Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kokkie showing the calendar to Soham and says its May month going on now. Soham is shocked and thinks of her words. He says this can’t happen, my marriage happened six months before and no one told me, why did you lie to me, how did this accident happen, why don’t I remember anything, tell me what happened. He asks whats the truth, no one told me anything. He gets strong head ache and falls. Bani and Kookie get shocked and take him to his room.

Randeep talks to Parmeet and says its not your mistake, Soham got mistaken. Parmeet says I should have not gone there, Rajji’s phone is off. Randeep says call Bani and ask. Soham asks them why did he tell him lie. Bani says I lied to you as doctor said you should not have any stress, your life was at risk. He asks what happened to me. What did I did in six months. Bani says you are in coma for six months. Soham is shocked. She says Rajji became pregnant so you don’t know anything. Soham says I did wrong with her. Balbir and Reman discuss about Soham and Rajji.

Balbir asks her to enjoy and not spoil her life. She says how can I enjoy when my Rajji is facing problems. She smiles. Bani asks Soham not to worry as its not his mistake. Soham worries for Rajji. He asks Bani if we got married six months before, why were you in bridal clothes in hospital. Bani lies and says we had kept a puja. Soham says it means my wife had to wait for six months to talk to me. He feels bad and says I m fine today only because of my wife’s prayers.

He says your prayers. Bani thinks Rajji should have been to hear all this. Balbir asks why do you like Rajji. Reman says I have something in my mind. She says if Rajji come in this house, I will take revenge with her for what she did with me in her house. They laugh. Parmeet looks for Rajji everywhere and talks to Bani. He says she did not go to Bhullar haveli. Bani cries and says I m finding her, she should have been with her husband, she is pregnant, please help me, I m worried. He says please don’t worry, I will find her. Bani says fine, I will also try to find her.

Randeep is also worried about Rajji. Bani looks everywhere and sees small temple. She asks the Lord why is he doing this.. Bani asks how can you do this with Rajji. Bani prays and Parmeet gets Rajji fainted somewhere. He brings Rajji home and everyone take care of her. Rajji says how did I come here. They say Parmeet brought you here, Soham told you to leave and you did not come here. Parmeet says we all were worried about you, Bani got so tensed.

Parmeet calls Bani and informs her. Bani comes and scolds her for not calling her. Rajji says the car broke down and I walked I don’t know when I fainted. Rajji says Parmeet should have not brought me here. Bani says this house is also yours. Rajji says this house is not mine, how can I stay. Bani says so I should not be with Soham. Rajji says you have to stay for making him well. Bani says Soham is also worried, he is feeling bad. She says stay here till he gets well. Rajji says I can’t. Bani says then where will you stay, please agree. Rajji agrees.

Rajji says stay with Soham, please Bani. Bani says so you promise me you will stay here for Soham and your child. Rajji promises her. The sisters cry and have a hug. Baani says now you take rest, I m going back, if Soham wakes up and does not find me, it will be a problem. Rajji says take care of him. Parmeet says how will you go alone, its night, I will drop you. Tak tak haare………………plays…………..Parmeet drops Bani at home.

Reman ill treats Rajji saying you are at my home and have to do what all I say, else I will call Soham and tell him the truth which you are hiding.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasasn

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