Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th April 2014 Written Update

Epi starts with Bani leaning on a pillar crying. Rajji comes there and tells Bani that it is not her fault that Manpreet is in this condition. She absolves bani of all guilt and tells her it’s Parmeet’s fault. Bani says she didnt know that her truth was going to cost Manpreet.

Rajji makes up this convoluted stuff that it’s why the right path is so hard because nothing good ever happens on it. She again blames Parmeet for Manpreet’s condition.

Manpreet gains consciousness and asks for Parmeet. Bani tells Manpreet she will bring Parmeet.

Bani goes to jail and gets Parmeet out.

Parmeet, Randeep and Bani come running, and the doctor tells them that if they dont take her to the hospital Manpreet wont survive.

Parmeet goes running to Manpreet and begs her to go to the hospital with him. Randeep is also devastated and begs Manpreet to come to the hospital. Manpreet refuses and says she wants to die in this house. She calls out to bani and tells everyone she wants her Bani’s happiness.
Manpreet passes away.

Everyone is devastated and crying.

Few days later, all the family is sitting and missing Manpreet. Bani and Rajji have a convo in the kitchen and Bani says that Rajji should go home now. Rajji refuses and says Bani needs her there. Bani tells her Simran needs her.
Soham tells everyone it’s time for them to leave. Balbir tries to make excuses to stay in Bhullar house but is forced by everyone to go home.

Bani goes to her room and packs up. Parmeet tries to make her stay but she refuses.She says she cant forget whatever he has done to her.
He tells her, she has changed him and he is in love with her. Bani tells him he is in love with Maya. Parmeet says she is Maya. Bani tells him that Maya was an illusion. She tells Parmeet she created Maya Jal to bring him on the right path, but she didnt realize that would separate their paths.

She walks out.

Everyone else is sitting out there when bani walks out with her suitcase. Surjeet asks Bani what is goin on and where is she going.

Suddenly everyone notices the police there. Randeep says that Bani had taken her compliant back. The inspector says she had not, and they had let Parmeet out on special permission. Parmeet raises his hands to be cuffed with a martyred expression. Randeep tries to talk Bani and tells her what kind of woman doesn’t forgive her husband.

Bani tells Randeep she is the kind of woman who put up with her husband’s cruelty. She tells him if she now forgives Parmeet, all the thousands of women who bear their husbands tortures would not forgive her. She further says that she cannot forgive Parmeet because it’s his fault that Manpreet is dead.

She says she is doing this for all the thousands of downtrodden husband satayi abla nari women.

She tells Parmeet that today he must be punished. Epi ends

Precap:Bani tells Sarab and Desho that she has decided to stay in Bhullar house. Sarab tells her she must start a new life and to move forward she must divorce Parmeet. Bani looks shocked at his suggestion.

Update Credit to: SophiSays

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