Barrister Babu 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh and Bondita oppose Chandrachur


Barrister Babu 16th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita’s grahpravesh happening. She recalls the childhood. Anirudh asks her to enter her house. She says yes, Pati babu. He says you can call me Pati babu now. They enter the house. The kids clap. Rishta tera mera…plays.. She steps in the red colour water and walks on a white cloth leaving her footprints. Trilochan says your real Grahpravesh happened today, this time your steps won’t go out. Bihari cries. Bondita asks why are you crying, who will welcome me. Bihari says I will do it. Sampoorna says we welcome you two, go and take blessings from Durga Maa. Chandrachur shouts no…. Bondita can’t be of someone else, Anirudh won her heart, but her body will be same, she married Anirudh, but she will have her suhaagraat with me, by cheat or power, I will stamp my name on her body. Someone hears this. Chandrachur turns and sees a shadow. He goes and opens the door. He doesn’t see anyone. He asks the man to see.

The man says there is no one here. Chandrachur gets an anklet. He says this anklet belongs to the girl who heard our talks, go and find her. The girl hides. Chandrachur goes. He sees Bondita. He thinks the person will try to alert Bondita. Anirudh and Bondita pray to Durga Maa. Bondita says you fulfilled my every wish, you ended the enmity between the villagers, I got my Sakha Babu. Anirudh says mine too, I got my love, Bondita. Bondita says he has become my Pati Babu now. Anirudh says she has become my wife. They thank Durga maa. Chandrachur thinks so what if Bondita married him, I will get her, I will stop that person’s voice. Tapur runs to Bondita. Sumati asks Chandrachur what is he doing here. He says I was thinking to take Durga maa’s blessings. Tapur says Thakumaa said Bondita can’t meet Anirudh now, its Kaalratri, meet tomorrow, there are some rituals. Anirudh says we have to keep the rasams, fine, I can feed the rasgullas to my bride, right. He feeds Rasgullas to Bondita. Tapur goes. Chandrachur sees her feet. He thinks Tapur didn’t wear the anklet.

Anirudh and Bondita sit for rituals. Chandrachur asks did you find that woman. The man says no. Tupur gets medicine for Chandrachur and asks him to drink it. He says I don’t want. Sampoorna shows the symbols for Anirudh and Bondita. She says we will know who will listen to whom. Bondita recalls the childhood. Sampoorna says this time, Anirudh will be following Bondita. Anirudh says I m happy to walk behind her, its Kaalratri, I will go after Bondita. Sampoorna says no way. Kada falls on Chandrachur. He gets angry and slaps Tupur. He asks are you blind, you dropped the kada on me. Thakumaa asks what did she do. He says its my mistake to marry me. He raises hand. Anirudh stops him. He says I know she did a mistake, you have no right to raise hand on her. Chandrachur asks why are you getting between us. Anirudh says its a matter of humanity, she is a human, she is not your property. Trilochan says let them see their matter. Anirudh says no, this slap isn’t just on Tupur, not one every woman who is insulted by her husband, I can’t encourage this behavior, its a crime if a husband slaps his wife, Chandrachur is a culprit. Thakumaa says its not a big thing, its their persona matter. Bondita says if this is an ordinary thing, then fine.

Chandrachur smiles. Anirudh asks what are you saying. Bondita says I m saying right, both of them should get equal rights to show love and fight, if Chandrachur has shown his love, then Tupur should also show her love. She asks Tupur to slap Chandrachur. Anirudh smiles. Thakumaa asks what’s this madness, wife’s duty is to respect her husband. Anirudh and Bondita argue with them. Bondita says its wrong if a husband slaps his wife. She says Chandrachur ended the respect in my heart, I used to respect you that you stand with her always, I see a devil in you today. Tupur says let it be, its not wrong. Anirudh says its wrong, husband and wife are equal in a marriage, when a husband beats his wife, he breaks her confidence, love and faith, Chandrachur did this today. Chandrachur says your big talks don’t work here, the women are habitual to get beaten up. He asks everyone did he do wrong. The man asks what if he slapped. The lady says its a small thing.

