Barrister Babu 20th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh is arrested

Barrister Babu 20th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh asking how dare you do this sin, I will not leave you Chandrachur. Chandrachur pushes him and runs. Anirudh runs after him. Bondita recalls taking the kids to have some food. They go to the kitchen and get a container. Bihari comes and says come fast, Anirudh is very angry, he went after Chandrachur. She asks what, but why. Bihari says I don’t know, it looked like he will burn the entire world, come fast. Anirudh runs after Chandrachur. Trilochan says get the car, Anirudh went after Chandrachur. Thakumaa asks what happened. Trilochan says Anirudh is angry, he went after Chandrachur, I think some big sin happened. Bondita says I will come. Thakumaa says no, you are newly married. Tupur says let her come, just she can stop Anirudh. They leave. Chandrachur points gun at Anirudh. They fight. Everyone comes there. Chandrachur gets shot. He falls down the bridge. Anirudh looks on. Tupur says you killed my husband.

Trilochan asks Somnath to send his men down. Bondita asks why did you both fight, tell me. The villagers say Anirudh and Chandrachur had a fight, we have seen Anirudh threatening him. Tupur catches Anirudh’s collar and says you killed my husband, just because his thoughts didn’t match yours. Bondita says no, I m sure he won’t do this intentionally. Tupur says shut up, your husband killed my husband, I have become a widow. Thakumaa thinks I m so unfortunate, I don’t know whose tears to wipe, that daughter who became a widow now, or that who just got married. The police comes home. Inspector calls out Anirudh. Everyone looks on. Inspector asks Thakumaa what did she see there. She says when we reached, Anirudh and Chandrachur were fighting, we heard a gun shot, Chandrachur got shot. He asks who shot, Anirudh did, right? She says yes. Bondita and Tupur cry. Inspector asks Trilochan what did he see. Trilochan says Anirudh never does wrong, he doesn’t let anyone do wrong, Chandrachur would have done some sin. Chandrachur’s mum scolds him. Inspector says you have seen Anirudh shooting him. Bondita says he can’t do this, he has left weapons for peace. Inspector argues.

Bondita says Chandrachur ran first, then Anirudh ran after him, if he knew his life is in danger, then he would have created noise and come to us. Chandrachur’s dad gets angry. Anirudh says I will tell you the truth, inspector, no need to ask anyone, I have killed Chandrachur, I have shot him. Bondita says this isn’t the truth. Chandrachur’s mum says you are still saving him. Anirudh says I don’t remember about our little fight, I don’t want to talk about it, I accept my crime. Inspector says fine, we have to arrest you. Bondita says no. Trilochan asks how can you arrest him. Chandrachur’s dad says I will file a case on him that he gets hanged. Inspector takes Anirudh’s thumb impression on papers. Anirudh gets arrested. Bondita says Anirudh is hiding something. He asks Anirudh what happened. Trilochan says he didn’t do anything. Anirudh leaves. Everyone cries. Somnath asks Trilochan not to worry, nothing will happen to Anirudh, he will get the big barrister for Anirudh. Trilochan says we want the best, someone who never lost. Sampoorna says we have barrister at home, Bondita, she won a gold medal in London. Trilochan asks do you want her to get the medal of Anirudh’s punishment.

Sampoorna says no, he will fight for him, she will win. Trilochan says no, she couldn’t fight any case, did anyone trust her, how can we trust her for such a big case, its not an easy thing, one has to get proof and witnesses, Bondita can’t do this. She says I m sure that she can do this, you know her power of arguments. He recalls her words. Bondita comes to Anirudh’s room. She recalls his words. Tupur comes and ruins the things in the room. Bondita asks her to stop. She says I know what you are going through, Anirudh can’t kill anyone, he would he helples, he was silent in the jungle. Tupur says he accepted his crime. Bondita says he can’t kill anyone. Tupur says he killed my husband, I have lost my everything, you didn’t, you will share your joy and sorrow with Anirudh’s pic now, I will see how you stop people from giving statement against Anirudh, I will ruin your maang. She goes. Bondita cries.

