Barrister Babu 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update: Batuk wants Somnath and Tapur’s marriage

Barrister Babu 21st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita asking are you having tea, you take coffee, right. Batuk says I was thinking something and had it. She asks him to have coffee. He thinks how shall I drink it, I feel nausea by its smell. He dumps the coffee in his shoe. Bondita asks did you drink it so soon. He taunts her that its black like her heart. She asks what. He says it was amazing like you, thanks. She smiles. Sampoorna says he is showing love, you said he has changed, have these dana methi laddoos, I got this for you. Bondita says I can’t have it, its bitter like poison. Sampoorna says its good for your health. Tapur says its imp for the baby’s health. Batuk hears this. Bondita says I can’t eat it. Batuk asks her to eat it, its not poison. He feeds it to her. The laddoo drops. He asks don’t you care for the baby, are you mad. She asks is this the way to feed. He scolds her. He asks her to remember always, the baby is the most imp one. Sampoorna says Anirudh….. Batuk starts laughing. He says you all got shocked, right, I knew it, I m sorry, any other husband in my place would have reacted like this, but Anirudh won’t do this, he doesn’t force Bondita, he explains Bondita with love, laddoo is imp for baby’s health, Bondita and the baby are imp. Bondita says no, I won’t eat this laddoo. She smiles and says fine, I will eat it when you listen to my condition. He asks what condition. She says when you eat these bitter laddoos, then I will eat it, what happened, you can’t eat it right. He says for my baby’s health, Anirudh can tolerate any bitterness. He eats the laddoo. Bondita stops him and says I understood, enough.

Trilochan coughs. Somnath says I will get cough syrup. Tapur says I will get ginger honey syrup. Batuk stops her and asks her to stand beside Somnath. He asks did you see Kaka, they have become a doctor’s jodi, we shall make it permanent, we should get them married. Trilochan coughs. Bondita asks what are you saying, you didn’t ask me. Batuk says I don’t think I should ask everything, I think they like each other, don’t tell me that I should ask all the time. Trilochan says nice suggestion, Somnath what do you want to say. Somnath says as you find it right. Batuk says he means yes, get them married. Bondita says they shall spend time together and know each other, if they agree, then we can get mahurat. Batuk says calm down, we shall get them married. Trilochan goes to have medicines.

Tupur asks why did Bondita say this, we know about this family and Somnath. Bondita comes and says marriage is based on faith, we aren’t telling them the truth, Chandrachur tries to disrespect her, if we fix this alliance, then Somnath should know it. Tapur gets sad. Tupur says whatever my husband did, I have apologized to Tapur for it, don’t know what will Somnath think about her. Bondita says we will explain him that its not Tapur’s mistake, else he will think we cheated him. Tupur says Anirudh agreed for this relation, he knows Tapur’s truth. Bondita says yes, not every man have a broad thinking, if Somnath’s thinking is different, then this relation can’t stay for long. Tapur says you always think good for us, I will tell him the truth, but I can’t tell this myself. Bondita says we can write a letter and tell this to him.

Bondita writes while Tapur dictates. Tapur says I want to tell my life’s big truth, Chandrachur did wrong with me, its not my mistake, if you believe this, then drop a orange colour flower, I will understand that you accept this relation. Bondita asks Tapur to give the letter to Somnath. Batuk looks on and goes. Bondita types a letter on the typewriter. Batuk stops her from writing her name. She says what did you do, you stained my name. He says I want to remove barrister from your name. She asks did you say anything. He says you told wrong, you didn’t write barrister babu, drink the kesar milk first, do this later. He tears the paper and trashes it. He says you will have this kesar milk every day, the son will be fair. She asks since when did you start thinking of this. He says he is my son, he should look like me. She says but you said you want a daughter, even I want a daughter, it will be a daughter. He says you can’t decide everything, it will be a son, drink this milk. She says I understood, you are saying the opposite, I will make you admit that it will be a daughter. They argue.

She says it will be a lovely daughter, just like me. She makes a dummy on the pillow. He makes the boy’s dummy and says it will be a son. They argue. She says son. He says daughter, I mean son. She says see, I made you say it. She closes eyes. He gets away and says I can’t do this. She comes to him and asks what happened. He says its not right. She asks what, you are behaving like we are not husband and wife. He says we have to stay as strangers, you are pregnant, I spoke to doctor, its for baby’s health, I will sleep here on the sofa, you sleep on the bed. She says fine, but it will be a daughter. She goes and sits on the bed. She says fine, doctors said we can’t stay close, but you can sing a song for me. He says I don’t want to make my son a singer. She says we will argue, our daughter will become a barrister. He sleeps. She makes an upset face. She throws a cushion at him. He catches it. She sleeps. He gets up. He says it will be a son.