The man says he didn’t kill anyone. Bondita scolds the man. She says a husband promises to protect his wife, if he becomes a devil, then he falls in eyes, a wife is a woman, she gives her womb for birth, she gives her milk to grow a child, she asks for respect and love, what does a husband give her in return, a slap, a slap is that thinking when a husband shows his wife inferior, you can’t see a wife’s soul dying, you all are pretentious, you do Devi’s puja and raise hand on a woman, Anirudh and I aren’t cowards like you, we will oppose this injustice against women. Anirudh says Chandrachur should apologize to Tupur. Bondita says yes. Chandrachur says no, I had apologized to that man for Thakumaa’s sake, I will not apologize to my wife, I m not your slave. Anirudh says you aren’t a human, you will apologize. Chandrachur asks what will you do, will you kill me. Anirudh says you don’t have memory, if any innocent person gets insulted, then yes I will take your life. Everyone looks on.

Precap: Sampoorna tells Anirudh and Bondita that tonight is Kaalraatri and they two have to stay separately in different rooms. While Bondita is busy taking off jewelries in her room, Chandrachur eyes her and says, tonight I will make you mine. He walks inside. Anirudh sees Bondita’s room’s lights going on and off. He goes to check and gets shocked when he opens the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Thankyou for the update Amena mam

  2. 1. Chandrachur only lusts for Bondita and this episode proves that.
    2. I think tapur heard him, probably she will get molested by Cc instead of Bondita..

    1. Yes but chandrachur sees tapur leg chain missing

  3. ohhh waitt so is that tupur’s anklet, and is that why he is gonna slap her??
    i’m sure tupur must know cc’s plan and will flop it as usual (but this time it’s wrong as she may send tapur)

    1. Ok I didn’t read the full update first, so he slaps her for spilling kada on him

  4. Ohh I am third

  5. It’s not Anirudh and Bondita’s marriage if they don’t discuss social issues…
    This episode is a big fat slap on the faces of those people who mocked this show and spread hatred against it for losing track..

  6. finally bondita saw a devil in cc!! hope she knows his evil intentions very soon
    and i guess if that was tupur listening to cc’s plans, then she’s smart enough to throw away the other anklet and wear a new pair

    1. I think its tapur’s anklet and she wants to say something to bondita but she stopped as she heard chandrachur voice

    2. no it can’t be tapur’s as cc already saw her legs,
      from the update
      Tapur goes. Chandrachur sees her feet. He thinks Tapur didn’t wear the anklet.

    3. Bhaswati Bharadwaj

      It is tapur’s .She removed her anklet coz she heard Chandrachur saying that he will search the owner of the anklet.

    4. But tapur stopped saying something to Bondita when she hears chandrachur’s voice

  7. HARSHI Sis

    Omg episode is out too fast
    Thank u visalee akka

  8. I think this time cc will success hi his plans but in bondita place it will be tapur because ketkii mam (tapur character) said that is uncomfortable for upcoming scenes and I think cc will molest tapur and I think this action will expose cc

  9. Sana786

    Oooho my god what a surprise 😅😅😅😅😅. Etni jaldi update. Thank you amena ma’am

  10. Sana786

    I am glad that CC’s real face come out infront of bondita. Now the show is going on its track with domestic violence.

  11. Sreya Susan Roy

    Devil CC 😤😤
    Why Iam feeling that something Bad is gona happen with Tapur 😞

  12. Sana786

    I am also glad that we would able to see Bondita doing tark in a serious matter after leap.

  13. Yesss bad is going to happen

    Bondita ne boli ki tupur chandrachur koo tapad maroooo👏👏👏👏👏 sach mein maar na tha
    cc is very cheappppp his thoughts are very lowwww😠😠😠😠🤢🤢🤮🤮 and cc I goona kill you if u do any cheap act cheapuuu kahikaaa CHIPPUUUUU INSAN

    1. Puja in bollywood spy channel interview what cc told.. Pls tell me in English..

  14. @sreya me too . there is slang in our region bali adu. i don’t no to explain in english. .. I feeling sorry for tapur

    1. Sreya Susan Roy

      Yaa I know baliyadu means scapegoat , which has a meaning like getting sacrificed for someone else
      Iam a malayali ,so this word is used in our language too😊

  15. good night sisys

  16. Any one watch chandrachoor interview in bollywood spy you tube channel?? Pls anyone translate his interview about upcoming storyline.. Pls…

