Barrister Babu 17th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita hinders Manorama’s mission

Barrister Babu 17th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the guard stopping Anirudh from going to the room. Bondita comes and stops Manorama. She says I will not let you go on stage, you thought you will faint me and take my place on stage. Anirudh comes and says now I know how you will make me proud. She says I topped the school and got a chance to meet Viceroy, I have to do another duty, I want to tell you… Manorama asks him to take her away. Bondita says she is a bad wife, she was stealing in that room, she fainted me down when I stopped her. Manorama says no use for all this, he knows everything. She asks Anirudh to take Bondita away, she is becoming a hurdle in her way. Anirudh asks how, your mission is complete, what’s left now.

Manorama says you will know it, just take Bondita away. The man asks Manorama to come on stage. She says try to understand, you know I m doing this for a special motive, take Bondita from here. Anirudh asks Bondita to come with him. Bondita says no, I won’t go. He says I know what Manorama is doing, won’t you listen to me, if you respect me, then come with me. Bondita says I will always listen to you, I m not a bad wife, I will come, but you have to answer me. He nods. She goes out with him. She asks why do you always support Manorama, I have caught her stealing, she had fainted me and locked me in the room, you didn’t scold her, why, one who supports wrong doer is also wrong. He says yes, but try to understand that, what Manorama is doing, its… She asks him to say. He says I can just tell you that I regret whatever she did. Bondita says you accept that she is wrong.

Manorama thinks Viceroy will die now, this will be my last gift for my country, Vande Mataram. Anirudh says Manorama isn’t doing anything wrong, its not imp that what appears is true, I know it, trust me, Manorama isn’t doing anything wrong, she did this for a good motive. She asks what’s good in stealing, you should be proud of me, but you find her right, she will never be happy by making her cry, she will get insulted. Manorama reaches the stage. Anirudh says enough, you won’t say anything against Bondita. Bondita says I thought you will be proud of me. Manorama goes to the Viceroy. She pull the jacket string. The bomb doesn’t explode. She gets shocked. She thinks why didn’t the bomb explode. She thinks of Bondita. She thinks I didn’t understand that Bondita came to exchange the jacket. Bondita plays with the jacket string.

Anirudh says you can’t understand me, trust me, I m not doing wrong, Manorama isn’t doing wrong, when you grow up, you will understand that I was doing right for you, go home, interviewer is coming, give the interview without any fear, go to hostel today itself. Bondita cries. He sends her home. Viceroy says I like your gifts. Manorama says I had got all these gifts for you, but I forgot to give you a special gift. He asks where is it. She says maybe you won’t like anything else after that gift, shall I go and get it. He says yes, please go. She thinks to get the bomb jacket from Bondita. She asks Anirudh where is Bondita. He says I have sent her home, don’t worry. She worries and says I won’t get a chance to kill Viceroy again. He asks did you say anything. She says we have to stop Bondita from going home. He asks why. Vaibhavi comes and asks did you have something. Manorama says talk to her, I will get the special gift for Viceroy. She goes out and looks for Bondita. Bondita comes. Manorama gets relieved seeing her.

Bondita says its Durga maa’s justice, you made me cry, now you are crying. Manorama says thank God, I got you. Bondita says I will not go from here. Manorama says you know what you want to, give me this jacket, okay. Bondita says no, its mine, you have snatched everything from me, is it your habit to steal things. Manorama says you know who have stolen it, you have exchanged the jacket, give it to me. Bondita says I won’t give it. Manorama thinks bomb can explode here if I force, I have to keep patience. She says I beg you, this jacket is very imp for me right now, I m ready to give you anything you want. Bondita says no. Manorama says give the jacket, ask me anything you want. Bondita thinks and asks will you give me Anirudh back. Manorama cries.

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Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I am pissed with this arc now! He is supporting ninja like a stupid and always wronging bondita. And they both mano and ani do each other praise non stop literally non Stop
    Stupid couple 🤦

    1. I agree with you.

    2. i hate anirudh isn’t he a smart one? Manorma will fail this mission, and look, bondita will suffer because of the manorma 😡 he will repay the bonds. I’m very sure that😭 Manorma became very bad after the failure of this mission. I hope the maker will put Bondita into the dormitory and leave Anirudh with regrets. Bondita has shown that he can do everything but Anirudh always splits and praises the manorma in front of him. I hate this track

    3. Desh ke liye marne wali ko nahi nondita ko support kare jise patni bannna hai, bade special vichar hai aapke

    4. Shenaya Sharma

      No its for good and ani is doing right of bondita and monorma is good personality