Precap: Batuk changes the letter in the envelope. Tapur says Somnath gave this flower, he has no problem. Bondita thinks if Somnath has accepted Tapur’s past, then why does he have a problem with her job after the marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. what is batuk trying to do by getting tapur and som married…..

    1. and this letter thing..i dont think it will reach som, instead something happens…

    2. I think he will fix marriage, and than on marriage day he will diaclose the secret of tupur in front of everyone.

  2. Hi guys I had a doubt actually. I’m sorry, I know it’s totally unrelated, but please read it and explain why it is happening if possible. I have seen my parents scolding or getting angry at my grandparents many times. Sometimes they even give sarcastic remarks… But if I even behave even 1% of any of this I get scolded a lot and they call it misbehaviour. I then tell them that they also do the same and they should also set an example for me of respecting parents. They then said that they respect and they are setting a correct example. And once again I found them doing the same thing and when I told them that they are setting a wrong example and if I did the same would they like it? Then they just said me to stop interfering… and mind my own business. Then I asked my grandparents why they don’t scold my parents whenever they misbehave? They said that they are adults now, they are married… (I asked both my mother’s side grandparents and father’s side grandparents and they said the same thing). They even said “when they were kids, they never dared misbehave because they would be punished. But now, they are grown up, we can’t tell them. They are married and have their own kids. We take their scoldings in a positive way. At your age they never disrespected.”
    So I wonder why they say these things? If they have the habit of respecting since childhood, then how suddenly they got the habit of disrespecting in adulthood? I wonder if my grandparents are simply lying that as kids my parents were very respectful. Because I don’t think that a person can suddenly change their behaviour and start disrespecting.
    Even if the system of respect for parents as kids is there, then why do they scold their parents as adults? It’s not like as they become adults and get married, they are becoming older than their parents or their parents are becoming younger than them. Then why?
    The age gap will remain the same only. By becoming adults, they still remain their parent’s children; they don’t become the grandparents of their parents.
    So someone please explain this to me as I am not able to understand, I am currently 12 years old and I am unable to understand why it is like this? I have been overthinking about this for a week now trying to ask myself and no one is giving me a sensible answer. I have no one to ask so I decided to put this in telly updates hoping for some replies which can justify this.

    1. Diana.James.Potter

      AK uh I want to give you an answer but I want to do it privately do you have discord or Instagram? I’m not sure if my answer will be the one your looking for but I want to give you an answer and be able to explain it privately.

    2. I tell my opinion on 20th written update in 10th page

    3. Ak dear its due to generation gap….. Now a days it happen in 50% population’s house and rest 40% population don’t live separately and 10% population still respect their parents….
      BTW nice to see your broad thinking…☺☺☺☺

    4. Lopa

      No one should disrespect their parents infact even if they are adults or have their own kids… They should not disrespect their own parents.
      And parents ( doesn’t matter how old their childs are) should not allow them to misbehave.

    5. Our thinking are similar because I tell the same

    6. Lopa

      Yes @Padma sis I checked your reply on previous update now.