  17. Priscilla-Ignacia

    Can anyone be a prospective suitor than Anirudh? Why won’t Tapur tell the issue to Bondita.
    My mind is saying stupid things to me, I’m hating my brain for it. Okay I’m thinking what if CC tries to rape Tapur and she mistakes him for Anirudh. And their suhagraat gets ruined. CC will remind them if the promise to serve justice even if the person is a loved one. He’ll think Bondita will herself put Anirudh in jail on charges of murder. He’ll do everything in his power to apply more salt on the wound. Bondita will support Anirudh and try to prove his innocence. In doing so she unearths more secrets of CC and exposes him in front of everyone. He’s made to face the wrath of the law. Tupur can’t take it anymore and faints. She’s revealed to be pregnant. Everyone is sad. She sends most of her days inside her room crying. She’s gradually deteriorating in health. All this time, Somnath notices everything and starts to care for her as a friend. She pours her heart out to him asking why all this should happen to her. She tries committing suicide since she can’t bare the taunts of the society anymore. Moreover she doesn’t want her child to be called fatherless. Somnath stops her and forcefully marries her. He promises to be her friend and companion and also a father to the child even if she loves CC. Somnath falls for her and she gradually starts falling for him too……………………………..
    My brain’s pen just run out of ink. I’ll refill and get back to you 😜…..

    1. @Priscilla sis👏 wow nice storyline but the starting was little sad😔 But you fixed evrything by the tym story comes to end, So…all is well that ends well☺

    2. Priscilla-Ignacia

      Yh Sis Sunny. It’ll surely end on a happy note

    3. @priscilla sis, mind blowing plot….but i hope that divine character of aniruddh shouldnt face even a pinch of insult… he deserves respect. hope cc is punished for his heinous act asap.

    4. Brother and sister relationship also should be respected here..

    5. That’s superb sis…I feel writers will get some some inspiration from your FF ❤️❤️

    6. I am just run out of gussa on you..?? He is a brother to her… How could you???

    7. Dashee

      @Priscilla sis

      No no no. Tapur can’t mistake CC for Anirudh. That would be disgusting, cuz Ani has already given the name of their(Tapur and Ani’s) relationship as a brother sister one. Doesn’t matter if it’s reel or real, but once a relationship is named as a Bhai behen one, then it is the most precious relationships…so plz don’t think about rape and all😃. Maybe, CC will hurt himself, and frame it on Ani since Ani has told that he’s ready to kill anyone, if they do something wrong. And when it comes to Tapur, I’m not sure what’s gonna happen.

      And it would be better if instead of showing love between Som and Tupur, they also focus on how Bondita gets justice to Tupur, and that will be her first case in the court.

  18. Lopa sis please give positive vibes

  19. I think that Anirudh repeatedly saying he will take CC’s life if anything wrong happens might come true. Bondita will have to defend him then In court.

  20. HARSHI Sis

    Good morning fam

  21. Note: Thank you Roshni di and Shreya di for the replies… I am just posting this again so that Lopa di can see it…

    Hi Lopa Di, since you answered a question about someone having difficulties in studies can you please answer mine? Actually, I also want to become a doctor just like you. My parents also tell me that if I study from a good college in India like AIIMS, my starting salary could be about 60-70 lakhs, and gradually once I do MD I can easily earn in crores. Is this true? Because look I don’t want to become a doctor for money, I would love to save many lives and help people. But when my parents said that they earn a lot, I was like wow, doctors do deserve this much money. Plus I heard that the fees for mbbs and MD are quite expensive. Is this also true? Pls, clear these doubts on what salary a doctor can expect as a trainee, after getting mbbs and after getting MD and being experienced?
    Also, is it true that the fees of medical school is quite high or not? I heard that parents spend lakhs on it that’s why.
    Also, pls tell me which type of doctor are you.

    1. Dashee


      Although I’m not Lopa di, but the advice I would like to give u is……Choose Medical field ONLY IF U CAN AFFORD IT. Plz don’t take chances. Only if ur parents are able to spend lakhs, which would turn to crores in the near future, only then choose MD. And also, medical field is of long tenure. It will take u 10yrs at the least to complete a medical course+ training etc. Therefore although u earn lakhs at first, it will nothing but the amount of fees u’ve paid in the first yr. I see no loss, nor profit for anyone in this situation.

      Therefore, only thing to keep in mind is, FEES. only if u’re rich enough, u can choose MD.