    5. Koi teak nhii kr rha anirud bachhi ko mental torture kr rha h vo apni study pr concentrate kr rhii pirr b usy sirf vo plastic ki krantikari nzr aatii h jo sirf dusry k credit pr apna mission pura kr rhii mujhe to usmy freedom fighter ki koi quality nzr nhii AATi bas chahti hm bondita anirud ko bas jld chor dy or sirf apni study kRy or khud k dam pr barrister bny usy anirud ki zaroorat nhii 1 teanager ko kaisy handle krna h vo usy aata hi nhii h

    6. Traitor like you still exists. Bindia is 8 years and you want to make child marriage successful by making anidita a couple. Shame on you. You don’t want to support freedom fighter like Manorama but you want too support the child marriage of bondita

  2. Hey, where is that so called nanhi pari???..aap ho kya yaha kya hua mujeh jawab nahi diya apne pichle episode ke comment par. Bacchi dar gayi lagta hai. Aahe se apne haadh mein rehna

    1. Apka comment padhke me fauran previous episode ke comments padhi. Mein apke vichar par to kuch nahin bolungi likin apne kya burn kiya hai usko. Comments padhne ke bad yakin ho gaya ki apne zarur debate competition jita hoga. Mein bhi app hi ki tara ek serial follow karti huin aur class mein bhi mein top karti huin. Debate mein mera bhi bahat sauk hai

    2. dear burning ash jii.. thanks a lot ki apne mere burn hone pe takleef jatayi..sachi mera haath jal gya tha aj shubha chai bnate time.. par iss me topper didi ji ki koi galati nhi hai.. stop blaming her because i love her.. she is doing soo much working in NGO, creating awareness and so much.. aisa mat bolo unhone mujhe jalaya.. she is such a sweet lady..

  3. Mujhe instantly aap bohot smart lagi

    1. Thank you. Mein kisi ko offend nahi karna chahti thii nor the show nor that nanhi pari. Bas itna kehna chahti thi ki barrister Babu ne pehle kitne acche concept dikaee jaise education, gender equality, amer air gareb ka faraq mitana, sati etc truly impressive tabi toh iss show ko follow karti hu. Pehle bondita kitni sahi logic lagati thi, aise logic jo bade bado ko soachne mein majboor karde. Lekin abb track sahi nahi jaa raha. Bas uss baat ka toda frustration tha bakki kisi ke dil ko dukane ka irada kabhi nahi balee hee debater hee kyu na hoo😂. Aap bhi topper aur padhai karti hoo isliyeh aap mujeh samaj payi, iss ke liye dhanyawad 🤗

    2. aaplog topper topper khel rhe ho.. even i am also a topper.. iss baar toh exam me mere 99.99% aaye .. woh 0.01 % dettol se motivate hoke chor diya.. debate karne ka shauk toh nhi par comedy achi kar leti huh.. sachii.. national award mila h mujhe best comedian k liye really..

  4. Sach kehe rahin hain app. Likin agar kisine free advice manga hi nahin hai to unhe dena kyun. Padhai wala khel to apne hi shuru kiya tha

    1. Pata chalta hai ki aap ek bahat achi comedian aur entertainer hain

  5. Mujhe sab se zyada to iss baat ki arahi hai ki itne ache vidhyarthi aur toppers bethke ek mamuli serial ke vishaye mein itne zagde kar rahein hain. Iss ek baat ko lekar kya kuch ho gaya hai. Sayad hum logon ke pas common sense hi nahin hain.
    True people prove their point but wise people know if its worth wasting their time. 😂😂

    1. * hasi arahi hai

    2. *or not

    3. U r right. Topper ho kar bhi hum silly mistake kar dete hai. Chalo aahe se dhyan rakenge. Thanks for your support and understanding @Burning Ash

  6. Guys! @Jenny and @nanhi pari. I read your previous conversations. I don’t agree to Jenny’s view on Bondita and Nanhi Pari’s stand on not giving a show much attention. Sometimes people get attached to the shows they watch or stories they follow. It was wrong of Nanhi Pari to comment on someone education.
    Coming back to Jenny. Jenny you were wrong to spit out your hatered towards bondita. Bondita topped her school not because she wanted to welcome viceroy by standing against mano, but because she knew scoring high would delight anirudh.
    After topping she was given the chance to welcome viceroy. And she didn’t planned it. Her sole purpose was to please Anirudh and not to stand against mano. And why is bondita fighting with mano? It’s because she thinks that anirudh gives more attention to mano than her even if she scores and studies well.

