Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni Cuts All Ties With Her Uncle And Aunty


Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

She confronts her Mamusa/uncle for defaming her by circulating her and Yuvan’s intimate pic. She says she doesn’t have any blood relationship with Mamisa/aunty, but Mamusa being her direct relative defamed her while she took burden of his loan on herself and fulfilled a daughter’s responsibility. Mamisa says they did it for her as they want her to marry Yuvan seeing Yuvan’s love for her and to protect her from Raja. Banni asks her to stop giving lame excuses, they both would have sold her if possible. She breaks down saying she doesn’t have any dear one. Yuvan holds her and says he is always there for her and will share her half tears. He cries with her and comforts her. Banni apologizes Devraj that her family is so cheap.

Vishnu confronts his parents for betraying Banni while Banni took care of them sacrificing her basic needs. He apologizes Banni lying on her feet. Banni hugs and comforts him and says Mamusa and Mamisa should be punished instead. She holds their hands and drags them to basti people and reveals that her own mamusa and mamisa defamed her. Basti people tongue lash them for defaming their own daughter. Banni says they did this out of green and as as punishment cuts all ties with them. Mamusa requests her not to do that as he is her mama/uncle. Banni says he should have thought before defaming her and calling him by name say she has taken a decision.

She tells Yuvan that she is always betrayed everywhere, earlier her father and now her mamusa and mamisa. She asks Yuvan to take her from there as soon as possible and asks Devraj not to delay the wedding. Mamisa blackmails Devraj and demands more money to not take his name in front of Banni. Veer calls Manini who says she will reach there soon. He tells Devraj that Manini is on the way and will not let Yuvan and Banni unite.

Banni’s haldi ritual starts. Devraj’s sister Sulekha performs the ritual on her first and says she felt bad hearing about Banni’s uncle and aunt betraying her and assures her that her family is always there for her. Myra performs ritual next and says they are all happy that she will be at their house soon. Banni says she always searched her father in her mamusa/uncle, but didn’t expect such a betrayal from him. Vishnu says her brother is always loyal to her and asks her not to forget him after going from there. Banni makes him perform haldi ritual. Myra says it will take her time to get into terms, but where she is heartbroken on one side, she will unite with Yuvan on the other side. Yuvan smiles at her. They all dance and enjoy the ritual.

Manini with Hemant reaches Banni’s house and is shocked to see no one there. Hemant asks Veer why he told there is marriage going here. They all search the whole house and realize that marriage is happening somewhere else. Manini finds Devraj’s letter that by the time she reads this letter, Yuvan would have married Banni, so Manini should make arrangements for Banni’s welcome at their house. Sulekha tells Devraj its good he changed the wedding destination and recalls him informing everyone about it. Banni gets read as a bride. Yuvan applies mehandi on her hands. Devraj asks Myra to get Yuvan ready and bring him down for the wedding. He thinks Manini will reach there for sure to stop the wedding, so he needs to hurry up.

Precap: Banni and Yuvan as a bride and groom start wedding rituals. Manini reaches Banni’s house thinking she will not let this marriage happen.

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