Barister Babu 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Trilochan and Binoy oust Saudamini

Barister Babu 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh saying I couldn’t tell you the truth, I trust you, tit for tat, I had to become bad, forgive me. Rishta tera mera….plays… Saudamini asks did you play a game with me, you lied to call me here, your love was also a lie. He says you ask yourself, you lied to me, you cheated us, you did wrong with Bondita, you got Trilochan insulted, you have given him a big wound, I will be angry that I had a relation with you, you had no shame, you have pushed Trilochan and made him fall down to hide your lie. Binoy thinks Saudamini made Trilochan fall intentionally. Anirudh says you didn’t think that Trilochan could have lost his life, how can you be so stone hearted, how did you fall so low, the girl who regarded you Pari didi, she trusted you, she loved you so much, you did so wrong with her, you left her to die. Saudamini says I did this for you, I love you Anirudh, you married this Bondita, you got away from me, I did this to get you, what’s wrong in it. Trilochan shouts enough, this is not love, its madness. He slaps her.

Trilochan says you have ruined our respect, you have made Bondita cry. He slaps her again and says this is to make Anirudh and Bondita away from me, to put their lives in dangers, to separate Ram and Sita of this house, I never raised hand on women, but you don’t deserve to be called a woman, you are a stain on womanhood. The people say it means Bondita wasn’t wrong, Saudamini framed her. They apologize to Bondita.

Saudamini gets a vase to hit Bondita. Anirudh and Trilochan stop her. Trilochan shouts get out of my house. He scolds her. He says its diwali, we will respect the Ghar Laxmi. He sees Bondita. Bondita cries. Trilochan says don’t show your face again, go away Saudamini, your relations with this house are over, no one will take your name in tulsipur, you are dead for us and entire Tulsipur. He asks her to take her stick. Saudamini asks Binoy to stop Trilochan. Binoy says I won’t hear a word against my brother. She asks what.

She asks didn’t you want me to become this house’s bahu. Binoy says I don’t want to keep relation with someone who plotted to kill my brother, I m ashamed of you. He shouts on her. He says Trilochan is right, you never come to our house, get out of here. Trilochan says you got the answer, why are you standing here, go away. Saudamini says I m going, Binoy also needs a stick, he also needs to walk on the right path. She throws away the stick. She says I promise, I will break this family, I will ruin your family respect, I will bring you all in my feet, you have shut the door for me, I promise I will not let happiness enter this house. She says Bondita, you have snatched Anirudh from me, I will snatch your happiness, I will make your life worse than hell. Bondita cries. Anirudh stands with Bondita. Saudamini leaves.

Saurabh asks Sampoorna why is she upset. Sampoorna says Bondita has done a lot for me, people misunderstood her. Saurabh jokes to make her smile. He acts like Nawab and does shayari. She smiles. He hugs her and asks her not to stay upset, her wishes will be fulfilled, Bondita got saved, same way, everything will get fine in tulsipur. Anirudh greets the people. He says we will always be with you, Trilochan will think of your betterment. The people apologize to Trilochan. Trilochan says its fine. Everyone chants his name. The people leave. Trilochan smiles. Bondita makes an upset face. Anirudh asks what happened, everything got fine. She says Trilochan got fine, why didn’t you tell me, I used to cry seeing him like that, I was angry at Durga maa. Trilochan says I will answer you, since you came back, you tried to make me fine, you gave me love and showed how much you care for me, I felt good and didn’t tell you. She says you didn’t think this before. He says I knew you used to obey me, not by fear, but because of love.

Trilochan says I won’t say anything now. He scolds Bihari for tickling him. Bihari says I was trying to make you talk. Trilochan asks him to hold ears. Everyone laughs. Bondita says everything got fine, I m not angry on you. Anirudh thanks her. Rishta tera mera….plays….

Bondita gets her slate. Anirudh says your education phase will begin now. Binoy says your education doesn’t matter to anyone. Bondita asks why. Binoy says because you are a girl, not a boy.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Idk if Binoy accepted Bondita, but was happy that he oust Saudamini! She will be back for sure, but till she is not there lets see the real issues🔥
    The only show where they make a track end within a short period. They dont drag much!
    I appreciate Pravisht for his acting as well as Aurra❤
    Saudamini aka Pranali, is too good in negative role.
    And Rishi ji aka Kaka is 🔥 kyaa chaata maara🤣
    Overall a good epi, not too much dragging.
    New beginning now, new track, new challenges. Waiting impatiently💖

  2. Buddima muthuthanthirige

    Love you anidita

  3. Saudamini shouted and said those words to a 8 year old kid! Like seriously?? Bondita got scared. And Ani being a good husband, friend, senior, mentor and protector did calm her with one touch, that was lovely.
    She was going to hit Bondita with a vase! Is she mental? Oh God, Anirudh will definitely ponder, how he could not identify this person.
    And after giving false curse(going to give) and saying to Anirudh, that if u want to die then die, why are u killing me! I dnt want to live with a mad person like you. I dont want to die with u., she claims that she loves him.
    Please makers take her to London and do her mental treatment. She is definitely unstable.
    In the beginning I thought she really loved Ani, and bad happened with her, but no she does not, its just her fitoor, obsession and ego to lose from a child. She does not deserve any person to love her.
    Waiting for the upcominv track

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Atleast for time being Saudamini is out of show👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 but her dialogues shows that she will be back in show later…
    2. Bondita angry face is soooo cute, she look more cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰 and trilochan and anirudh trying to make her smile was just speechless 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    3. Binoy should have been punished as well😡😡😡, though he hate bondita but he love trilochan and his children, it doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be punished as he was fully invovled in all this..😡😡😡 or writers are trying to show that only females are punished for every thing..

  5. Bye bye saudamini.. Now the story is on track…Bondita’s education is going to start

  6. How audacious of Mini to try hitting Bon in front of everyone!Her evilness knows no bounds.She will probably return by coaxing Binoy.
    He completed his duty of a brother by shouting at Mini but did he forget because of her Anirudh almost died? Expected Anirudh and Kaka would give sound verbal thrashing to him but nothing happened.
    By the way,where is Bhaumik babu and Dida?They are equal ally of Binoy and Mini.
    Perhaps makers have forgotten them.Today’s dhamakedar episode could be the best if they were also present hanging their heads in shame.I am very disappointed….. Anyway,precap held potential.Would love to see how Bon carry ahead her studentship with the help of her Pati babu.

  7. Last scene was like 80s movie happy ending 😂🤣

  8. Wow finally Saudamini’s track came to an end and the story is finally back on track….I know Saudamini will come again to create problems but atleast for now her truth is out. Last 2 episodes were superb.I don’t know whether Binoy changed or not but atleast is not supporting that evil Saudamini.Now Bondita’s education will start… Eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes😍😍

  9. Saudamini is coming back with Greenwood! I so knew it! Anidita fans were demanding huge reactions from Anirudh, but Anirudh didnt say a word against Saudamini, he was a bit confused as well! He didnt say Bondita is my wife or didnt say that tumhara aur mera rishta khatam, the way he reacted when he found Bondita guilty, when saudamini said ye sab maine kiske liye kiya, pyar karti hoon tumse, it must have been anirudh to say, this is not love, pagalpan h, tmhe main apni bachpan ki dost jhamta tha, but tum kya nikli and that was when I thought, maybe Saudamini will be back soon and at that time the little bit emotion left in Anirudh for Saudamini will die( I hope so)
    I saw Jason Shah’s insta story🙈

  10. i love thiss really help me to understand the story…thank u so much
    love from malaysia!

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