Barister Babu 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Greenwood insults Trilochan and Binoy

Barister Babu 25th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Greenwood and Binoy arguing. He says two people who do partnership aren’t equal, one of them is always bowing down like you. He asks Binoy to clean his shoes now so that the partnership is right, so that everyone knows who is the inferior one. He asks Binoy to do it if he wants permission. Binoy asks are you joking. Greenwood says I just joke with equal people. Saudamini tries to act sweet. Greenwood says I know indians can do anything for their profit, I didn’t ask him to rub his nose and clean my shoe. She says he is a rich landlord, you don’t know about him. Binoy bends down infront of Greenwood to clean his shoe. Greenwood smiles. Trilochan turns and gets shocked seeing this. He shouts Binoy, what are you doing, get up, its about our respect, get up. She says right, you also drink some wine, you don’t know about us. Trilochan says you don’t know about her, Greenwood, Saudamini was after Anirudh, knowing he is married, she tried her best to get Anirudh. Greenwood asks is it true, do you know Anirudh. They start laughing. Trilochan gets shocked.

She says my husband knows everything about me, how you had ousted me from the house, how you have taken advantage of me. Greenwood says you had false promised to make her your bahu. He says you have used Betty, you insulted her and slapped her, so that everyone finds your illiterate bahu right, am I saying right, everyone’s time comes, you have used my wife’s helplessness and now she will use your helplessness, you remember what she told. She says you have to do this, either Binoy will clean the shoes of my husband, or you will drink wine, I don’t have much time, just hurry up. She asks Trilochan to drink the wine.

Binoy asks Trilochan not to drink wine. He says no, we will not bend down in front of them, what’s their status, we will show them, come. Trilochan smiles. They leave. Saudamini says stop, we have to see the dance first. She calls the girls, Surayya and others. The girls dance. Saudamini smiles. Anirudh and Bondita come there and stop the dance. Greenwood says they are dancers, they have this tradition to make such girls dance in the party, I heard you get such girls especially in your haveli. Anirudh argues. Saudamini asks do they have any other place in the society, you got them from hira mandi, can you get respect for them, can they get the same respect as your wife. She says you want these girls to beg you, so that you look great.

Anirudh says Saudamini, I don’t think women are property, I think they are humans, they will not dance here for money. The girl cries. Anirudh says I know that their lives will have a new morning, they will get their life. Saudamini says if they don’t dance or beg, how will their new morning come, tell me, how long will you stand with them, tell me. She smiles. Bondita says you had told that there is one thing that will always be with you as a friend. He recalls her words. She says it can become their friend also. He says yes, they will also get a right. She says a right to educate. He nods. He says not just Bondita, I will get education rights for all the rights, girls can get their education. Greenwood also argues with him. He says you have to prove that these girls are equal to boys, if you win, then I will make the primary education of all the girls compulsory, I will leave my chief of village position, you can make factory also, your farmers won’t have to do drug farming, but if these girls lose, then Saudamini will decide them what to do. Saudamini says Anirudh wants them to study, he has to pay a price for this madness, they have to become my husband’s servants for life.

Anirudh accepts the challenge. He takes Bondita and the girls along. Bondita stops and says Saudamini has changed herself, but he is still the same, she is bad. Saudamini says yes, I will throw you and your family out. Bondita says no, when you come home, you can never hurt my family.

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