    7. What I can say is, think about yourself firstly !
      Firstly, It doesn’t mean that if your parents are disrespecting your grandparents or arguing with them, you should also do the same and back answer and talk about ‘setting an example’ with your parents. It is really just as wrong as what they are doing. Forget for a moment how they are, you just think if it is really morally correct if I disrespect anyone. Actually there is no question about it. Disrespecting anyone is not morally correct.
      Secondly, no matter parents may be having defects in themselves regarding things like respecting elders or at workplace or at any aspect. But parents always want their children to be a better version than what they are.
      Thirdly, you first try to find out why your parents are disrespecting your grandparents. There will be surely some valid reason behind it. What your grandparents must be saying may not be true. Or maybe even true. U think yourself – is it logically correct to say that children have become adults and married so they disrespect us. There may be something behind the picture which you don’t know or perhaps your parents never shared why they have been so.
      Before I say about the witnessed… Let me tell you something about myself. I am 17 years old. My family has me and my parents. But I know everything what is happening in my extended family, who is what, how is the mindset of my relatives, everything. I know almost every personal thing about my parents, and relatives.
      The problem you are facing is because your parents are either not sharing things with you when your are in a conversation with them, or else you yourself never involved yourself in their discussion. Mainly, our concern should be to be a part of the family discussions knowingly or unknowingly. On my side, if I have to say my case, my parents themselves share everything with me. Our family is an open book even to the me and the world beyond.
      And now, let me come to the incidents I witnessed..
      My paternal grandmother (my grandfather is not alive anymore) lives in our village. And my aunt too lives there who can’t speak or hear, she is actually deaf and dumb and her son too lives there. So, my father and his brother are chief breadwinners for grandparents and aunt and my cousin’s requirements. Now the thing is, my paternal grandmother readily asks my father for money when needed but when it comes to my father’s younger brothers, grandmother softens and hesitates to ask money father my father’s turn. And grandmother adjusts somehow and again asks us. When asked my father to grandmother that just as authoritatively as you ask me money why do you keep mum and ask no money from brother and instead make adjustments. She says nothing. But what I have gathered and understood about her behaviour after observing my relatives or people is that she really loves her younger son more. And the reason is the mad culture and traditions. Elaborately, the reason is – there is a ritual that when a mother passes away, it’s the younger son who performs the final rites. And if father passes away, elder son does the final rites. So my grandmother has more focus about death than when she is living. Only God knows why to care about death when one is lifeless. But when I asked her that who do you love the most among your sons, she said my two sons are like my two eyes, inseparable to my heart. And I wondered if this is really true… But all I could do there is smile and smile because you can’t end up saying something or blurting something out which looks disrespectful or something inappropriate. So, the lesson of this story is whatever your grandparents say may not be true.
      It should be your first priority to trust your parents and siblings more than anyone, no matter if it is your grandparents or anyone.
      And you don’t have to be sorry when your parents scold you. Just correct yourself and don’t overthink. Just don’t compare yourself with them dear ! Just think if the reason why your parents are scolding you is justified or not. And the best suggestion I can give to you is, try knowing first how your parents were raised. Ask your parents — what is your childhood experiences or incidents which is sad or happy ? And question them when they are in good mood and try knowing your family and your extended family through their conversations with you, or over the call also.
      Finally dear, remember one thing ! No matter your parents are right or wrong, you should never forget the fact that they love and care for you like anything. You are the world to them. And parents are also not superheroes or god / goddess that what they do everything is right or they are correct in everything. Remember that fact that your parents are normal human beings whose make mistakes like any other being. Mistakes is human. Before expecting our parents or anyone to set example for us, we should set an example and make even or parents realise that they are wrong (if they are really wrong in disrespecting your grandparents…try to find out reason and I feel mistake may be at both the sides).
      You be a great person. Atleast if not now, later your parents will realise that they are not so perfect like you and will feel proud about you that inspite of how we were, my child is a gem.
      Hope I cleared every intuitive thought of yours.
      Feel free to ask any question.
      Just don’t overthink about who is right or who is wrong. Remeber one more thing. Nothing is right and nothing is wrong in this world. Also people around you may or may not be selfish. Best of suggestions is that you trust yourself more than any other person in the world, even more than your mother or father or anyone else.
      Now just relax.. and have a peace of mind. Set an example for yourself by yourself.
      Hope I didn’t make you wrong anywhere and have been polite in my words. If I wasn’t polite anywhere, I say sorry in advance !
      Have a good day, rather good night !

    8. I just loved your thoughts!!
      Really, and I don’t know how but I have exactly the same thoughts regarding life and regarding each and every topic you wrote in your comment….. I was about to reply to ak’s comment but when I saw your comment, I seriously felt it was me who wrote and posted this…. I just loved your thoughts di….and my name is Arushi also so I seriously thought whether I had commented with my nickname or what?😅(just joking). Really I loved your thoughts and explanation.

