Barister Babu 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Anirudh defends Bondita

Barister Babu 8th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh saying I will get Bondita in this haveli, don’t stop me today. He goes out. Sampoorna says forgive me, she did this for me, its my mistake. She tells everything. He gets shocked. He recalls Bondita. Maine kaha hai….plays…. Bondita says mum got conscious, I will tell her that I m going to meet Gandhi ji. Mami asks her to just hurry up. The man says I m in hurry, I m going. Mami asks him to take Bondita.

Sumati holds Bondita’s hand. Mami pulls Bondita away. Bondita says I will go after meeting her. Mami says you just think you have to get rid of the tag of abandoned woman, you have to save your mum from villagers’ anger, right, get ready and go. Bondita nods. Anirudh says its my mistake, I couldn’t understand her silence, I didn’t think there could be a reason, I feel little in front of her, I was her teacher, she taught me life’s biggest lesson, I can’t meet her eyes. Sampoorna says its not the time to regret, Bondita needs you there, get her before anyone stops you, erase that stain from her name, get her back, get her the respect here. She cries.

Bondita says I have to go now Maa, bless me, I won’t be alone there. Sumati tries to come to senses. Bondita’s tears falls on her face. Mami asks her to just come. Bondita asks why do I feel sad, I will be coming back, right. Binoy asks Anirudh to leave this madness and come. Anirudh says no, I will come back when I get Bondita, its my repentance. He asks driver to get the car. Driver asks which car. Binoy sends away the driver. He asks Anirudh to do it on his own. Anirudh says you are right, I should repent on my own. He leaves on a cycle. Mami says when you go from here, you will come back. Bondita asks Mama to promise her, he will take care of Sumati. Mama promises. Mami says take Bondita away. Sumati moves her hand. Bondita leaves.

Mami says Bondita, you will never back from the market where I have sold you. She shuts the door. Bondita cries and leaves. Its morning, Bondita is in the cart. Anirudh is on the way. She asks the man about Gandhi ji. He thinks she is asking a lot since she came with me. He says I didn’t eat almonds in childhood. She thinks Anirudh knows much. She recalls Anirudh telling her about Gandhi ji’s birth place, wife and education. He says you know his fav song, sing along, Raghupati raghav raja ram…. FB ends. Bondita sings. The man gets angry. Anirudh passes by the cart. He hears Bondita singing. He sees the cart and stops the cycle. He says stop the cart. Bondita hears his voice and says maybe its Anirudh.

She tries to see. Anirudh runs to see. The man thinks its good I fainted the girl and hid her in the flower basket. He asks what do you want. Anirudh says I m searching for it. The man says I m taking this flowers for Durga puja. Anirudh says sorry, I thought Bondita is in this cart, her voice, I mean a girl was singing raghupati raghav… did you see her. The man says I had seen that little girl, her mum is a widow, she was in trouble, don’t know what did the villagers do, she was saying her husband will come, just let us go now. Anirudh says sorry. He lets the man go. Batuk says Bondita is my Baudi. Somnath says Saudamini is my Baudi. They argue. Trilochan worries. He recalls Saudamini saying she is happy that Anirudh has gone to take Bondita, she is his first wife, its imp to erase the stain from her name.

She says Anirudh made me wear the engagement ring before leaving. She asks Trilochan to give gifts and sweets to the guests, two bahus will come home. She smiles. FB ends. Binoy smiles and recalls Saudamini wearing the ring. Binoy says how will Anirudh believe it. Saudamini says his focus was somewhere else, he doesn’t remember it, he is related to me now, let him bring Bondita, he is my fiance now, I will become first wife from second wife soon. FB ends. Batuk asks who is my Baudi. Trilochan says did I do a mistake to get Anirudh engaged, don’t worry. Binoy thinks Anirudh will never believe it, his relation will not be related to Saudamini, it would be better that he doesn’t find Bondita. The man thinks I would have lost this golden hen, I have to sell this girl at Tara Bai’s kotha.

