Barrister Babu 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita falls in danger

Barrister Babu 19th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thakumaa agreeing to send Bondita. Sumati and Tapur get shocked. Thakumaa says I m sure that Bondita is pure, she will do this ritual and come back after getting completely pure. Sumati says I won’t send her there to put her life in danger, don’t do this with her. Thakumaa asks is life bigger than respect, can you hear anyone calling her by a wrong name. Sumati says don’t say this, this can be risky for her life. Thakumaa says yes, once this ritual happens, then no one will taunt her, she will become pure, think of Tapur and Tupur, how shall I play with their future, we will send Bondita. Tapur says I will tell Bondita and Anirudh. Thakumaa catches her and scolds her. She locks her in the storeroom.

Thakumaa comes to Bondita and asks her to have milk. She thinks to take Bondita with ease. Bondita thinks this time I m careful. She goes. Tupur asks Tapur to listen to Thakumaa always. Tapur says I will tell her that you stole money from her and bought the bangles. Tupur says don’t tell her. Tapur says you have to help me. She tells some plan. Bondita goes and throws the milk. Tupur goes to Trilochan and Anirudh. She tells them about Thakumaa’s plan. Trilochan says its enough of her madness, we will go and stop her. Anirudh says I won’t let anything happen to Bondita. Trilochan says you have become her fate writer, tell me what are you thinking. Sumati takes Bondita aside. The lights get on. Sumati asks why did you throw this milk. Bondita says I don’t trust Thakumaa. Sumati says what will you have when you feel hungry, I will get some food, sit here.

She gets sweets. She asks Bondita to have it fast. Bondita eats it by Sumati’s hands. Sumati cries. Bondita says you also have it. Sumati says I will have it later. Sumati cries. Bondita faints down. Sumati apologizes. She says what could I do, this society is defaming you, I can’t see this, I want you to get respect, I m sure you will pass the test and come back. Pandit gets them to the place. She says if the girl isn’t pure, then she won’t come back. Sumati cries and says there will be some way. He says your daughter is stained, if you have to make her pure, then test will be tough. Thakumaa says we will send Bondita for the test.

She asks Sumati not to worry. She gives a diya to Bondita and asks her to do Pariknama, she will come out in the morning, when the shank plays in the temple, we will wait here. Sumati says its like inviting death. Thakumaa says you mean you don’t believe that Bondita is pure. Sumati says no. Thakumaa says let her go, this test is imp for her, we will pray for her. Bondita is sent inside the dark place. Snake, bats, and spiders are seen around. Anirudh comes there and takes her along. He says it means Thakumaa made you semi-unconscious again, come to senses, you don’t know this place is so dangerous, you should not be here, I know you don’t need to do any ritual, Thakumaa and the society’s thinking should be made pure, don’t worry, I will take you out from here. Thakumaa, Sumati and pandit wait outside. Anirudh protects Bondita from the storm. He sees her gone. He looks for her. Snakes reach Bondita. Anirudh looks on shocked.

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Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think, thakumaa and sumati ji become mad. No! Sorry! They are definitely mad! They were crossing all their limits. How could they do that? I can understand thakumma, because she is like that from the beginning, but sumati maa? She had lost it. She was risking her daughter’s life. How can anyone be so heartless. Once again they proved, blood relationship is more important. Before thakumaa entry, she believed in Anirudh and supported him. But now! She was acting like totally dumb. It’s like, pathroli Mae Khana, khanae kee tarha laag rahahai. Jaab kaam hogaya. bahar phea Kaa Gaya 😡 stupidity!!!!

  2. Priscilla-Ignacia

    How can any mother be so dump? Oh Sumati!!!!!! Thakumaa needs this test to purify her thinking not Bondita. Anirudh should save Bondita quickly.
    Pls add update coz to the suspense is driving me nuts.

  3. I think Anirudh would save Bondita from the danger and that wicked thakumaa plus Sumati will be shocked when Bondita wouldn’t return back.

  4. I think Anirudh would save Bondita from the danger and this wicked thakumaa and Sumati will wait outside.

  5. I think Anirudh will save Bondita and from there take her to London.For everyone she will be dead while Anirudh guides her for better future.

    1. Yes now thakduma n that dumb sumati maa shouldn’t get to see her face forever, ani should directly take her to london. And he should tell kaka to teach lesson to thakduma

  6. Love your idea Prakrati

    1. Thanks a lot!Maybe the idea is shown as real.

    2. It will be shown as real, since Bondita’s passport,admission process is Finalized.
      Anirudh will save and take Bondita away to London.
      This way he will shape Bondita’s life and career.
      People here will think that she is no more, except Trilochan Kaka and Anirudh.

  7. Priscilla-Ignacia

    Anirudh will save Bondita. But circumstances will lead both of them to be separated. Everyone will think Bondita is dead. But Anirudh will find her leaving with another dude Bhavya Sachdeva and his family with her memory loss😥😥. She will have a different identity. Bhavya will be in love with her and will intend to marry her since it was wrong for a girl to live with a boy’s family without any relation. After she recovers, she’ll be in a fix as to whether to choose Anirudh or Bhavya.
    But she’ll choose Anirudh and they will leave for London……. Show takes a leap of 10 years.

    1. Ohh, where you read this story.?
      I can’t see anidita separation at all 😢. At least new male entry shouldn’t be negative plz makers.
      Ani ki to saans atak jaegi if bondita losses her memory. And meri atak jaegi jb tak wo dono mil na jaye.

    2. Priscilla-Ignacia

      Just guessing 😅😅😅. I was just trying to fix a role if Bhavya Sachdeva in the show.
      Sorry if it caused any hard feelings

    3. Priscilla

      Your guess bought me to shock .

    4. No hard feelings.
      It is definitely a possibility.

    5. No not any hard feelings, in fact I thought that this is really gonna happen, it might happen.

    6. Wow.. this can be a possibility also, since Bhavya Sachdeva r character is making an entry.

    7. Priscilla-Ignacia

      Yes Kumud. My guess of thakumaa trying to get Bondita married came true so this could be possible as well.

  8. Cutie little aura is soon leaving the show ☹️😢😢😢.

  9. Family comedy

    I am tired and stressed about all the madness Takuma is doing to
    Bondita. I am hoping that Arundù get her out and takes her away.
    I don’t find it pleasant when someone links Bondita’s name with another man. To make things worst she might leave the show. I will have no interest in the show when that happens.
    If the writers can make up a young to look old , i dont see why they cant make up Bondita to look mature.
    It appears as if the views of us who give ratings to the show is not appreciated.

  10. There will be new entry and that actor name is Bhavya Sachdeva but he has’t reveal his role in Barrister babu

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