Barister Babu 7th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Anirudh opposes Trilochan and Binoy

Barister Babu 7th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sampoorna and Saurabh coming home. Saudamini insults them. Bondita says Sampoorna is my cousin sister, I have called her home, we are going to attend the marriage together. Saudamini says I thought they are servants, I will send them a gift later. She goes. Bondita goes and sees Anirudh arguing with his family. Bondita says he is really a devil, he always gets angry when something good is happening. Sampoorna says he isn’t a devil, but a protector, who has always protected you from every difficulty. Saurabh says we shall leave now, its not the right time to stay here, come.

Sampoorna asks Bondita to take care. Anirudh says we are influential, if we don’t stop the wrong, then who will stop it. Trilochan says its not wrong. Anirudh says every tradition should change with time, child marriage is blocking us, its time we end such traditions, what’s wise to get child marriages done, I have come back from London to fight such wrong traditions and customs, its a sin. Binoy asks him to stop lecturing, what right does he have to say this. He says you have no right to say this, you have married a ten year old girl, better look at yourself before blaming others. Anirudh says I had to marry her to save her life, everyone knows it well. He sees Bondita standing behind.

He asks Saudamini to take Bondita inside. He says such things affects children, I regret it doesn’t affect elders. Bondita asks won’t we go to attend the marriage. Saudamini asks her to just come. They leave. Anirudh says I had to marry Bondita, her life was at stake. He cries and thinks of his marriage. Rishta tera mera….plays… Anirudh asks Trilochan to stop the bad tradition of child marriages. Binoy says you have done a Bal Vivaah to stop Sati, you couldn’t bring any revolution, your life has got a change for sure. Anirudh says you may think of it as my madness, but I will raise an objection against this marriage. Trilochan says stop Anirudh, you just said that we have much respect in Tulsipur, what do you want, that people insult us. Anirudh asks how will we progress if we support the wrong customs, we have to remove these chains from stopping us. Binoy says you are trying to run away from our challenge, you can’t end your wife’s problem and want to help the society women, do everything later, first fulfill your responsibility towards that girl. Saudamini asks how can Anirudh do this, he didn’t give happiness to his wife. She says Bondita, you also get stubborn just like him.

Anirudh comes to them. Bondita asks him to get ready, they will be attending the marriage. He says no one will go anywhere. She says everyone is going. He says we won’t go anywhere. She says Sampoorna left because of your anger. Saudamini smiles and signs her. She asks Anirudh to take Bondita to the marriage function. He says no, we won’t go. Bondita talks to her doll. She says none cares for my happiness here, I can’t attend the marriage, don’t know when will my wish come true. Anirudh goes. Bondita says I will get upset, I won’t agree if he convinces me, tell him that I m really upset. Saudamini says he won’t take you, but I can secretly take you to the marriage. Bondita says you care for me, I know, he is a devil, he doesn’t think of my wish, but he is my husband, he doesn’t want me to go, then how will I go, I will stay here, you tell him that I m upset and won’t talk to him, I won’t even see him. She goes and sits upset. Saudamini asks will this affect Anirudh, I will take you if you want, I promise, Anirudh won’t know it.

Saurabh gifts a saree to Sampoorna and says everyone will see you, you will look beautiful. Sampoorna gets worried and thinks of Biraj’s words. Saurabh and Sampoorna are on the way home. He says we have taken this route, so that we can spend time. They leave. Anirudh asks Bihari where is the bride’s family, our Gudda is going to marry Bondita’s Gudiya.

Anirudh asks Bihari about the sweets. Bihari names many sweets. Anirudh asks will it look good to do the dolls’ marriage with an upset face. Bondita says I won’t be upset, really, I used to play with Sampoorna. Saudamini asks will you do this, does this suit you, Bondita is a kid, you aren’t. He says she is a kid, I have to become a kid to convince her. She says you will look mad. He says it will be like a gold medal for me if she gets a smile. Bondita feels hurt. He asks what happened. She recalls Trilochan’s words. She gets silent.

Bondita says I have a question, why is child marriage wrong, if its wrong, then why is it happening. He says everything should happen at a right time. She agrees.

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