Barister Babu 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Saudamini’s evil plan

Barister Babu 5th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita asking if they will win. Anirudh says we can try till the last moment, the game changes in a second, we will not give up, do you want me to lose. She signs no. He asks her to remember what he told her. She repeats his words. He laughs. Rishta tera mera….plays…. bondita prays. She says Anirudh got ashamed because of me, will I like it if he loses because of me, I will cry seeing this. Saudamini comes to Binoy. He says Anirudh shouldn’t win, else you will lose him forever, you have 24 hours, do anything, lie, cheat, request, fight, do anything, Anirudh should lose this challenge, Bondita listens to you, feed her so much that she gets helpless to ask for water, make her fall down in Anirudh’s sight, play such a cheat that that girl makes him lose. She nods. He says Anirudh should lose because of Bondita, he should be hurt and not have that girl in our haveli. Bondita says I won’t let Anirudh lose, we will win this challenge. Saudamini says we will win this challenge. She goes and sees her praying.

Trilochan instructs the servants to clean the house and make it pure. Batuk comes to show magic. Trilochan sees Anirudh. He asks Bihari to make sweets. Anirudh says health is imp, don’t give any sweets to Bondita. Trilochan asks Bihari to make cold drinks as well. Batuk says if Bondita’s problem isn’t solved, then Anirudh has to leave her home. Batuk asks Anirudh to see his magic tricks. Anirudh says I have to go, I have to read some medical books. Binoy taunts Anirudh. He says just magic can help him win. Sampoorna comes to Bondita’s haveli. Saurabh asks her to come, anyone can come. She plays with the water. Trilochan comes and scolds them. Saurabh feels bad. Bondita sees her and calls her out. She says we will enjoy a lot. Sampoorna says I can’t come and play, I have work. Bondita says I will come and help in the work. She goes to Sampoorna. Sampoorna says I have to do the work. Bondita says servants will do the work, you don’t need to do this. She asks will you eat sweets. Sampoorna says let it be, I m not a guest here.

Bondita says you are my sister, I will do what you do. Sampoorna recalls Trilochan’s words. Bondita says Anirudh may lose the challenge. Sampoorna asks what. Bondita says I trust Anirudh, Maa said Durga Maa sent Anirudh to help me, isn’t he lucky to get me, he got a treasure. Sampoorna says yes, you are the most priceless treasure. Bondita talks to her. She works with Sampoorna and helps her. They hear a man calling out and selling some miraculous medicine. Sampoorna asks will this medicine end your problem, lets find out. They go to see. Bondita says I m scared of Anirudh, he doesn’t believe in this, shall we ask him. Sampoorna says no. Saudamini meets the man and asks do you have the medicine for my long hair, your medicinal water made my skin so fair, can I forget this. Bondita hears them. She says I already knew it. Sampoorna says Anirudh won’t have any problem with this. Bondita sees Saudamini buying the medicine. Sampoorna asks Bondita to come. They meet the man and try to ask about the cure. The man asks the problem. Sampoorna gets hesitant.

Bondita says I will say, I will not let Anirudh lose. She asks the man if he has some medicine for her problem, so that the kids don’t wet the bed. The man says let me check. He gives the medicine and gives them. They smile and take the medicine. Bondita says I have money, I got it in shagun. She goes to get it. Sampoorna asks for medicine to make husband and wife’s relation stronger. The man gives her a medicine. She says I just gave a penny. He says fine, give money later. Bondita pays him. Saudamini thinks this medicine will end your journey as Anirudh’s wife. Bondita goes to room and prays. She says I will not let Anirudh lose the challenge. Saudamini meets the man and pays him. The man says that girl is young, the herbal drink can affect her badly. She asks him not to give advice and shut up. Bondita takes the medicine to drink it. Saudamini says you will make Anirudh lose and then he will send you away forever. Bondita drinks it.

Bondita talks to her Maa on phone. She feels strange. She holds her neck. She collapses down. Anirudh and Saudamini get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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