Barrister Babu 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh and Bondita’s haldi

Barrister Babu 13th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sampoorna seeing Bondita and crying. Bondita talks to Trilochan. She says whatever you told me, I don’t remember when did that happen, I remember you taught m the importance of kitchen and temple, you had forgiven my mischief, you scolded me as a dad, and shared pain as mum, you became my strength as dad and showed me the right path as my mum, you have also cried when I got hurt, you were troubled by my arguments, you used to worry more when I didn’t argue, you never used to eat when I used to sleep hungry. He says you used to get food plate for me, I used to fill my stomach seeing your smile.

She asks can’t you smile seeing me again, can’t you give me right to call you Kaka Sasur ji, this jewellery is nothing in front of that right, will you bless me again. He says enough, you talk a lot, can’t you sit quiet, don’t sit quiet, your words are round and sweet, like jalebis, did anyone win in arguments with you, that I will win today. She laughs. He calls her Bondita bahu and blesses her. He cries and says I have lost to you in arguments today, and you won, my Bondita bahu. He calls out Sampoorna and says I will make the guests meet Bondita and shout that my Grahlaxmi is returning home.

Chandrachur recalls calling to speak to Musa. He thinks I have to stay here near the telephone, Musa can call anytime. Everyone comes to have food. Trilochan asks Chandrachur to come and have food. Chandrachur says you have it, I have work. Thakumaa says haveli is yours, but we will be arranging everything. Trilochan says its fine, have the food, Bondita made me dine on the dining table. Chandrachur joins. Anirudh extends his foot to touch Bondita’s foot. He touches Thakumaa’s foot. Thakumaa sees Trilochan and taunts. Trilochan murmurs she is staring at me like she will eat me. Thakumaa sees Anirudh’s foot. She says food and aim, if its not right, then fun gets spoiled, right Anirudh. Anirudh says I didn’t understand. She says you are hitting foot at me, under the table. She laughs. Anirudh says Bihari, you should keep the chair back. They all laugh.

Telephone rings. Chandrachur thinks it can be Musa’s call. Somnath answers the call. He asks whom do you want to talk. Chandrachur removes the wire. Somnath goes. He says it was a call from Dhaka, we have no relative there. Thakumaa says I don’t find it right. Anirudh says maybe some businessman. Chandrachur says it would have got connected by mistake. Anirudh calls the telephone exchange and asks the lady to find out who called his haveli from Dhaka. He says I won’t let any enmity spoil this relation of friendship. Its night, Anirudh thinks its Bondita and my marriage tomorrow, I can’t bear this night’s distance, I want to meet her, but how. She throws the coconut shell. She says its me Bondita, I want to say that I love you. He says I also want to say something, I love you Bondita. She smiles. They dance and smile. Chandrachur says thanks for help Musa, me and my wife Bondita will reach you by evening. He ends call and says Chandrachur and Bondita will unite.

He sees Anirudh weds Bondita banner. He breaks it and says they will get separated forever. Its morning, Bondita sits for her haldi. She says I will get the haldi applied when Anirudh accepts my conditions. Sampoorna asks what’s her conditions. Bondita smiles and tells her conditions on the loud speaker. She says I have two conditions for the marriage, only then I will marry you. Trilochan says Bondita didn’t change. Bondita says you have to become brother of Tapur and Tupur, you have to become son of Sumati and Thakumaa, do you accept. Anirudh says I accept, I promise, I will become Sumati and Thakumaa’s son, and protect Tapur and Tupur always as their brother. Bondita says you will never hide anything from me, you will remember you are my Sakha babu before my pati babu. Trilochan says don’t listen to her, its a weapon of wives. Anirudh says you and I are becoming us, my secrets will be yours, your secrets will be mine, it will be ours, we won’t tell anyone, I promise there won’t be anything that I hide from you, I have another promise, we will be friends before being husband and wife, there will be no curtain between our relation. She smiles. He asks is it done. Bondita says there is no other condition. He says then apply the haldi. Bondita says Sampoorna, apply me the haldi now. Sampoorna applies the haldi to her. Bihari dances with Anirudh. Everyone applies haldi to Bondita. Bondita dances with the girls.

Precap: Anirudh shows Bondita a filming taking place. He says they will do the same. He will be a hero and she will be his heroine. They dress up as filmy stars and dance on various different songs. Chandrachur disguises as a makeup man and comes to Bondita for her makeup. He says now he will make her unconscious, kidnap her, and take her with him. When he attempts to do kidnap her, Bondita picks up a knife and attacks him. He gets a cut on his leg. Later, during a ritual, Bondita sees the cut on Chandrachur’s feet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  25. Precap: Anirudh shows Bondita a filming taking place. He says they will do the same. He will be a hero and she will be his heroine. They dress up as filmy stars and dance on various different songs. Chandrachur disguises as a makeup man and comes to Bondita for her makeup. He says now he will make her unconscious, kidnap her, and take her with him. When he attempts to do kidnap her, Bondita picks up a knife and attacks him. He gets a cut on his leg. Later, during a ritual, Bondita sees the cut on Chandrachur’s feet.

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  29. Precap Ani and bondu says their life will be a film and acts in different roles as in film.Chandrachur tries to kidnap Bondu.She stamps him and bonds seen his leg injured at mandap and asks jamai babu what happened

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