Barrister Babu 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita returns to Tulsipur

Barrister Babu 1st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumati running to the master. She asks him to read the letter. She cries hearing Bondita’s emotional letter. She says my daughter is coming from abroad. Thakumaa comes and shoots at the master. She says I still control everything in Krishnanagar. Chandrachur says the bullet didn’t hurt you, go now, its not a crime to read the letter. He takes the letter and reads. Thakumaa says oil the guns, now bullets will be fired. Chandrachur asks why, our Bondita is coming, we should shower flowers on her. Thakumaa says Bondita has to settle the scores for 8 years. He says maybe she has become a britisher girl in London.

Bondita is seen running. She goes to a british wedding. She takes her friend’s place in the wedding. She says my friend has gone to marry her lover. She says uncle, I did this for your benefit, I have saved your money. She lectures her friend’s parents. She asks the man to bless his daughter’s love, nothing is imp than love. The man asks can anyone give you such a chance in your country. She says someone has given me wings to fly and fulfill my dreams, he taught me what’s freedom, he has given me a voice to talk in front of you. She recalls Anirudh. The lady says you are really beautiful and you are also a barrister. Bondita says I forgot, what would I do now. She runs again.

Bondita’s name is announced on the stage. She is called on the stage to receive the gold medal. She steps inside the door and falls down. She gets up confidently and goes on the stage. She gets the honour and happily cries. The man gets her degree. She says it took me 8 years to come here, I have always waited for this moment. The man says this was your dream. She imagines Anirudh and says I had to become barrister Babu, this wasn’t just my dream, but my teacher’s dream also. She says I want to wear this barrister robe by my teacher’s hands, thanks. She goes and makes a wish. She says I will go to India and meet Anirudh first. The guy asks what then. She says I will complain about the caretaker. She jokes. He says caretaker is here, get silent. She says don’t worry, she doesn’t understand hindi. The lady answers in hindi. She drops her icecream. The lady blesses her and smiles. The guy laughs. Bondita imagines Anirudh. He says I think Anirudh has changed. She says he won’t change. He says you also changed, how will he identify you. She says he will identify me. He says your day to return to India has come. She gets ready. She wishes for her dear ones.

Back in Tulsipur, Trilochan is seen with the map of Tulsipur and Krishnanagar. Bihari says I have prepared daliya for you. Trilochan scolds him. Bihari says I have to make my wife wear the saree, she has pain in her hands. A man comes there to ask about his friend Anirudh. Trilochan says Anirudh is dead, I have erased this name from me long time back.

Sampoorna talks to her daughter. She says since Bondita left, we have lost Anirudh also. After few days, Bondita travels in the train. She smiles imagining Anirudh. She talks to him and gets shy. He asks what do you want. She says I wanted to touch your feet first when I become a barrister and come home. She touches his feet. She reaches Deenpur. She sees someone dressed as Anirudh. She sees someone else and says where is Anirudh. She sees Chandrachur coming. She hides from him. Chandrachur asks the men to look for Bondita. She hides in a coal vehicle. She reaches Tulsipur. She says how shall I go and meet Anirudh. She enters some haveli.

She reads dogs and Krishnagar people aren’t allowed here. She goes ahead. She says Tulsipur changed a lot. She helps a lady. The lady asks from where did you come. Bondita says Krishnagar. The little boy hits a stone at her. She asks the kids to hit Rasgullas, instead stone. The boy says because you came from Krishnagar. The people leave. She gets kidnapped. Thakumaa asks where is Bondita. Chandrachur says she didn’t come. He says she cheated you again. She sees the men taking her somewhere. She thinks where is Anirudh.

Anirudh is seen coming with a gun. The men say barrister babu will come and decide about the two girls who came from Krishnanagar to spy. Anirudh comes and sits there. The men chant his name. Bondita looks on and smiles. Rishta tera mera…..plays. Anirudh says we have to do the same as the enemy, we will take an eye for an eye and blood for blood. The man says Krishnanagar people have stopped our grains truck, we will die of hunger this way. Anirudh says they have stopped our good, we will stop their water, stop the river water reaching them. The men chant his name. Bondita thinks how did he change so much, he is talking of enmity. The man says Krishnanagar people have sent their girls as spy, we caught them, you decide on them. She thinks how did Anirudh change so much.