  22. well i will like to take forward the plot introduced by @prisci sis…
    so according to prisci sis, cc rapes tapur, and she mistaken him to be aniruddh… well it is possible !!
    and we will get bondita defending aniruddh and exposing cc…
    after this what i think is as follows :
    if cc tries to rape tapur, there is a chance that she might be impregnated by him…. then she will be tagged as ‘BIN-BYAAHI MAA / UNMARRIED MOTHER ‘… she will be insulted and tortured….god forbid …… so here the badlaav partners will solve another issue that prevailed in that era…
    i am extremely sorry to those who didn’t like my plot for the further track….but felt like pouring my heart out here…

    1. And after that chandrachur will get his first slap from anirudh Roy choudhary…

    2. @alisha sis. absolutely right

    3. Oh… How can you think this much low about ani..director declared ani as a bhai to tapur and tupur… It’s a pure and pavitra relationship… He promised to bondita he take care of both her sisters as a bhai for zindagi.oh my god… Pls stop all that nuisance comment.. Disgusting it is…

    4. Gussa…. Why you thinking 🤢🤢🤢?? Already director declared ani as a bhai to his both sister- in-laws.. It’s a extremely pavitra relationship.. Bhai is almost equal to father… How could you putting this comment??? In this level.. I can’t tolerate anymore…

  23. Vinz

    Ketaki kulkarni, the actress playing the role of Tapur has left the show. The reason she said is that the new track coming up after the wedding is something she is not at all comfortable to do. Is something bad coming up??? 🙄

    1. Anjali Kumari

      No idea, but I think tapur Molestation track would come.

  24. Krutika

    I think everyone here can become a nice writer

    guys see WHAT ARE WE GETTING !!!!!
    i am damn excited !!!!
    finaaaalllllyyyy !!!!!

    1. Lopa

      Court scene 💃💃💃

  26. Krutika

    @Sunaina sis lopa di isn’t well she said she will reply today

  27. Lopa

    As I said earlier that their marriage sequence in not because the show has lost its charm, their marriage is a way to bring social issues back…
    Now they will fight together ❤️
    Finally Bondita sees CC’s one devil side (it was written on my ff too😜)
    I have another plan for their kalratri… Thank God makers didn’t show the same 😅
    Anidita won my heart everytime ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Lopa

      @Sunaina sis… To get a goverment medical seat is not an easy task…More about 16 lakh students appear for NEET but only near about 35000-40000 students get government seat.
      Government seats not ask so much moneys… It’s Annual fees is near 15000(differs according to college but not so much)
      Expenses in AIIMS is more less, its 5k-6k.
      Even Govt hostel fees is very low (15 rupees per month(differs obviously but not so much) for staying and you can choose if you want to eat from hostel or canteen or home delivery (we all know hostel foods are not so well…But hostel food fee is also low ))
      Sis a doctor’s starting salary is not 60-70 lakhs, it’s 50k-60k per month at the starting if you get a govt job by only mbbs (though getting a govt job is not as easy)
      After MS/MD(You have to prepare for NEET-PG to get a govt seat and to get a good stream here also) you will get near about 1 lakh per month if you are a govt doctor…But when you will join nursing homes and Chambers you will get according to your popularity and your treatment style (but if you get famous,you will earn well for sure)
      Doctor deserves high respect obviously and they need money too but you know in India Doctors are worshipped as well as beaten too.
      Now about Private medical colleges… Their fees is near about 80 lakh to 1 crore for 5.5 years and its only college fee… Hostel fee and food fee are near about 60k per month (so calculate for 5.5 years) and so many hidden charges plus your own expenditure.
      There is no medical books of price less than 2500.
      So if you do it from private college then it is too costly but a government college is not so costly.
      Patents spend lakhs for pre medical coachings to get a govt seat.
      Only mbbs degree has very lees value , so many mbbs doctors leave Doctor profession and do other jobs..
      Most of the biology teachers of premedical coaching centres are mbbs doctor but they left doctory because they couldn’t get chance in MD/MS or did not get good steam.
      So sis no way is simple…A successful doctor has so many unsuccessful history. People assume that only getting chance in MBBS is enough but no its not.
      I am not a doctor yet, I am in way to be a mbbs doctor only.
      I have so far to go to be a doctor I have dreamt for.
      Concentrate on studies, this profession asks for sacrifices only…And its good that you want to be doctor not for money but for social services. I am sure you will be a perfect doctor in future.
      All the best ❤️

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