Bondita asks what happened. Somnath says we were afraid for this, Anirudh will be hanged in ten days. Everyone gets shocked. Bondita asks Trilochan to permit her to meet Anirudh. She goes to meet Anirudh at the police station.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sana786

    1st comment 💃💃💃💃

  2. Lopa


  3. 2nd comment 😄😜

  4. is tupur going to become a negative character….and where is tapurr, she is the one who can save anirudh!!

  5. right now tupur is standing with cc but when she gets to know what he did to tapur, even she will be ashamed

    1. Lopa

      She should be ashamed…but still we don’t what happened to that room 😕

  6. Lopa

    The episode is a sad one 🙁🙁🙁
    Mystery is still a mystery… Don’t know when they will clear it 😞😞😞.
    Today’s precap will be Bondita’s entry on court so we will not get any clue about the mystery from precap… So we have to wait till tomorrow’s episode or don’t know how many times 😐😐
    They took time to reveal the reason of emmity…I think they will take time again.
    Where did Tapur and Sumati maa go?
    Thankfully Thakuma didn’t blame Anirudh…She thought whose tears she should wipe now…It means she will not misunderstand Anirudh.
    Entry of new villain… i.e TUPUR.

  7. Ok..actually what cc had done. Ani asked how dare you to do this sin..but in today’s episode nothing is told about tapur nor showed her clearly…then what happened in that room..Ani was in such angry mood…
    Guys don’t know will tupur become like old sampoorna…revenge mode.

  8. Anjali Kumari

    Mangu sir coming live with Anchal and pravisht for lunch

    1. Lunch time.

  9. 7th

  10. I don’t like tupur😑

    1. Arunthathi

      In her situation he is right. She suffer more bcoz of bondita also now she lost her husband. This emotional moment her reaction is justify

    2. Princess14

      @Arunthathi She suffered because of chandrachur his lust for bondita, he is so abusive towards tupur she is still supporting him and not takinga stand for herself..everyone has a different opinion..I respect yours

    3. Arunthathi

      Yes princess i agree but bcoz of bondita runaway she married him know. If we see all problems bcoz of takuma bcoz bondita said she can’t marry also she said she need to go to london for studies but takuma ignore her wish due to her she ran away and tupur faced this much of problem. Here everyone one have every point of view.
      Takuma force bondita for marriage
      Cc pov bondita cheat him and 1st sight he fall her
      Bondita need to study
      Anirudh need to support her
      Tupur without her wish she marry cc
      So everyone have every problem.

    4. I personally feel Tupur is simply caring about her own life, he own suhaag and is standing blindfolded infront of her husband’s wrong doings. If any wife considers the crimes done by a husband like Chandrachur, she has no right to even question Bondita or curse her suhaag. If she was really a person, she should have confessed the crimes of her husband to Bondita and Anirudh or even Thakuma. Or even Police. And I don’t understand how can Tupur have rights of cursing Bondita when her own husband had lust for Bondita. Infact real culprit is Tupur other than Cc, since a person who stays silent inspite of evil intentions of Cc towards Bondita, is dangerous than the main culprit Cc.

  11. Lopa

    @Daisy @Kitty actually I am 2nd😅😅

    1. We must be 3rd. Actually when I was typing just Sana’a comment was there. A little confusion 😂

    2. No sis, Sana is 1st
      We 3 must be 2nd😂😂

  12. Snowflake

    So what exactly happened??

    1. Krutika

      I don’t understand what you mean?

    2. Snowflake

      That Ani is so angry with cc…any pov’s???

  13. Krutika

    Episode type:- sadddd
    Well what happened in the room?
    Tupur became negative character

    1. Snowflake

      Preacp when episode airs on tv after 9:00 pm it will come, so Keep watching barrister babu mon-fri 8:30 pm with ads only on Colours😉


    Hello Gyuzs,
    Please watch this episode in only on tv. today episode is also leak, writer is try every possible angle to gain the trp. We want the court room sences, right, so now we have pay back time.
    Our barrister babu got extension period till December. If TRP not increase then in January 2022 show going offair for sure…so lets we do our best contribution to see Barrister babu in TV.