    9. Well, my name is Aroudhra (meaning no anger or say no ferociousness)! So, people call me Aru. Almost every person finds my name weird so, almost everyone calls me Aru..
      Well, Aru can be a nickname to Arushi too..but mine’s a different case 😂.
      Also, I am surprised to hear that this was just the same as you thought of writing. It does happen. And it’s really a good thought if you possess same thoughts..
      One should have self love, self trust, self esteem and everything related with self. Though people say a person shouldn’t be selfish, it’s not correct in this Kaliyuga where people around you, are much clever and ditchers than u are. This world gives only pains to innocent ones. Thats an ultimate truth

    10. Yes same is the case with my parents. Actually some circumstances change people as in my case my grandparents(paternal side) never ever thought about my father. My father gave up his studies for family sake and worked hard but even then they never even bless him. They never loved me as I am a girl. So my father sometimes get angry on my grandpa when he says Bad about us but one thing is he never argued with my grandpa. We just get to know that he is angry.

      Similarly my nani lives with us as my Mamu’s refused to keep her. My mother actually get angry on her sometimes cause my nani also thinks that a girl is inferior to boy and she also did partiality with them when they were children and now she try to do it with me.

      So @ak you know some things force them to do this. They were actually respectful towards them when they were children cause they don’t know about their reality, children just love their parents but after marriage they got exposed to world started using their brains so they began to behave like that.

    11. @anonymous my paternal grandma wanted a boy but I’m a girl but nothing changed.. but she love my so call brother(not real my father’s elder brother’s son)

    12. #Anonymous, exactly. This does happen with me too. Even my grandma is affectionate towards my chachaji’s sons than me. When I went to my relative’s marriage, everyone from my family was there. And I thought that elders are so busy in marriage so let me be with my paternal grandmother so that she doesn’t get bored or feel sad that none is besides her. So, I went in to entertain her and myself in the process.
      But you know what happened. When it was lunch time, I went to fetch food for myself and grandma too informing her that I am bringing food for her. Then I went to the place she was before and then I found that my grandma was asking my chachaji’s sons (who were not even caring if she is present there or not) whether they ate and whether she should bring food for them. And then the plate I brought for her, she gave it to them and even my plate, she gave to another grandson and she told me to fetch the plate for us again. But that incident made me a bit disheartened. Because I understood that the way I had been caring about her and respecting her and approaching to her needs before she asks me, I didn’t receive the same treatment. And the point is the grandsons are much older than me, they have actually completed their entire study and they didn’t think of any responsibility to bring food for grandmother or atleast didn’t meet her even once during the function until my grandma approached them. That group was merely enjoying and just chilling out. And my grandmother’s gesture to me to bring food for we both again made me frustrated. Really frustrated as if she cared only about them and not me.
      In the entire world, you tell me. Do you like your maternal grandmother or paternal ? Obviously more than 95 percent will end up saying maternal grandmother. But I am a different case who says paternal grandmother. It’s because I really like her. But that incident made me realise that my parents are thousand times better since they wanted a child and they didn’t want me to be a boy only or a girl. They are happy with me, they admit that they just wanted a child and nothing else. Gender is just a biological limitation, not a limitation to soar high in the sky, they say. But my grandma clearly distinguishes and then I made up my mind that I shouldn’t care so much for any person who doesn’t value me or appreciate my existence or my presence. Be it grandmother or even anyone else. And so, I is quite correct to trust yourself more. Then trust your parents next to you and then anyone else.
      The reason I dislike my maternal grandmother is that she says that my mother is unlucky for them (just because she is a female perhaps). And I really thought that my mother was indeed unlucky to get a parents like them. Her parents were lucky to get such a gem as my mother, but they never, even now, never value her existence and I see that pain in my mother’s eyes for not getting their love and affection. My father infact says that my mother was a great luck for him. She stood by him, even now spends money only for necessary things and advised him in everything, he says.
      And really some things force our parents to behave wrongly or in a manner they actually shouldn’t employ while conversing with grandparents. But we should know the cause and then decide whom to believe and whom to not. Blind faith on loving grandparents is a wrong thing.
      I didn’t get correct grandparents on both the sides, but I am really so satisfied with my life getting wonderful parents who love to see me grow, smile and soar. No matter they are good or bad in some aspect, they live you like anything.
      So #Ak, decide for yourself. You got plentiful of suggestions now..

    13. ak,I appreciate u noticed the behaviour which is inappropriate. See we cannot change anyone but we can keep our mind broad,if ur parents disrespect their parents then u should not say anything to them but always respect ur grandparents as they r elders & elders r meant to be respected whether they r known or unknown to u.Anyone can be wrong but we can broaden our thinking as every person have different perspective towards life & people & we cannot change everyone.
      In my case when anyone gets angry on me or say hurtful things to me rather than competing with them I just stay silent as saying hurtful thing will not make the other person more angrier but also makes u urself guilty after saying when after becoming calm again & say only when I can’t tolerate anymore but tries to avoid that.
      U can see even from barrister babu thinking of Anirudh who is calm,matured & an intelligent person while Batuk being possessing the same face have different thinking to that of Anirudh.Anirudh being in his family is still being very different from others which is yet to be respected from others but he had always tried to do best on his own rather than others thinking altering him.