Precap: Anirudh takes Bondita to Thakumaa where Bondita gets happy seeing her mother. Anirudh turns to leave. Bondita tells him that she’s his Bondita, but he avoids her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Finally leap and only memories of little bondita.. half episode was good 😊😊😊😊😊😊but rest half was confusing🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 why anirudh changed so much?? And why so much enimity still???..

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      First one to comment..
      1. Though i am going to miss our little bondita😢😢😢, but leap was also required to move story forward…
      2. It will be hard for grown up bondita to keep viewers inact, as we were attach to her.. but she will surely do justice with her..👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 just need to give time…
      3. Why they changed anirudh character so much that too filled with enemity???🙄🙄🙄🙄
      4. Whom did thakumaa killed than🙄🙄🙄 sumati is alive, trilochan is alive, and sampoorna was shown filled hairline as well!!!
      I just hope 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 saumik and batuk are alive also???
      5. Precap showed bondita as happy but anirudh even after knowing about bondita was shown angry.. i just hope 🤞🏻🤞🏻 anirudh doesn’t hate bondita, as tapur married instead of bondita🙄🙄🙄🙄

    2. Tupur married Chandrachur not Tapur. Tapur is her younger sister

  2. What’s this yaar!?😶
    KSJ erased Anirudh’s name!???
    What compelled Anirudh to this extent???

  3. Muje meri choti bondi chahiyae.

  4. Oh my God why did Trilochan kaka say so?

  5. Priscilla-Ignacia

    I’m short of words to get honest. Bravo Aurra-Anchal. You really deserve the gold medal. Trilochan has erased Anirudh’s name???. I can’t wait to see what transpired before the leap. Chandrachur now serves thakumaa??? What drama! Irrespective of what Anirudh has become my love for him I’d still deep

  6. Priscilla-Ignacia

    Wait Sampoorna is now a mother! In her interview she revealed she’ll be loved by the audience because of transition in character. Congrats Sampoorna. I’m sure Anirudh doesn’t live in the haveli anymore.

  7. Guys what is happening who died what happened why kaka hates ani so much. He remembered some flashbacks. Very very interesting storyline. Really excited for tomorrow episode. What will happen now .in precap when bondita cries that Sakha babu mai aap ki bondita hun. Anirudhs hands stopped and expressions changed but he didn’t turn guys . Why doesn’t ani want to meet bondita. Any guesses guys what would have happened. I m dying waiting for tomorrow. 😔😔😔😔

  8. Zaee

    I really don’t how to express what I’m feeling right now.
    I’m stumbling to write my farewell comment because that’s how much I loved bb the last 4 months.
    Tho the leap news broke me, but i kinda convinced myself to watch for pravisht/anirudh and give maker’s a chance but what have the maker’s done mn?
    Where is our revolutionary anirudh?
    Atleast if they have showed him as fighting for women rights while Bondita was abroad I will would have been fine.
    But Don with enimity? My foot!
    Don’t we know how anirudh is?
    No matter how the maker will try to justify but I can’t except this NEW ANIRUDH DON…
    Neither I can watch this crap for pravisht….it’s so disheartening to say but the truth is that.
    By reading the update itself I can say how forced the leap looked.
    One of my question is didn’t ani write any letter for bon in the past 8 year’s?
    If he did, how come bon has no clue that ani is changed?
    barrister babu ended yesterday itself for me…good bye fam!
    I’m gonna miss y’all a lot…I might just read the written episode ones in a while occasionally.
    I’ll cherish the 300 episodes maker’s gave me!!!
    And another undeniable truth is anchal looks so pretty❤
    Ending my comment with one of
    bon’s dialogue with a slight change….”SAB BADAL GAYA…HAMARA BARRISTER BABU BHI AUR HAMARA ANIRUDH BHI💔💔💔”
    Ps.if anyone of y’all think I’m spreading negativity…please go and check my previous comments.
    I always told to watch for pravisht…so please don’t think I’m spreading hate or negativity!
    Neither I hate pravisht or anchal!!!