    1. Baby Snowflake

      Barrister Babu is facing tuff competition from Star Plus’s Imlie. People like to watch shows like Udaariyan and doubt, those with Love triangles. Cannot we create collaborate with instagram fandoms for the promotion of the show? Looks like all Barrister Babu viewers went to watch Imlie (Trp 2.9)

    2. Baby Snowflake

      I hope Anirudh atleast tells the whole truth to Bondita. Anirudh and Bondita both barristers. The best combination and I am sure they will win this case.

    3. Snowflake

      Cute name😉

    4. @Baby Snowflake,
      Both Udaariyaan and Imlie has wonderful cast even though story line focusses on love triangle like 90% of the shows. Wonderful cast in the sense that acting is effectively extracted out from the cast. Their performance level is extraordinary no matter the story is a mere trash. Actually story isn’t trash but the way the team brings down the character to such grounded state that story appears to be a trash.
      I just wonder that had this show – Barrister Babu been aired in Starplus and had much better offscreen team like Imlie, this show would have been a great hit.
      Current barrister team is able to extract the best of performance from Anchal and Pravisht… I think Anchal’s performance is much spurt fully blasting onscreen ❤️… But the team is not able to use every cast completely the way Imlie team is making a pulp of every cast 😂 ! I don’t know but I feel Thakuma is the best performer of the show. Whoever writes dialogues for her particularly, I salute that person since I seriously love her dialogues and her voice and the way she speaks makes all the more difference.
      I think there are only two errors with Barrister Babu team –
      1) Great dialogues but slow dialogue delivery. This is a bit acceptable since it is a post independence period show but they could have made the cast to speak dialogue a bit faster to make an impact on audience.
      2) I think there should be little improvement in Badi Bondita character now. Innocence is good and infact a must but being a grown up character now, I think she should not talk so much like a kid, so sweetly 😉 ! Acting wise Anchal is a real gem but her character should be improved a bit. We can even understand that for Anchal to be recognised or rather to be related by audience to Aurra’s performance, that Anchal needs to behave much like choti bondita to make audience’s feelings connect to the character but slowly it should be decreased, so that her character, looks much strong amidst her innocence.
      Selecting the platform of airing the show is not much in the hands of Barrister babu team other than producers and directors, so I can’t say that they should have chosen Starplus as their platform but had this wonderful show got Starplus as their airing medium, I can say it with conviction that this show would have surely ran for 3 – 4 years in a stretch.
      I don’t know if I have hurt any of the fans’ feelings, but I simply thought of penning down my views. Those who have different views can also question me or add the points so that I too can understand the different perspectives about the loopholes of the show and the best things about the show too.
      Again sorry if I anyone thinks I have had hurt anyone’s feelings here..

    5. Anyone will understand why I am saying this about Anchal’s present character being extra sweet if anyone of you watch the previous show of Anchal – Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye. The difference is much evident. Her acting is a fire then and even now but any audience and a fan of her seeing that show and coming here will face a little bit of disappointment. Not Because of the acting but the unrealistic way Character graph they gave her… Choti bondita became badi tho character ko bhi tho bada hona hoga in terms of regular self😊😂❤️😉 !

  15. I think CC didn’t ruin Tapur because Bondita di recalled that she kept a pillow and put a veil on top of it so nobody will suspect that she went out of the room. So, maybe bondita di won’t have any valid proof..Why does this have to happen..The makers are testing our patience..

    1. So, maybe, Anirudh misunderstood it?

    2. I think they showed Anirudh to be accepting truth just for the sake of Tapur’s dignity. No matter he went behind to kill Chandrachur, but he will definitely not want anyone to question Tupur’s dignity even when the person questioning her is wrong in even questioning her. Marriage is yet another issue which rape victims seriously face in future. So to save Tapur’s dignity perhaps, he is being silent even on asking. I think he might have told someone to look after Tapur and then would have went run behind Cc.
      But there is one point I don’t understand. Killing a rapist like Chandrachur is correct and is justified since rapist deserves to die. Not like Nirbhaya case, where perpetrators were fed and kep alive for something like 8 long years. That rapist, perpetrator, peace breaker (since he aroused fights between Tulsipur and Krishnanagar), kidnapper, wife abuser, clubbing every evil act of his act deserves nothing but death. I think he should be tortured to death rather. I just think why Ani simply shot cc with a bullet.😂😂😂

  16. Sana786

    Today’s Episode is so confusing. Why Anirudh agreed that he killed chandrachur???