    1. You right

    2. I guess you are right. I got a bit emotional towards the show because I really give a lot of importance to education and I have seen girls of my age getting destroyed just because they had marriage or they didn’t pay attention to their studies and only dated etc. I have seen women around me being a slave due to lack of education and inability to take a stand. I got irritated that at first bondita wanted to create a revolution for girls and took a stand for them but now she is just doing it to please Ani. Ani is good he is always thinking of her future but sometimes in reality it’s not true. So I mixed it with real life and got into it. But I haven’t asked anyone to comment on my education and my duties towards the country and society. I follow it with my heart.

    3. if you know you are doing a lot for your country, society and fulfilling all your duties then why a nanhi pari’s comment is affecting you.. didi log toh kuch bhi kehte hai .. yeh bhut immaturity hogi agar aap apni worth sabko proof karte rahoge.. apka time bhi waste hoga aur frustration bhi saath ayega.. from now please ignore such comments for your own benefit.. at first i thought i will not give reply to you.. but then i thought you should learn a lesson of ignoring irrelevant comments.. and sorry if i have hurted your feelings. i really don’t intended to hurt your feelings about your duties, i was just pissed off that you called bondita over actor.. aurra bhatnagar is a great actress.. at such a young age she understand the concept of show and try to give her best.. it was rude of you to call her an over actor..

    4. Phir wahi baat. Tumhe padna nahi aata bacchi. Mein aurra ko nahi bondita ki character ko keh rahi huu.Aurra best actor hai. Mein uske character development par naraz thi. And u have not taught any listen it was others like @Avni and @Burning Ash who realised that I was talking with a fool like u. And how kind of u to comment on other’s duties, education. U started it but I’m putting it to end.

    5. It’s a right thing to reply to a troll like you or else anyone will come and start giving so called stupid lessons. If u were pissed off u should had confronted me on that issue where does my education and duty comes in between? Well if u can’t read or understand properly it’s your mistake. And again it’s bondita’s character development not Aurra. Apne dimag mein gut kar lo aur agar kisi ki education ki struggle nahi pata toh us pe comment nahi karna chahiye

    6. you are right.. i should stop replying to fools.. still i really want to apologize for hurting your feelings… it wasn’t meant to hurt you.. it was just a one liner sarcastic reply in contrast to your comment .. i told you about hypocrisy.. see you commented the same thing about bondita that i commented about you.. i wish if you have a sense of sarcasm..

    7. Wow a stupid fool like you can only have such mind to say this. U don’t know the difference between sarcasm and mannerless. U better learn it or else it will be way to nasty for you. Tameej toh hai nahi aayi badi sarcasm. Pehle padna seeklo phir aise bhari lesson par aana bacchi

    8. U don’t even know to apologise. Asking for apology and then saying it was an sarcasm!!! Bacchi kitni bigdi hui hai, kya kare school jo bandh hai warna ruler se mar mar kar teachers teek kar dete😂😂. Don’t worry, aise badtameezi continue rako kabhi na kabhi school chalu hoga hee tab sarcasm teachers ko dikana accha kasa inam denge😂😂😂😂😂🤣😆

    9. you should also watch shinchan.. you will also become humorous

    10. I am sarcastic haven’t u seen how savage reply I have given to u😂😂

    11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    12. Shinchan ki tarah toh bilkul bhi nahi hai sarcasm. Badtameezi aur sarcasm mein farak hai😆😆. Asli naam se toh aana dekhe kon hai aise badtameez bacchi.

    13. @jenny nanhi pari maze le rhi tumhari aur tum mazee de rhi ho usko.. she is smart 😍

    14. Garima ji mein uske maje Lee rahi huu woh smart nahi childish hai aur aap jaise logon ki wajah se aise badtameez bacche aage chal kar maa baap se maar Kate hai🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    15. Jara pichla episode par jao aur dekhi kya sutta hai meine usko🤣🤣🤣😜

    16. @jenny isse sutta nhi ego satisfy karna kehte h jenny
      badtamez tum use keh rhi ho par woh toh tumse ache se baat kar rhi hai par tumhe toh behave karna bhi nhi aata
      padhi likhi dusro ki madad karne wali toh katai nhi laag rhi ho tum
      apna ego satisfy karne k liye itna importance de rhi ho choti si baat ko
      @nanhipari bachi ho agar toh bachi ki tarah raho!! padhai karo
      bado se uljho mat
      sare bade ache nhi hote
      sare bade ache nhi hote

    17. okay garima didi.. 🥰

  7. Yes. I agree with you. Anirudh plays a very important role in bondita’s life.Imagine how she must feel when she falls out of favour with her hero. If makers only show good stuff and positive characteristics of the characters, then characters will appear fictional. Real people have positive as well as negative aspects to their personality.