    1. No… You have been very genuine in what you stated

    2. Zaee

      Thanks hun!

    3. I agree with you @Zaee and I respect your decision. frankly, because the producers weren’t honest with the fans and there was no aurra, I stopped watching because it wasn’t the old bb. I never wrote a comment before the splash news, but it was very enjoyable to read what you wrote, thank you all. goodbye BB, I hope we have the opportunity to see Aurra and Pravisht together in new projects in the future. i love you Aurisht and Anidita

    4. Zaee

      Thanks hun for understanding my pov XX

    5. I respect your decision. I think u dodnt watch the episode. Anirudh didnt write any letter in the past 8 years. In the conversation Bondita memicks like caretaker ” he is fine, your money has come and study well”. That means Anirudh nevwr failed to send money. As he promiaed in their last meeting he did write letter (only) to the caretaker. I too miss Aurra. But I am happy that Aura is shown often in FB. I will miss your comment too

    6. Zaee

      Thanks and yeah I did not watch the epi…so maybe I missed that letter scene.
      I’ll miss you too…

    7. Pranbirlover

      Zaee, it is your opinion and I respect it. But, you should note something, this show is a different one, different from all the other show that are filled with saas bahu drama or extra marital affair…. This one is different, a show that has given many moral values… And don’t call this show a “crap” the word “crap” is suitable for shows like “kumkum bhagya” and “kundali bhaga” which are literally craps still running successfully with high trp…
      You see the irony don’t you….
      This show deserve to get the highest position. Please don’t quit the show…
      Why the characters had a change…. It will get disclosed gradually….
      Give them a chance…..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    8. Zaee

      Even if I don’t watch bb further, it will always be very close to my heart.
      Just like you highlighted what bb has shown is the reason why it attracted me.
      So yeah…this show deserves love for what it he shown till date.
      Bb was beautiful and inspiring I won’t disagree with that…that’s the sole reason why I watched a India series after so long with love.
      And I’m sorry if the word “crap” hurt you…tbh my emotions wasn’t in control yesterday, that’s why I used that word.
      I swear my problem is not leap or anchal.
      I would have give the maker’s a chance but they ruined the revolutionary anirudh’s character….and the story has turned like a gang war between tulsipur and krishna nagar.
      That’s where I feel bb lost its essence.
      I just can’t accept that no matter what maker’s will try to justify his character.
      Ones again sorry if the word crap hurt you!
      I’ll be reading the updates occasionally and if i find the story fascinating I might watch….but I’m not sure if the story will🙌.

    9. Pranbirlover

      Of course it will be interesting. I hope you saw the episode yesterday. When Anirudh’s friend from Bombay asked Kaka about him, you might have seen some scenes in negative mode…. The reason for the change in his character will be shown and I am sure that it will be convincing. If people start quiting the show, this show may get off-air… That is what I fear….. Some useless nonsense shows run for 7-8 years without any message or meaning but still manage to top the trp and here, the best show is struggling.😔😔😔😔😔

    10. Zaee

      I can understand you dear!
      It doesn’t matter even if I quit or watch cuz I don’t contribute in online neither TV trp….

  9. I really found today’s episode very interesting. Also, Anchal is quite a good actress. She is really so pretty and seemed to be convincing like Aurra. And as Pravisht and Anchal are of same age nearly, the sync will work out better between them if the tragedy of the current storyline ends. But I found even this storyline interesting. I think no one died in flashback. I feel that some forced incident took place and that’s why people on both sides are in utter enmity. Let’s see. Of course this time perhaps Bondita is going to take Anirudh out of this situation of enmity…like what Anirudh did to end child marriage pratha ! Now the show seems much more convincing to me ! Let’s wait and watch, what happens ahead !!

  10. Hey guy’s is binoy dead or not? Was it binoy who was shot then? But I liked anchal’s acting but missing aurra. But why anirudh became weird? Why he didn’t came to pick up bondita? Again why trilochan is changed so much? Yr. ………there is only questions in today’s episode. Waiting for the answers. …..