    1. Krutika

      I think so because he was in shock

    2. Shock may be one thing.
      Saving Tapur’s dignity may be yet another thing.
      But I think he should instead celebrate victory since he killed cc, a rapist ! Killing a rapist is something worth of a salute, you know ❤️💯

  17. The girl who is playing tapur role have have left the show.
    Saying the future track is awakward for her, that means she is feeling uneasy to play the role.
    I think when CC entered bondita room and didn’t find her instead find tapur there in his anger he might be s*xually assaulted her or something more dreadful ( which I personally don’t want to happen) have done.
    That is when aniruddh have seen him he angrily run after him.and that’s why he is not feeling right to tell everyone instead get punishment for that.

  18. Lopa

    If anyone gets to know about Magnesh Sir’s live time then please inform….
    Rain sis our lunch time is not same na…He should tell the time 😂😂

  19. Lopa

    @Versi sis your dream is awsm 😉😉
    I am blushing for you 🙈😂

  20. I don’t give a damn about that their who lied about bondu to her mother telling that” her love has overpowered her respect for her mother” instead of convincing her.ive never had a soft corner cuz i knew she only helped anidita to go so that she and her soo called husband can be together..And now she is getting onto my nerves..

  21. Arunthathi

    I think after bondita left from room tapur enter her room. Bcoz of room darkness cc molest tapur bcoz ot safty she on off the light.
    Bcoz of tapur future anirudh didn’t open his mouth. May be he may ask promise from tapur about this she won’t tell this to anyone else.
    Bondita surely will investigate this. Behari will tell bondita anirudh and cc running from ur room so that time she will see any glue from her room that also belongs to tapur things. Then she will ask tapur that time she will tell actually what happened.
    Bondita is brave girl she will engouage tapur to tell tye truth to court bcoz in her childhood when choti bondita’s 1st night time that old man try to moles her that time she came onfront of everyone and punished him. She said he try to moles her without fear infront of everyone. So same way she will prepare tapur to confess the truth in court.
    Other conclusion if bondita know the truth about tapur even she also hide this in court. She will tell till we didn’t get cc’s body so we can come to the death punishment conclusion without his dead body. Due to this may be anirudh get bail.
    After that both will confess the truth infront of family and take tapur to court and close this case (bcoz they may not get cc body) . Due to this situation tupur coming to the negative role bcoz of bondita and anirudh her life spoiled now her sis life also.
    Till they didn’t show bullet hurt cc. Just a bullet fire sound only cc fell down from bridge bcoz of that everyone think anirudh fire his gun. Last time also cc’s bullet fire no one get hurt when he aim aniruth in that swing. So same thing hppen here too.
    Cc man will save him before Trilochan people reach there. Then cc will play his evel plan to send anirudh to jail.
    Waiting for upcoming track

    1. Sis I agree with all ur thoughts except tapur’s life spoiled bcoz of anidita…actually it’s bcoz of cc right…

    2. Arunthathi

      Anju yes u r right. But everyone blame anidita for the reason like before enminity track they blame bondita for that 8 yrs enminity.

    3. Dashee

      Tupur’s life accidentally got spoiled by Ani and Bon. If they hadn’t eloped to London on the day of the marriage, CC wouldn’t have stepped in Tupur’s life. Little Bondita should’ve stopped her marriage with CC during her haldi rasam itself. Instead, she herself agreed to sit on the mandap, and ofc she, and Ani should’ve known that Thakuma will force some other girl to sit on the mandap, if not Bondita.

  22. Lopa

    @Princess sis and @Sana sis you wanted to read my ff from starting so I shared all the links.

    1. Princess14

      Thank you sis..I read the part 1 now it was amazing❤❤❤❤ I couldn’t comment there so..

    2. Lopa

      Ya sis commenting gets closed after 2 weeks I guess.

    3. Princess14

      Read 2nd would have be en nice if tupur is bold like you wrote..maker’s should see this

  23. Dashee


    1. Snowflake

      Batuk is in Italy
      Binoy must be kept in his room as his behaviour is not guaranteed…

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