Barister Babu 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita delighted on meeting Gandhi ji


Barister Babu 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gandhi ji coming to the school. Bondita smiles seeing him and thinks I had to meet him, Gandhi ji… Gandhi ji gets the honour. He comes to speak at the mic. Bondita hides. The man says Gandhi ji always says the right things for the world, everything should go well, it should be peaceful. Principal asks Gandhi ji to select the first member for the elocution competition. Gandhi ji sees Bondita and asks her to come. Bondita goes on stage. Principal thinks what is she doing here. She touches Gandhi ji’s feet. Batuk looks on and worries. Gandhi ji says I want to know her thoughts, I will give her the first topic, that’s women’s role in family and society. Bondita thinks women give love and family, they play an imp role. She feels scared to speak. Anirudh scolds the people. He defends the girls of Hira mandi.

He asks them to hit the stone if they are sure that they didn’t do any sin in their lives. He says if anyone is free of sin, then I will happily bear the torture, if anyone here isn’t free of sin, then why can’t these girls get a new chance, they didn’t choose that life happily, we people have written that in their fate, when they want to write their fate, they want to turn insult into respect, you should support them, you are pelting stones at them, everyone has done a sin here, who gave us a right here to throw stones at them. He hears some people going and chanting Gandhi ji’s name. Anirudh says we can just chant his name but not walk on his principles, he asks us to have non-violence, to speak the truth, you are with Gandhi ji and then you are having violence to pelt stones at the girls, do you think its right. The girls cry. The people feel bad. Everyone leaves silently.

Bondita says I… Gandhi ji says I want to know your thoughts, tell me. She says I can’t speak, I feel scared. She turns to go. He says stop, I find you brave that you are here, when there are just boys. He asks her to speak. Trilochan asks how did it get so late. Binoy says Greenwood will come late, maybe he has arrived. Bihari comes. Binoy asks where is Greenwood, we are waiting for him since morning. Bihari says don’t know. Trilochan gets angry. Binoy says calm down, he may come. Gandhi ji says change happens in a second, you are the change for me, look around, there are just boys, there is no one like you, identify your strength, if anyone asks that if you can cross this long distance in some steps, I will say you can do it.

Anirudh and Saurabh come home. Saurabh says you solved the problem today. Anirudh says no, the problem isn’t over, we have to give them strength that people respect them. Ramayya and Surayya come. They say Bondita has done a lot for us, maybe we were with you till here only, we can’t trouble you more, we will kill ourselves and get rid of this stain. Anirudh asks what are you saying, did we come out of that hell for this. He says you regard me your brother, trust me, I will solve this problem, give me a day’s time, don’t bring such thought in your mind, please. They cry and nod. Gandhi ji says its wrong to bear injustice, what is it, that’s yours and you aren’t getting it, like its our country, but we aren’t getting freedom, its injustice, we are fighting with non-violence, you have to fight for the injustice and oppose it, think about it, you have to struggle for it.

Gandhi ji says live as if you have to die tomorrow, learn as if you have to live forever, don’t be scared of change, I want to say you must be the change which you want to see in the world. Everyone claps. Bondita smiles. She leaves from the school.

Bondita says Gandhi ji said I m not getting my rights on the school, there was no girl there, why, why can’t I see that world, because I m a girl. Anirudh smiles and says you will see the new world, you will go to the school. He says we need sign of Mr. Greenwood.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Kaka sasurji agreed for Bondita’s education😍
    I saw in precap he was sitting in school🙈
    Chhota soda( sauda mini) and hari lakdi is going to come next week!💖
    Hari lakdi on chhota soda’s saying wont sign. Now chhota soda will keep conditions maybe! Oh God where will it go now! Aisa twist kyun laate ho! Samajik twist chahiye, conspiracy nahi🥺
    I found one thing, they are showing the same precap since days🥺🥺🥺 they are dragging it basically😭
    P.S. Anirudh jaisa pati kaha milta h, barrister babu show chhod k?🥺

    1. Mujhe bhi chahiye Anirudh jaisa pati

  2. Also no Anidita scenes since yesterday!
    And Bondita ko extempore mei kuch bolna hi nahi pada yaar😂
    She speaks her mind, and makers should have let her speak on stage! I did not like the fact that she was not allowed to say(or not say)!

    1. yeah she should have spoke because i think sometimes her talks are better than anirudh’s . It felt as if she was no t being herself. But obviously for a 11 year old to meet a national figure is a big thing. Anyone would get nervous.I am very excited to see who is Mrs. Greenwood and how she is. I am sure that she would somehow get into a long conversation with bondita where bondita just wont stop talking.

    2. Adyasha, I just hope Mrs. Hari lakdi is not Chhota Soda! And I want her to be a powerful lady, who will be impressed by Bondita, and will be against Chhota Soda! But I think this will not happen! Coz no female new entry is there. I think it will be Soda only! And it will be a direct confrontation with Anirudh.
      And yeah, Bondita’s way of explaining is sweet! Anirudh is angry young man and Bondita is sweet as honey! Perfect combination. Anirudh will also admire Bondita for her thinking and fearless nature only! He is someone who wont fall for someone just for their looks or no personality girl! Bondita has got that bold personality that will surely make Anirudh fall for her.

  3. Soma sengupta

    I am just thinking when will Anirudh fall for Bondu

    1. i too want ani to fall for bondita. I dont think there is much gap between them because anirudh look like 21 or so and bondita is 11 because when he had taken her to the doctor he had mentioned her age was 11. I think. MY grandparents also have a age gap of 10 years

    2. But guys she is still a kid! Atleast she has to turn 15-17yrs! Round off to 18! He already loves her, yeah, not romantically, because, she is not a woman still now but Bondita is like his little world! He has fallen for her, her sayings, her thinking, her antics! Everything matters to him! We saw that in the hiramandi track only! Both were ready to sacrifice themselves for each other. Anirudh is a man of principles so he will take time to realise😆 But he is in love with his little wife🙈

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