    1. Priscilla-Ignacia

      I don’t think so, otherwise Sampoorna wouldn’t have given birth. Binoy finally made Sampoorna a mother

  11. Chukkala Uma Devi

    Iss chanchur ne double game kiya hoga…taaki Tulsipur wale aur krishna nagar mei daraar aajay ..waise BB sabke liye ladte hei…Hamari bondita aagaya na woh doori mitadegi…😘😘

  12. why the written update is not published a day before like it was before july

  13. Shesha485

    New Chapter New beginnings… It is really an amazing episode… Scenes are aesthetically presented. Aanchal is really impressive as Bondita. Definitely, she is the best choice as possible. So, Bondita’s dream is somewhat true if we consider the Trilochan’s words and Anirudh’s transformation. I am excited for the upcoming episodes.

  14. I think now Binoy is in coma or something. Due to this KSJ is angry on Anirudh

  15. The way they have changed anirudhs character is not good … bondita is good as herself but anirudh how can he be a goon like this .. I think now bondita will solve problems between those villages…. maybe

  16. Plz add precap 🙏

  17. This change in Anirudh’s character had to happen. Firstly for the continuation of the series for hopefully another 300 exciting episodes at least and it would have been very difficult to create an interesting continuous storyline if he was the same “old” caring yet fiery Anirudh.
    Difficult enough without Aurra who undoubtedly was the star of the show … truly talented for one so young.She and the makers portrayed an innocent, good hearted, caring and beautiful child , yet totally mischievous and adventurous with a confidence born of innocence. Aurra was amazing …. her body language, facial expressions and understated acting is Oscar worthy. I don’t know who created her geisha style walk but it was perfect from the moment she walked into the Roy’s havelli. It is indeed going to be tough for Anchal to come anywhere close to Aurra’s Bondita. Half the charm of Barrister Babu is gone.

    Pravisht has also brought the character of Anirudh to life, intelligent and sensitive, a brave and determined dreamer. He’s portrayal had so many facets.. .totally loved how he interacted with his child wife, so endearing . An amazing actor already, I’m expectantly waiting to see how he brings life into this other Anirudh. Terribly handsome, gorgeous smile and eyes admire, his posture and stances and that unique sideways walk gets to you.
    It was lovely to watch the different stages of attachment Anirudh n Bondita formed, from mere responsibility and ‘what my mother said’ to a soul binding relationship. I always thought it was quaint to see Anirudh drawing back from a physical relationship … perhaps unknown to him. I might be putting too much into it .. that is a question only Pravisht can answer. Did he intend to portray such a subconscious denial of a physical aspect in Anirudh’s character … that was brilliant.
    Hope the BB team continue their remarkable interpretation of the story .. it had been grand so far… and I’m sure you’ll do even better in the future.

  18. Dilasha Mohanty

    I hope..BB team reads all our comments. First of all, I would say Aanchal has won my heart within two episodes and I’m sure she will portray Bondi’s character perfectly as initially I was very reluctant regarding leap and Aurra’s exit from the show!! Secondly, I hope BB team is not running away from storyline..and through this Gang-War,we will again be left with some valuable lessons!! But, we want to see Ani and Bondi together as Bondi is Ani’s lifeline and he can never hate her and we want our Revolutionary, caring, cute and lovable Ani back..Also, we want to see Ani and Bondi fighting “together” for justice, breaking stereotypes and eliminating superstitions and not “against each other”!! This is the first serial which I’m badly attached to..I literally cry watching them in pain and getting separated!! Their bond always reminds me about me and my mom’s bond!! So, we hope BB team doesn’t spoil the beauty and essence of the magic called BB!! In a world, where people are switching to K-Dramas, can’t we keep the hope of having beautiful Indian daily soaps again??

    1. Dilasha Mohanty

      Also, Ani has been portrayed as a guy who is not very easily provoked by romance and he has groomed Bondi like his student and his it would be really very weird to watch him romancing and that too with Bondi!!😅😅

  19. It has changed from beautiful to ridiculous. Aanchal is a good choice, and she is really good, and she has a real challenge in copying the mannerisms of Aurra. But the story has become ridiculous. So now it is a waste of time to watch the show.

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