Barister Babu 20th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Anirudh saves Bondita

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Barister Babu 20th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the police officer saying this country will never change. Anirudh says no, my country will change, I will do it alone. Maa cries for Bondita. Mami holds Bondita and makes her take the rounds. Anirudh takes the gun from the police officer. He runs to stop the marriage. The old man gets a heart attack and falls down. Anirudh comes there and looks on. Everyone is shocked. Vaid checks the old groom and says he is dead. Mama says he was fine just now. The lady says the problem is with this girl, she is unlucky, he has died because of her. Munshi asks Anirudh to go, this marriage can’t happen, the groom has died, if anyone sees you, then they will blame you. Anirudh says I m not scared of anyone.

Munshi says I m scared for Saurabh’s marriage, I request you to go, give me the gun. He sees police officer coming. Anirudh says I will trust you, if anything wrong happens with this girl, then I can’t forgive you and this girl. Munshi asks driver to take Anirudh home and not come back. He stops the police. Sampoorna runs to Bondita. She takes Bondita. The lady says final rites will happen, Bondita has to die as well with her husband. Mama says she will live as a widow, but she won’t die with her husband. The lady asks why, is she a rich class brahmin, you didn’t send your widow sister with her husband, so this is happening, Bondita has to go to heaven with her husband. Sampoorna asks did marriage complete, sindoor daan didn’t happen, how did she become the old man’s wife. The lady scolds them. Mama says Bondita will do this ritual.

Anirudh is on the way. He thinks of Bondita. He thinks I left her alone, did I do some mistake. The lady says Bondita will be worshipped as Devi. Maa hugs Bondita and says you can’t kill her, its not Dharm, I request you not to do this, let her go. The lady snatches Bondita and takes her. Anirudh asks driver to take him to village. Driver says Munshi told me not to take you back. Anirudh asks him to take a turn. The car hits a tree and stops. The ladies tie up Maa. The lady asks them to prepare for Bondita’s final rites. Maa shouts and cries.

Mama asks Munshi to take Sampoorna. Munshi agrees. Bondita is taken for the final rites with the old groom. Maa shouts and gets angry. She tries and cuts the ropes. She runs. Anirudh comes. She begs him to save Bondita, they will burn her alive and make her Sati. Anirudh says I m going, stop, where did they go, get up first. Anirudh stops the people. The men attack him. Anirudh fights them. He asks them to get back. Maa comes. Anirudh asks her to handle Bondita. He fights the men. Maa takes Bondita with her. Anirudh lights a firestick and asks the men to get back. Rishta tera mera….plays…. the oil barrel falls. Anirudh warns them and says there will be just fire in this village if anyone touches this girl. He lights the fire there and makes the people away.

The man asks what’s his relation with this girl. Anirudh says I will become her husband to give a name to this relation. He takes Bondita home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG 2 more days nd we’ve to actually wait for this marriage to happen…it’s one whole week but it’s treat to watch anirudh like this..wish we could also get a friendship angle in this relationship with a girl of saudamini’s age…this Bengali atmosphere reminds me of devdas 💙💙💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Verma4

    f**k man, these illiterate old hags keep moving the goal post whenever they like in the name of f**ken tradition. Mami you f**ken b*t*h.

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