Barrister Babu 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Manorama’s emotional letter for Bondita

Barrister Babu 20th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the police investigating Anirudh’s family about Manorama. Inspector blames everyone. Anirudh says you are just blaming us. Inspector says she was your wife, you all will be going to jail now. He asks constable to search the haveli and get evidences. Bondita recalls Manorama’s words. She cries. Anirudh says we don’t know what will happen, you just go. Bondita says I had returned that jacket to Manorama, I will not go leaving you all, I will tell police that its my mistake, punish me, not you all. He says no Bondita, you won’t do this, its not your mistake. He signs her not to say anything. Police doesn’t find anything.

Inspector catches Anirudh and says I know you were with your wife, she has run away, we will get you hanged. He asks constable to arrest him. Bondita says I won’t let you arrest him, he didn’t do anything wrong, he never lies. Anirudh gets arrested. Constable says we got a news, Viceroy has died in the bomb blast, the Krantikari team has taken the blame and mentioned that Anirudh and Bondita aren’t involved in it. Inspector says I m sorry Anirudh, Binoy and Trilochan. He leaves.

Bondita thinks you kept your promise. Bondita recalls Manorama. Manorama’s aide shoots an arrow inside the window. Bondita gets shocked. She gets a letter wrapped around the arrow. She reads Manorama’s letter and imagines her. Manorama writes… I got saved and I could write this letter for you, you are very lucky to get a life partner like Anirudh, he is a good husband and a good person, he is different, he wants to make you a special girl, many husbands get bangles for wives, but he wants to change your fate and give you education, he wants to bring the sky in your feet, he isn’t like other husbands who expects wives to do household work, he expects you to spread your wings and fly, you will become barrister babu Bondita, I had to take help of my aide to write a letter for you, but you aren’t dependent on anyone, you can write a letter and talk to people, when you grow up and become a barrister babu, then you will understand that you have got a protector in Anirudh, who wants to write a new fate for you, wives are expected to make a sacrifice, Anirudh did the opposite for you, trust me, when he had hurt you and told bitter things, he did that to anger you, to make you directed towards education, our fake marriage was a punishment for Anirudh, he had tolerated the pain alone, its a big proof that he will always be your husband, Anirudh isn’t giving everything in your relation, one day anyone would wish for a husband like Anirudh, your relation will be written by hardwork, your relation is beautiful, always keep it safe, Anirudh doesn’t think of a girl and wife, but as Saraswati, everyone worships Saraswati but doesn’t want her as sister or daughter, Anirudh regards you a power who will get right and respect for women, the way is tough, if you support him, then he will make a way to change the society.

Bondita hugs her and says I misunderstood you, you are really good. Manorama disappears. Bondita looks around. She sees the mirror. She recalls Anirudh. Rishta tera mera….plays…. She types on the typewriter.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Emotional episode😢😢😢
    2. Finally bondita got to know manorama truth, and her sacrifice..
    3. I just hope 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 bondita become barrister babu soon
    4. Finally Anirudh is proved innocent👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    5. Haye haye 😍😍😍😍 anirudh ki itni tarif.. really anirudh is understanding, supportive, caring, loving, respect women, friendly:- kind of husband, whom every girl want

    1. A husband every girl wants and it’s only true in Indian drama serials

  2. Amazing and Emotional Episode

  3. In an interview aura told that next they are going to Ahmedabad for shooting..Dalhousie track..there they are going to shoot for 1 month.. with few new entries.. I think after this Child marriage law will come to effect and bondita will go out of RC mansion and to Dalhousie.. I don’t how Anirudh going to be with bondita.. lets see.. may with this track Anirudh would realise Bondita’s importance in his life..I want Anirudh to know what he had for manorama is just attraction also want him to realise his mistakes.. polygamy,degrading Bondita infornt of every one is wrong…

    1. You right.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      It might be change of location.. as due to lockdown in maharastra, shooting got stopped but many shows shifted to different locations, so barrister babu might have done same… And some are working as per bank of episodes…

    3. Please don’t encourage child marriage

    4. You got it wrong.No one is encouraging child marriage.

  4. This episode is so emotional that I started crying🙃..Finally Bondita come to know the whole truth, hope she will only focus on studying from now on and become a Barrister babu

  5. One of the best episodes of barrister babu serial (in my opinion)

  6. I think she didn’t got saved but instead write this letter way before do that they won’t feel bad for her. Manorama has a true heart. Now aur bondita is back in track. Her barrister journey has resumed again

  7. The episodes are very emotional but also it is a very interesting track.

  8. What does Manorama mean by she got saved?

  9. I think Manorama didn’t get saved. I think she got this letter written beforehand for Bondita so that she won’t feel guilty. I really love her character and this episode is so emotional. Every dialogue spoken by Manorama is so true and reaches to the heart. Yet there are so many people on Instagram and Twitter abusing Anirudh and celebrating Manorama’s death. Those “fans” are simply heartless and do even deserve to be called fans.

    1. Bhaswati Bharadwaj

      You are right.Manorama is not villian.She was a true krantikari and sacrificed her life.Viewers even after knowing that Manorama was genuine krantikari and have sacrificed her life,there are still some people talking bad about Manorama..

  10. At a point I was liking Manorama than Bondita.She helped three lives by marrying Anirudh-first of the person she is getting married to as she would have to leave a person behind her for his whole life alone to accomplish her mission so she saved a person’s life by not gifting him loneliness for his whole life and giving him a chance to live a better life,second is of Anirudh who only wants to make Bondita realize the importance of education in a woman’s life which is even more important than a man because a woman is always expected to compromise in a relation so she should be well educated to use her rights wisely and doesn’t expect anything from her relation with Anirudh & lastly of Bondita who was trying everything she can do to trouble Manorama but she does everything along with Anirudh to make her realise her the opportunities in her life which she will get after becoming a barrister, what will she get in return by getting an educated & independent Bondita.Her sacrifice for her country can’t be expressed through words,it only brings tears to eyes.She even told Bondita the entire truth with her sacrifice after saving her from the chances of getting injured in bomb blast which can also threaten Bondita’s life.
    Happy to see her friendly,humanly & true patriotic nature.

  11. Emotional episode 🥺

  12. This episode is very emotional. Manorma explained very effectively all the things bondita need to know. One important thing that she should not compare their relation with others and should not see her husband like other people’s perspective. Bondita should get educated for her betterment only, not to show or compare with others or Just because her patibabu wants that, but for herself, for her self esteem and better life. I hope atleast now bondita will get importance of education in life and will focus on her aim to be barrister.
    But this doesn’t mean what anirudh did with her feelings ws right. He also should realise his mistakes and choosing harsh path to make her understand and should apologise to her once. Ek to confession scene krna chaie abhi dono ke bich.

  13. Snowflake


  14. Why Manorama killed the viceroy?

  15. Why Manorama killed the viceroy?

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