  8. 99.99 tb to paper me naam aya hoga ..zra btana konse newspaper me aya…search kru mai bhi..

    1. it was a joke.. i am happy with 80%

  9. Oh miss @Garima jara Tandi ho jao aur batao woh acche se kaise baat kar rahi hai? Shuruvat usne kii aur jab meine apna clarification rakha tabhi bhi mazak udaee jaa rahi hai. Meine character development ko kaha tha na ki Aurra ko Lekin aapki bacchi ne toh seedha mujh par nishana sada aur apology toh apology lag hee nahi rahi toh aisa kehne par mein kya shany rahu? Aur mujeh aap se nahi janna ki mein madat karne wali huu ya nahi. Paray fatte mein pau nahi dalte Garima ji. Faltu ki advice nahi mangi kisi ne aapse ya nanhi pari se. Apni bacchi ko ghar le jao han saare bacche aache nahi hote kuch beyhadh badtameez hote hai

    1. okay jenny didi.. i am really sorry.. i should not have behaved like that.. i know i am a bit irritative.. may be because i have nothing to do as school and colleges are closed.. even my tuition has also been closed for days now.. forgive me as your younger sister..

  10. @Nanhi Pari. U are actually not reading @Jenny’s comments properly. She didn’t say anything to Aurra it was all for character growth not on the actor. U misinterpreted her but instead of apologising properly u r still taunting her on her education and then u r saying it’s sarcasm??? It’s not sarcasm it’s unruly behaviour. Impudent Behaviour. I understand u have a soft side for aurra but u replied to her as someone else took her stand against u , SO u were the one satisftying your ego not her. Apologise to her sincerely as u have no right to comment on education and not in Sarcasm also.

  11. And @Garima how can u encourage a child to go on wrong path? Commenting on someone’s education is right? U r giving wrong ideas to @Nanhi Pari. She has mistook it but u should try to make her understand like @Avni did. Jenny got her point and also clarified her stance but @Nanhi Pari is going wrong by still giving sarcastic apology which is not at all a aplogy. When she clarified her stance then what problem does @Nanhi Pari have? She should be happy that it was not meant for Aurra, but no she brought a different topic of ego and all. Instead u r the one having ego as u r proved wrong because of over-reacting and rude behaviour.

  12. It might be a small thing for us but the way she has commented regarding education and struggles it indicates that she really values a lot to the education. And what’s wrong to reply a troll? If not a voice is not raised there and then only then these trolls can cross limit like anything. If she has struggled for her education and women around her then it’s obvious she will be angry when someone complete stranger commenting like that on her without a proper reason. @Nanhi Pari U r young girl,so u don’t know that in our society there are still women facing issues due to education. I am a victim of it so I can ujnderstand her point. I don’t mean to defame u or @Garima just try to understand her point of view .

  13. jenny diidi really sorry… ☹

  14. thanks @aishwarya didi.. you make me realize my mistake.. and i am really sorry @jenny didi

  15. i really don’t intend to hurt her , i just took it as fun.. it was so wrong of me.. i am really sorry @jenny didi..
    i will really love it if jenny didi will forgive me.. and consider me as her younger sister🙂

    1. It’s alright. I didn’t meant to hurt u too but as people are forgetting the power of education I got a bit carried away. I’m sorry for that too. Just remember that pen is mightier than sword. @Nanhi Pari study well and have good future. All the best

  16. @Nanhi Pari I understand how difficult this pandemic is and it’s more difficult to survive in such conditions and has a great toll on us. But if u have nothing much to do then u can join some online class like chess club or some workshops so that u won’t get bored plus u will be in a good state. There is one more NGO named Hamari Pehchan. It provides online internships. I haven’t done it as I’m already associated with other but my friends have. If u want u can go and check on their website. Thoroughly online will be comfortable in such pandemic situation.

  17. @Aishwarya thanks for understanding and clearing out everything.

  18. @Nanhi Pari and @Jenny mention not. I was just trying to mend ways. Hope that all we first understand other’s thoughts before saying anything

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