Mama asks why is Sumati still unconscious. Mami says leave it. Anirudh comes and shouts Bondita. He asks what happened to mum. Mami says nothing, we gave her medicines. He asks where is Bondita. She says she has run away. He asks how. She says she has got scared and ran away. He says she can’t lose, tell me what did you lose. She starts blaming him.

She says Sumati was nearly dying, we have saved Bondita’s respect, we gave her shelter, everything happened because of you. Anirudh is shocked. He goes to Sumati and says Maa, forgive me, I couldn’t keep my promise, I couldn’t keep my responsibility. Bondita moves in the basket. The villagers shout get her out, else we will kill her. Anirudh gets shocked.

Bondita says I will ask Gandhi ji to help me, I feel much bad to be called an abandoned woman. Anirudh shouts on the villagers. He says Bondita left, you can welcome Durga Mata now, you have lost Durga, you made Bondita leave, I m the culprit, I was in my false pride, I felt I m teaching Bondita, but she has taught a lesson, she left me. He cries.

He says I m an abandoned man, insult me now, like you insulted Bondita, tell me, beat me, throw the junk on me. Sumati moves her hand. Anirudh says insult me like you insult any abandoned woman. Bondita says Anirudh, tell everyone that I m not an abandoned woman.

Anirudh says I swear to get Bondita back. Anirudh meets a girl, who has Bondita’s slate with her. He asks is this yours. She says no, a girl was going, it fell from her bag. Bondita asks what’s this place, it looks strange.

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  1. Am watching the episode know and am writing the comment, am really excited to read and watch the further episode

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Precap: Man take Bondita to brothel and Anirudh pledge to get her back and will not return his home till than..

    2. I have watched show on colors hd, it was good episode, anirudh scolded right to all villagers correctly..
    People pray durga maa in navratri and hurt women in reality: truth of today’s world… 😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😡😠

    3. Mini, Binoy, Her papa, Dadi, Mami are sooooo cunning 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ this is making me angry😡😠😡😠

    4. I doubt 🤔🤔🤔may be bondita either meet rasiya again or she will win brothel girls heart as well with her love ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


    1. I think Mini track is important. This is because at that time men used to have two wives and that needs to stop. This is also a social issue. Lets hope that makers dont make Anirudh marry Mini, rather abolishes this concept of two marriages for a man by rejecting Mini.

    2. Me too. Why do writers of most hindi serials have to make it so complicated by adding unnecessary mirch masala. Why cant the series focus on anirudh and bondita and their journey to accomplish what he had set out to do. As usual with this nonsense the focus will again shift to evil deeds and detract from the essence of what the serial should. Sincerely hope the writer will not lose focus like the way it was with Ganga. Such a lovely storey line which was ultimately ruined by all the unnecessary masala.

  4. Unlike ITV heroes, Anirudh didn’t wait for the revelation of Bondita’s truth and went out to get her back.On the way he found out her being innocent.Thanks writers for this little thing which definitely makes a difference in the crowd of typical ITV husbands who only know how to accuse their wives of this and that and then take forever to amend mistakes on proving wrong.Glad that didn’t happen in Anirudh’s case.He realized his mistake keeping in mind that he was Bondita’s everything and he failed her.
    Don’t know when they will be together again.Missing their smiling happy faces so very much.

    1. i agree. Sampurna’s confession helped anirudh see that he should get rid of his ‘i always know better’ attitude. But he self-realized that he had wronged bondita without any truth reveal and that he should have never abandoned her, he overreacted in his anger. i am glad that he actually fought against his family and even didnt think about mini when coming to this decision. bondita’s memories were enough to make him realize what he did.

    2. @Dhara
      During Brijvasi’s track all evidence were against Bondita but I think Mini’s blindness infuriated Anirudh most.In his frustration he connected all the dots and only culprit he could find was Bondita whereas Sampoorna,Brijvasi,Mini were the ones responsible for the ongoing mess. Anirudh is a barrister and his Right yeah Wrong instinct worked naturally on solid evidence.That’s why pushing aside everything he only saw Bondita’s fault and the consequences of it.
      As you mentioned he had this superior feeling that he “knows better” than anyone else blinded him temporarily and Bondita had to bear the burnt of his this male ego.Most ironical part is he returned from London to fight for women’s respect and right but ended up doing injustice with his own little wife.He realized it when Rasiya was describing the fate of an abandoned woman and Bondita’s trust on her Pati Babu.Indirectly it was Bondita who compelled him to see the reality irrespective of any right or wrong who resides in his heart being his subconscious.
      As Bihari said,he should listen to his heart and he did.

