Barister Babu 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita learns from Anirudh


Barister Babu 9th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Binoy calling Saudamini and informing her. He says Anirudh has gone mad after Bondita, he has become her master. She asks him not to worry, she is mad to get Anirudh. She hears footsteps and ends the call. She acts to faint down. Koyli sees her and shouts. She runs out. Saudamini smiles. Binoy says Anirudh is doing anything for that girl, that girl’s entry here is like a storm, I have to think something big. Anirudh shows the alphabets written with sweets. Bondita stares at the sweets. Anirudh asks her to see what he has written. She says none would have studied this way, who won’t like to study like this. He says I wanted you to like studies. Anirudh asks Bondita to make alphabets from sweets and then eat the sweets.

She asks can’t I eat the sweets first. They laugh. Koyli comes and asks him to come fast, Saudamini fainted again. Bondita asks Anirudh to go fast, Saudamini would need him. Anirudh rushes. He sees Saudamini and makes her lie on the bed. She smiles. He says nothing will happen to you. He gets her diary fallen there. He reads the diary that she still loves him, knowing she can’t get him. She writes I have always wished to learn perfect ballroom dance for Anirudh, but every dream doesn’t get complete, maybe my wish to learn dance will never get fulfilled. He recalls her words and goes to Saudamini. Bondita calls Anirudh on her landline. She says I need to talk to you, can you hear me.

He says yes, tell me. She says I can also hear your voice. Bihari says this is called telephone. Bondita says I know, Saudamini told me. Anirudh hears Bondita and Bihari laughing. He asks her to say what is it. She says I m able to hear Anirudh’s voice, when I call Maa, I don’t get her voice. Anirudh hears her. Bihari says your mum will also need a phone to talk to you. She laughs. She hears Anirudh shouting. She says I can hear you, tell me what do you want to say, I wanted to ask about Saudamini, I was worried, I asked Bihari to call you. He says she is fine, don’t worry. He ends the call. He says I will try my best to bring back your smile.

Saudamini smiles. Bondita sits to write the alphabets. She gets glad to see Sampoorna. Sampoorna works as the maid. Bondita asks don’t you love me now. Sampoorna cries. Bondita asks do you have ache in your hand, tell me, who scolded you, I will get him scolded by telling Anirudh. Sampoorna says you are young, I won’t trouble you. Bondita wipes her tears and consoles her. She says sorrow gets less when we share it, you can give some of your sorrow to me. Sampoorna says no, I wish you don’t get such a sorrow, Saurabh is getting away from me, my marriage is breaking. Bondita gets shocked. Sampoorna says Saurabh’s parents will get a new wife for him, they have sent me here to work. I have come here as the servant in your haveli. Bondita looks at her and worries.

Bondita says I think Brijvasi has come to solve your problem, we will go to him. She asks Batuk to do her work. She hides and goes to meet Brijvasi.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Aren’t they diverting it too much..?Many things in this r like so rubbish..A teenage girl getting jealous and insecure from a kid..Are u kidding me?? As for Binoy..lyk WTH..he could hv instead take Anirudh to the court & get him punished if he was so desperate to make Bondita out..& even the tricks he plays seems stupid..and why not they r against a child literally….
    I don’t know but I don’t find relating to what I hd expected:(( Balika Vadhu despite being so lengthy kept me intrigued for atleast till dadisa died…Had a similar impression for this too..huff..Bidding a bye…

    1. Simar Roshan Kapoor

      Yes Riya you are right. Seriously the jealousy of Mini is very irritating . More or less every story has a so called love triangle . Here it’s little different. Literally making someone a vamp has become a fashion ,it may be a love triangle between a girl – 2 boys or a boy -2 girls.
      Lost interest in this show!!!

  2. Simar Roshan Kapoor

    Yes Riya you are right. Seriously the jealousy of Mini is very irritating . More or less every story has a so called love triangle . Here it’s little different. Literally making someone a vamp has become a fashion ,it may be a love triangle between a girl – 2 boys or a boy -2 girls.
    Lost interest in this show!!!

  3. Pls Don’t missunderstand me Riya and Kapoor g , of course mini jealousy irritating us but what about Anirudh, y U guys blaming her. She is very evil and very jealous from the first but Anirudh, his behaviour, his words are totally different naa. after marrying bondita, his love and affection is totally Changed towards mini but what happened know. At least he is not thinking what’s going on minis mind suddenly y her health suddenly get changed…..

  4. M confused with anirudhs character he want to change the society. but his busy with love. The makers must show what our the difficult steps in changing society rather than running after love. Y all the love tamasha in the show can’t understand.

  5. BarristerBabu

    I agree with the comments by everyone.
    Mini’s character is getting way too much in acting and the obsession concept.
    She should be shown as moving on in her life and Anirudh moving on with teaching Bondita what he wants her to be.
    The show is slow and the storyline is dragging each track too much.
    The writers should review the negativity regarding the jealousy and mini.
    I will keep watching for a bit but am loosing interest as well.
    Why can’t shows be without any negative characters is my question to the writers why?

  6. Agree with the comments above. The triangle is especially disturbing as the main character is a child. The challenges and the way she handles them should be more age apprpriate like in the earlier episodes. They brought about her unique approach, now it’s dragging, there is no humor anymore. I guess Anirudh has to find his own growth, but what about Bondita’s innocence and original comebacks? why did she lose them? She’s becoming like a typical sad heroine

  7. I would like to see Mini’s trick backfiring, where Anirudh lets her go because he realizes he’s hindering her happiness as she’s over dependent on him

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