barrister.

Binoy comes. Trilochan is on call. He asks about Binoy’s Saas-Sasur. Binoy says they would be around, they didn’t go. Bondita comes and says Sampoorna had made Durga Maa bhog today, you will like it and ask me to give her responsibility. He says bhog should be made by pure intention, then the bhog will be made pure. Bondita says I know Durga Maa will accept the bhog, you will give the keys to her. Sampoorna comes. Bondita says Sampoorna Maa is the elder Laxmi of the house, she is elder to me, she will keep bhog today. Sampoorna thinks of Trilochan’s words. She thinks Anirudh will scold you today after this puja. Trilochan stops Sampoorna.

He says I have to check the bhog once. He checks the plates. They all get bad smell from the halwa. He asks why is the halwa stinking, what did you add in it. He shows the dead rat in the halwa. They all get shocked. Mami signs Sampoorna. Trilochan asks were you going to keep such bad bhog for Durga Maa. Everyone covers up their nose to get rid of the bad smell. Trilochan scolds her. She cries and says I didn’t do anything, Bondita you had seen that I have made bhog well.

Bondita says yes. Sampoorna says someone did this, someone had spoilt the food. Mami says such smell was coming from Trilochan’s room. Trilochan asks are you mad, my room can never have any bad smell. Mami says I will show you. They go to see the room. Trilochan says there is no bad smell here. Mami takes the incense sticks out. She asks them to check now. Everyone gets bad smell. She shows a rat catching mesh. She shows so many rats caught. Binoy says Trilochan wanted Sampoorna’s bhog to get impure. He asks did you add the dead rat in the bhog. Trilochan asks what are you saying, you are doubting me. Sampoorna starts her emotional blackmail and cries. Bondita says its not true. Trilochan can never do this, he obeys Dharm, he can’t tolerate any mistake in the puja. Mami says you are taking his side after seeing all this, he caught a rat and put it in bhog, you are trying to save him. Bondita says yes, Trilochan can never do this. Mami thinks Bondita will argue and try to save Trilochan.

Precap: Bondita is gathering laundry clothes. She wonders why mouse’s smell is coming from Mami’s saree. She thinks whether Mami did all that happened earlier. She is taking saree to Anirudh to tell him the truth when Sampoorna stops her asking where she is going. Bondita says to tell Anirudh it was Mami behind what happened earlier during puja.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Anirudh almost felt jealous of sampoorna just because she feed Bondita one almond rashgullas 🤭🤭🤭and he said its his right only 😜😜😜😜
    2. I think🤔🤔🤔 bondita need no practice in court in future for her barrister studies, as she has to fight case every day and every week🥺🥺
    3. This mami, mama and sampoorna are becoming pain even more than saudamini😣😣😣😣
    4. What if i might be not wrong, if show will take leap in future with grown up bondita and anirudh, than their partition credit will go to sampoorna😵😵😵😵😵 as bondita will find trilochan right this time and anirudh find sampoorna right this time, which might create rift and in future bondita fight against Anirudh in court for justice
    {Well this is only my imagination, becoz now a days anirudh blindly trust sampoorna rather than trilochan}
    5. Sampoorna dressing style has ruined totally, she use to look nice earlier before when she was married to saurabh😏😏😏

    1. There will be no leap as of now! Yesterday Pallavi di said in live and no replacement of Aurra!
      But one thing is for sure, Bondita is actually in support of both, its Anirudh who is acting childish at times. But the debate which Bondita kept and will keep, I think will convince Anirudh once again! Moreover, the answer to this situation is given at the beginning by Anirudh only, and Bondita will just remind him his thoughts, that maybe both are right, and we dont have proof! So we cant blame anyone and thus Anirudh will side with Bondita, not with kaka or Sampoorna, rather both right at their places and this will eventually irk Sampoorna and then the creation of tiff between Anidita will start! I assume this!😂 now we just have to see, will Anirudh side with his Bondita(to whom he claims right of only him feeding her ek badam wale roshogulle🤣🤣 I found it cute) or Sampoorna! Sampoorna is targetting Anirudh at two most sensitive points- one is Saurabh and other one is Bondita, he sees Bondita in Sampoorna, that sati thing! Lets see if Bondita will have bigger impact on him or Sampoorna! But yeah for this case, Anirudh’s doubt must go on Mami at first, did he forget how she sold Bondita in HM😑😑😑 or did he forget during subhra maa’s investigation, how he made them as a suspect, why is he not suspecting those two now😑😑 Biwi pehle yaa nani😑😑😑
      P.S. when Ani in beginning said about the case, two faced case, I sort of doubted is he acting right now! Is he working or rather thinking about the recent events, about kaka, about the keys and just pretending a smile in front of others😂

  2. Did Anirudh just claimed that only he has the right to feed her ek badam wale roshogulla! Tabhi main sochu, Bondita ne HM mei tarabai k roshogulle kyun nahi khaaye, baant diye the! Nd she did not share the roshogullas which Anirudh sent! Minute details!
    Bondita: achha hi hain, apke alawa bhi aur log aa gye h mujhe roshogulle khilane k liye
    Le me: matlab ab tk sirf Anirudh khilata tha, bss whi leke aata tha apni patni k liye roshogulle🙈🙈
    Anirudh-“Roshogulle khilane wale toh bohot log aa gye h, lekin ek badam wale roshogulle khilane ka haq toh sirf mera h na”- hayeeee main marr jawa🙈🙈

  3. Samaila

    1. Dead rat story me aya hi kab?

  4. Yes bondita will expose oneday her sampoorna dii and she always with her kakkasasur 🤗🤗

  5. Plz stop this samporna puran…. They r distroying original story

  6. This plot has been dragged on for so much time. I wonder how it is benifitting anirudh-bondita relation or helping bondita in becoming a barrister. By the way I didnt know anirudh has started practicing barristry. It would be quite refreshing to see him in black and white going to work in the car and bidding farewell to bondita

  7. Why Bondita is not missing her maa nowadays???

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