  3. Am sorry to say but this is the fact.. when the red color comes out from their body it’s called.. but if it comes from your body it’s ketchup

  4. Thankyou for the update Amena mam

  5. Lopa

    Batuk will do something with the letter.
    Batuk’s mentality is totally different 😬. I knew that our ARC wants daughter, so he will get… Little Bondita will come in RC haveli first.
    Fair.. Dark… Really Batuk cares for it…Oh God 😶😶
    I want Som dada to accept Tapur by knowing her truth.
    I am waiting for BRC (Bondita Roy Choudhury) VS BRC (Batuk Roy Choudhury)
    Though Batuk is a many women man but he is not crossing the relation limit with Bondita.

    1. yes di arc is alive story is interesting day by day

  6. I don’t understand why batuk wants to get som and tapur marriage. What revenge he wants to take. I think without knowing the truth som and tapur get married. After some days som accept tapur.

    1. Lopa

      Because he knows the truth, he wants to get them married then he will tell the truth and ousted das sisters from home accusing of cheating…. its his plan.
      But nothing will happen like this because Som will accept tapur and ARC will come back soon and BRC’s role will end.

  7. Lopa

    You were asking about twitter trend.
    We didn’t get success because in middle some misunderstanding happened with tagline spelling.
    Diksha tiwari came live today, there Ansh(som dada) said everyone that still there is hope if trp increase.
    Nothing is confirmed yet

    1. Ha sis. I too saw the live

  8. Prachi Gill

    1. Wonder why Batuk wants Som – Tapur wedding. Maybe he will bring out the truth last moment and TRC will blame Bon for hiding the truth…
    2. The letter will surely not reach Som dada, Batuk will do smthing for sure.
    3. BRC is total opposite of ARC. Even after living in Italy he has backward mentality of a fair son..
    4. The thing that I really like and appreciate about BRC is that inspite of being a playboy he knows his limit when it comes to Bondita.

    1. Prachi Gill

      5. Why isn’t Bon doubting ARC ( BRC’s) behaviour ???

    2. Lopa

      Replied regarding som tapur marriage 😅😅

    3. Prachi Gill

      yes di actually I didn’t see ur reply so just put down my thoughts….Glad that our thought process matches☺☺

    4. Lopa

      She is doubting but thinking it as her over thinking.
      And its not so easy to doubt the person you consider as GOD.. Though the person is not same but still, she will connect the dots very soon.

    5. Lopa

      You didn’t see because we commented on same time 😂😅

    6. Prachi Gill

      Yes actually … she would rather doubt her own self than doubt her pati babu

  9. yesss, my awni wants a DAUGHTER !!!!
    i am feeling so happy

  10. let’s pray God for tomorrow trp 🙏🏼

  11. yes as allfans also wanted anidita to have daughter😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. arc pls comeback fast .

  13. Guys who wants to work on leaked episodes and has Instagram too please do let me know @EVERYONE

    1. Me sis. I can help with that.

    2. Do you have insta? @vilva

    3. Yes sis.

    4. Okay sis, lets wait for some more people to answer

  14. Prachi Gill

    Wait am I the only one concerned how they literally spoiled white pillows ?? 😂 😂

    1. Lopa

      I am in this list too and one more his shoes 😂😂

    2. Molly Malhotra

      Yes, everyone are talking here serious and good talks about today episode but my all focus is on there baby daughter bump, pillow fight.😂😂

      Hello myself molly, first time i have commented here, but i am reading all of yours comments till starting.

  15. @swetha thnx for sharing sis

    1. That’s alright sis

  16. ❌❌❌ important ❌❌❌I have planned to create a group on INSTAGRAM to report the leaked episode, as admin stated not to share any such links here, and who are interested, please let me know I will drop my ID here. so that we can work on that Unitedly ☺️

    1. Already we have Telegram group for reporting leaked episodes do u guys want to join?

    2. Ya sure sis

    3. Im in sis.

    4. @vilva I shared my id message me sis

  17. Lilyrose5148 is my ID @VILVA sis, message me, we will add a group

    1. Snowflake

      Its very dangerous to share personal ids here!!

