Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Soham and rajji sit along with the rest of the family. reyman shows extra concern for rajji’s diet due to her baby. The lawyer’s arrival surprises everyone. He says that he has come here to discuss the will. gagan asks balbir to sit down while he says it aloud. the lawyer says that everything belonging to dadaji, money and property and other bonds, would be distributed between his grandkids. All are tensed. Randip asks the lawyer, in front of the entire family, that this means that the property shall be divided to his two sons, randip and Parmeet. The lawyer comes and tells them that there would be 3 heirs to dadaji’s property, Randip, parmeet and soham too. All are shocked to hear this including soham. He says

that he would meet them after the papers are formed. the lawyer leaves, while all are tensed. randip gets back at balbir for falsely acquiring the house, when he has no claim over it. balbir pretends to be happy with the kids, and says that he is happy for them. reyman too supports him in this stance. but soham asks them not to include him in this, as they got to know the truth behind the property, he got to know the truth behind balbir’s motive, and goes onto unleash why he had wanted to look after his son all of a sudden. Balbir tries to protes, but soham says that he udnerstands everything. he turns to rajji asking her to see what balbir did and why. Balbir says that he dit it for rano’s soul. Soham asks him not to use her or his name to associate himself with them, and that he would hate them forever. he leaves the house, while balbir tries to stop him. He is tensed and angry too, while reyman is worried.

balbir comes outside to meet soham, pretending to be distraught and teary eyed. He goes to soham and places a hand on his shoulder. As soham turns around to find him, soham jerks his hand away. balbir tries to say that he is thinking wrong about him, as his intentions were clear and genuine and he wanted this for rano’s soul to be in peace, and asks soham to trust him. Soham says that rano did, but what did she get, and therefore he shouldnt talk about trust. He says that despite knowing everything, he regrest that he came here. balbir says that his family values relations more than money, and therefore if he isnt able to carry this load, then he can name the property after him, and then he is set free. he says that he would still love soham. Balbir says that he has everything in Canada and doesnt need anything. soham is shocked. Balbir pretends to be asking the money to lift off the weight on soham’s shoulders, and confused he goes inside. balbir smiles evilly.

In their room, Soham is tensed, while rajji remembers soham’s stance. She pretends to be rude to him, while he asks her to sleep on the bed, while he lies on the floor, on a rug. rajji says that there’s no rug. Soham offers to go and ask to bani, but rajji stops so that bani doesnt know about their agreement. soham asks what to do now. rajji, after much thinking, says that they both can sleep on the bed. This surprises soham, while rajji stands tensed, on the other side of the bed. They both finally lie down on the bed, each on one side, sleeping straight facing the ceiling. They both then turn to opposite sides. As soham turns areound, he finds rajji missing from the bed. He finds her in the kitchen, looking for something. He says that she should have asked him if she needed anything. she says that she isnt hungry, but wants to eat, by pregnanacy cramps. She says that she wants to eat something sweet, while she frantically searches for something. Not finding anything, she frustratedly leaves. Soham wonders what to do. He calls up simran to ask her advise. She asks him to get gajar ka halwa prepared for her.

meanwhile, in her room, rajji is tensed that she isnt able to sleep, without eating anything sweet. she is surpised to see that soham has come in with gajar ka halwa, for her. she says that she doesnt want to. He asks her to eat, and sleep soon. she is adamant on her arrogance. she pretends to sleep by lying down. He keeps the tray by her bedstand, and then goes nd lies on his side of the bed. After she ensures that he is on the other side of the bed, rajji opens her eyes, and looks lovingly at soham and smiles. she eyes the halwa that he made, and gets up, and ensuring that soham is asleep. she takes the halwa and goes on to eat it, much to her heart’s content, liking its taste. She finishes the entire bowl, and then drinks the water and feeling satisfied, she lies down and dozes off happily. After that, soham wakes up, who was all this while pretending to be asleep, just so rajji could eat and sits up. He is happy to find that she has finished the tray and smiles.

The next morning, while parmeet and randip are discussing things and balbir walks by, randip stops him and says that he wants to talk about something. parmeet tells balbir that since everything is in their name, they want all bank account info, property papers and business details, right now, when balbir says that he can get them tomorrow. Randip says that they want the reins today only. balbir comments that they are going too fast, as the lawyers havent been prepared yet, and when its done. he would hand over everything to both of them. Soham comes in saying that not two, but three. Soham says to balbir that when talks of the property and money matters are going on in the family, then he should also participate as he is equally an heir and he wants his share. balbir is shocked to hear soham’s stance. randip and parmeet are surprised too. The screen freezes on Balbir’s stunned face.

Precap: Some stranger is shown to stealthily make an entry inside the bhullar mansion, and while the lights are off, bani and rajji, walking around with a candle in the dark, are sbhocked to see who it is, and scream in horror.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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