  5. i feel mini will marry anirudh anyhow. Anirudh will say ‘i never put the ring on your fingers’ and mini will say ‘i am blind so i dont know. if you didnt put then who did?’ if nothing else works, she will manipulate bondita and bondita herself will end up convincing anirudh to agree to this marriage… and years later, mini will be jealous because she will be old having achieved nothing in her life while anirudh would admire a grown up bondita more than anybody else in this world. Mini will dig up her own grave (lifelong misery) by marrying anirudh. Even better if anirudh finds out about her fake blindness immediately after marriage and starts hating her from the get go
    love how batuk now considers bondita as his sister-in-law and doesn’t want mini in that house anymore.
    what i find a little too much is the fact that mini’s entire family is evil. None of the three have one single good thought in their heart.
    thank god for sampurna finally speaking up and telling the truth to anirudh.
    i liked today’s episode. not all problems are over and maybe the future wont be all rosy either, but atleast the story is progressing at a fast pace finally. after this i am sure anirudh will never even think about leaving bondita ever again

  6. Dialogues are always on point in Barrister bahu..Kudos to the dialogue writer. Mini track is running for a long time can’t see her as a wife of Anirudh makers bring out her truth as early as possible and the mami’s truth too. Both are very very bad worst selfish people.

  7. I dont think Anirudh will marry Mini. This is also an issue, two marriages. And Anirudh will surely reject Mini to stop such practices of two marriages and two wives. Rest is upto the writers. I hope they dont spoil Anirudh’s character by making him marry Mini. Else the words from Rasiya bai of Anirudh being a two faced person will become true.

  8. The thing that I liked in this episode is that, Anirudh somewhere in his heart gave the place of wife to Bondita. He accepted it indirectly when he said,’ Bondita left me. I am an abandoned man’.
    His trust and respect for Bondita is great!
    And now he has developed an amazing friendship with her. Soft, soothing and refreshing. And every friendship has got love, maybe not the one that happens for matured couples because of the age, but he is used to Bondita now. And the fact that he considers Bondita as his wife is great. He will not accept it, as Bondita is a kid now. But the place of wife for Anirudh is reserved for Bondita.
    Moreover, I feel even if the character of Bondita would have been matured in terms of age, she would be the perfect match for Anirudh. Anirudh and Bondita has got the same progressive thinking, whereas, Mini with education as well has got backward thinking. There are many instances for this like, the time when Anirudh got Bondita’s letter. Also when she used one night stand as a weapon to get married to Anirudh.(I know a bit over for those times) Also the fact of second wife, though she wishes to be first wife, but still, she knows Anirudh is married.
    Anirudh will accept Bondita in front of all as his wife only when she is an adult, and I believe it is important, as she is a child right now. When he wants to demolish all the backward tradition, thinking and all, this is important as he married a child and this can’t be denied.
    This track of an abandoned woman, how beautifully he addressed himself as an abandoned man when Bondita left(he does not know that she is sold) and giving a message to the villagers( I hope this scene continues to the next episode). I hope he is able to make them understand that they are also human, and when he will not be addressed as an abandoned man then why any girl! Why disrespecting a woman/girl, why the identity of a girl has to be her father or her husband and why not herself!
    I think they portrayed this tv series with such beauty, no flaws. Many will not agree with the Mini track, but it was definitely necessary. This will be the upcoming track after this abandoned woman and brothel track. They are addressing each and every social issue step by step. Education is needed, but these are also needed. He will educate Bondita for sure, but these things are also important.
    Dialogues, story, music, setup are amazing and the selection of actors are the best.

  9. I’m so happy bcs there was a time when I can see only my comment. But today so many comments. Bondi Bondi, I miss you and And your Pati Babu togetherness. So happy to shame all these wicked people against a small girl

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