  18. Everyone wanna be the part please message me on the above id

  19. VarshaMaurya

    I am not getting time to comment or write updates 🥺🥺
    But watching BB daily

    1. Lopa

      Watching is most important for now. And take your own time sis.

  20. Bondita should have slapped Batuk when he pushed the laddoos forcefully into her mouth. Who treats a pregnant woman that way 🤨🤨?
    I was right. Batuk slept on the sofa. Had it not been Batuk, nothing will happen to Bondita and the baby if Anidita get intimate. It’s good for Bondita and the baby.
    The letter won’t get to Somnath. Batuk will drop an orange colored flower himself to convince Tapur. He’ll reveal the truth on the day of their marriage to create disaster.
    The story is really getting more interesting than I presumed.

  21. ok i strongly believe that there is nothing much left to show in this show now. the show has lived its course and has higlighted many major social issues and should now end on a good note. but no now they are showing usual things that happen in other serials, bondita’s pregnancy, batuk stealing her child, male lead’s humshakal and hiding the truth without any big reason. either bring the essence of the show back, the social issue, or end the show with a happy ending

    1. I respect your opinion, sis. But, this show will prove your idea is wrong. They need time. And there are plenty of social issues to show. If faith lets them continue the show, they will show the world why BB is unique.

  22. I’m not lying and I sound so negative. Pleasee don’t be angry at me but I don’t know why I find big bondita really annoying like since batuk came I don’t know 😂😂like I get batuk I would be cringed out as well.
    I really want anirudh to come back. Imagine if it’s a baby girl and Aurra comes ☺️☺️☺️it would be amazing.
    God pravisht acting is amazing, he’s soo versatile.
    Hi Paris didi lopa didi. Priscella-ingacia and Everyone else. How u been. God its been so long since i wrote a message this long 😅😅😍😍

    1. Hello Sona. I’ve been good. What about you?

  23. Parvisht acting is good In negative role . But l don’t like story. Brc ka role kisi aur ko dete to acha tha. Please arc come back soon.

    1. Lopa

      BRC ka role kisi aur ko dete toh yeh story line nahi ata😅

    2. Lopa


  24. Pravisht is just nailing it, I am absolutely hating Batuk and when is Anirudh gonna be back?

  25. Sana786

    Dear AK Sis. No matter what you cannot disrespect to your parents in any possible way. But this has become the harsh reality of today’s generation. No one can take the place of a parents. parents do all the sacrifices just to bring the happiness in their childrens life and to make their future bright but what we give to them in behalf of all these ???
    You are just 12 years old but if you can make differences between right or wrong then you are also smart enough to understand this. Do respect to your parents and your elders. This is also right that children learns from their elders but it’s not necessary if parents are doing wrong then you will also do the same.

  26. Sana786

    What will happen when Bondita get to know the truth of BRC. will she forgive BRC??? and the way BRC is behaving with Bondita There will be no doubt that He will be caught very soon.

  27. I think Batuk is trying to divide Tupur, Tapur and Bondita. It’s his plan to take her baby and oust her from the house. He said as much that he wanted to alienate her from her family. Already Tapur and Tupur are questioning Bondita on why she wants to reveal when Anirudh/Batuk has agreed for the relation. That letter will be manipulated by Batuk.. Waiting impatiently for ARC to enter. Hats off to Pravisht. How he makes us love one character and hate the other.

  28. Also I saw comments where there was some irritation seing Adult Bondita having her child like mannerisms from younger Bondita. Actually it goes to show closeness in a relationship. All the female leads in ITV shows have been given this advise that they should be nurturing like mothers, seductress like apsara, friend etc to husband. It applies to man too. When in a close relationship with understanding husband, women do act childlike and love it when husband cherishes them. That just shows depth of affection between husband and wife.

    1. I agree too.So many dramas where the FL has to be mature, responsible and mahaan. It’s nothing wrong act a little bit of childlike. Bondita has to take on lots of responsibilities as a lawyer, daughter-in-law, wife and now she’s going to be a mother. She also had a rough childhood.It’s okay to be spoiled a little,and Anirudh would be happy to fulfill that. Too bad, that’s Batuk.

  29. Written Update already came?😳😳
    And I was commenting on previous update..😂😂😂

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