Barister Babu 6th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita gets a marriage invite

Barister Babu 6th July 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Bondita recalling Binoy’s words. She sees the sweets. She says I shall forget all the problems on seeing the sweets. Munshi comes home. He tells about someone’s marriage to Trilochan. Trilochan thinks the women will be sleeping at one place in the marriage house, I can’t let Bondita sleep along with the women, if she wets the bed once again then everyone will know her problem. Saurabh comes to Anirudh. Anirudh says the men laughed at me when I told about the public toilets. Saurabh says its not their mistake, you have to explain them. Trilochan says we shall go and attend the marriage, make the preparations ready.

Bondita looks on and says we will be going to the marriage. She sees Batuk crying. Batuk says its my friend’s marriage. Bondita asks does just girls cry, guys don’t cry. Anirudh says its not tough, why can’t girls get their rights. Bondita says girls also feel hungry like guys, they also feel the pain same way. Anirudh says I was in London and studying, I want someone to support me, will you help me. Saurabh says you are my Maalik. Anirudh says don’t say that, tell me, when will you take me to the office. Trilochan asks Bondita did you wear what I had given. Bondita shows the arm band. She runs away. She goes to Munshi and says I will dance a lot in the marriage, Sampoorna and Saurabh will also come.

Munshi says I didn’t get invitation for my family, just two members can come. She says Sampoorna and Saurabh are two members. He says but elders go in marriage function. She says I miss Sampoorna and didn’t speak to her since a long time, who will listen to me, I m a little girl. He says don’t get sad, Sampoorna will come in the marriage. She says I will get ready. He goes home. He says we won’t be going in the marriage, its Bondita’s command that Sampoorna and Saurabh will go. Saudamini comes to meet Bondita. Bondita says I don’t remember about my marriage, I got ready but don’t remember much, I just saw Anirudh. Saudamini thinks I can’t forget that my life’s best day become the worst day of my life because of you.

Bondita asks why are you crying if you are fine. Saudamini says its because of you, I mean, you have no memories of your marriage, I cried on hearing this, its Batuk’s friend’s marriage today, enjoy well, do anything you want. Bondita says you are so good, I m worried, since I will wet the bed at night. Saudamini thinks I will soon get Anirudh. Anirudh comes and asks Bondita not to drink much water at night. Bondita praises Saudamini. Saudamini gets hurt. He gets worried for her. She asks him not to worry for her.

Saurabh comes to Sampoorna. He says you will be coming with me in the marriage, Bondita is also coming. Sampoorna smiles and says I will be meeting her after many days, sorry, I got happy. He says you were her sister before marriage, but now she is our Malkin. She says Bondita doesn’t think so, I know her. Bondita asks Anirudh to get ready to attend the marriage. Anirudh says yes, but whose marriage is it. She says Batuk’s friend’s marriage, his friend is younger than me, she is just five years old, when she comes here to play, she will call me Badi bahu, right. He says Batuk’s friend is 11 year old and bride is 5 year old, no, this marriage can’t happen, its wrong, its a child marriage. She looks at him. She asks him why does he get angry on hearing a good news. Saudamini says child marriages happen here, its nothing new. Anirudh recalls his marriage. Bondita thinks don’t know what will he do now.

Anirudh asks how can this marriage happen, its a child marriage. Trilochan asks what’s wrong in it. Binoy says you have no right to say this, you married a ten year old girl, fulfill your responsibility first. Anirudh says we will get dolls married today. Saudamini asks will you do this, you will appear mad when you do it. Anirudh says its fine, if this can make Bondita smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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