Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Picnic Spot
while bani gives a wave back at parmeet, who now knows that she’s bani and not maya, the family is tensed for both of them, and rajji assures that they have gone to roam around, and would call her if they need anything. bani calls up parmeet asking him if he remembers this. He asks where’s maya, if she’s bani. She says that maya was never there, and that bani never died. She tells about the entire plan, from the maya makeover and the scare later on, and how rajji, soham and guggi were with her. He is shocked. she tells him why she did all this. parmeet asks her to save him. Parmeet asks her to save him please. Bani says that he would have to go through the entire torture that he had placed her in. She says that if he wants to escape

his punishment, then he would have to confess his crimes openly. He says that he would once he gets out. she says that she wotn trust him like this, and that he has to confess or else he would face what she had to face last time. He finds that there was no other option. He screams out saying that he is guilty of having murdererd her, and that he has wronged her, and goes onto recount how he had committed the crime, and that he has realised his mistake now and pleads to her to save him. Bani is finally satiated at her revenge having been fulfilled and cancels the call. parmeet asks her to save him, as he is scared of water. bani finds the dwindling rope of the anchor receeding. Just then, the anchor snaps open and the boat gets disbalanced, as he is shocked to find a hole in his boat and screams at her to save him. She remembers going through this trauma earlier, but doesnt get soft of relent on parmeet. he is very scared and wishes that someone would save him. Finally the boat topples over, and he falls into the water, much to his scare. bani remembers how she had struggled and sees parmeet going through the same. parmeet is grappling in the water. Bani asks the swimmers ready to take the plunge to do so, and they dive in to get parmeet out of the water before he drowns completely. bani messages rajji asking her to get everyone there, as the work is done. she eyes them all as she finds them busy, and asks them to hurry up, as she wants to shwo them something. Manpreet asks what. she says that its some truth that must have been out a long time ago. they are all confused and ask her whats the matter. guggi favours rajji and says that they should find out what she is talking about. The entire family complies and begins to follow rajji. As parmeet struggles to gasp for breath, the family arrives and they all are tensed to find her like this. Rajji favours bani. The entire family asks bani what happened and why werent they informed. bani asks them not to take her wrongly, as a husband can kill his wife, but a wife cant do that to her husband. gagan is shocked, when bani replies that she had done this, and that she did it out of helplessness. All are shocked. manpreet asks whats she saying, as parmeet wont kill her, and that this was all an accident. bani tells them that it was a crime that was turned into an accident. Bani makes them hear parmeet’s confession. After hearing, all are shocked. parmeet accepts the confession and says that out of selfishness, he had tried to kill bani. Manpreet begins to slap parmeet that he doesnt have any right to call her his wife, after having doen this heinous act and didnt believe rajji when she continued to tell that parmeet is a murderer. He begs down for an apology and asks bani also to forgive him once and for all. He says that he is ready to do whatever she wants to make him do. She says that she doesnt want to say anything. All are still in a state of shock. Bani says that she just wants to ask why he did this, as if he didnt want her in his life, then he should have said so, she would have gladly left. she says that she would have gladly gone to her parenst’ place without a complaint, but instead she was left to face death. all eye him angrily. He says that he has no answers, saying that he got married out of forced coercion, and he wasnt happy and wanted a different partner, hence he wasnt happy at all. He says that bani is not at all to be blamed for the fact that she wanst what he wanted. he says that he knows that there’s no forgiveness to his, and demands for punishment. Meanwhile, soham comes with the police inspector, and asks them to arrest Parmeet, after having identified him. manpreet and others are shocked to see him. They handcuff and take him away while all look on, with bani crying profusely, in rajji’s arms. randip asks soham why did this need to be with the police, and they can sort it out themselves. The police says that this isnt family matter but a matter of the police. Randip tries to argue, but parmeet asks him to let be, as he is a criminal and should be treated like one. They take parmeet away.

Scene 2:
Location: In the police station
While parmeet is handcuffed, randip assures him that he would leave no stone unturned to get him out. Randip tries to tell the inspector that the bail would be denied as parmeet is charged with an unbailable warrant. as randip is agitated, parmeet asks him to let be, as he wants to punish himself for his crimes, as he didnt get an apology but should get a strict punsihment. as they take him away, Randip asks him to be strong as he is there for her.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Bani recounts her experience with the family, saying that she was always hopeful that parmeet would change but he didnt. rajji says that they had no option left but to get her a makeover to trap parmeet into confessing. they are all shocked to hear this recoung. manpreet gets up finally and goes to bani. with folded hands, she apologises to bani, saying that she is to be blamed, and not parmeet as she forcibly got her married to him. she laments at how she has been unsuccessful in bringing up her sons, and she is embarassed to face her and gagan. they both ask her not to talk like this. Manpreet asks for an apology, while bani cries and asks her not to. manpreet has a heart attack and they are all tensed and shocked. They lie her down on the sofa, trying to compose her. soham calls up the doctor.

The doctor comes and tells them that she had a heart attck. they all are shocked. They are told to transfer her to the hospital. They readily begin to comply but are stopped by manpreet. manpreet says that she had promised Dadji that she would leave this house, as a dead body. she says that she wants to breathe her last in this house. wsoham asks her not to talk like this, while she says that her time to go has come and wants to be with her family, when that happens. all are distraught. bani tells her that she had promsied that she wont go anywhere. They all try to stop her from talking. manpreet asks them to fulfill this last wish, of hers, that she doesnt want to go anywhere. soham asks the doctor if they can get the equipment here only. the doctor says that she can try for arranging. Kuljit calls up randip and tells about manpreet’s health condition. parmeet hears this and is shocked. randip turns around and find parmeet is a state of shock, saying that his mother had a heart attack due to him and that she is paying for his sins and that he wont be able to forgive himself ever. randip asks him to be hopeful. the screen freezes on parmeet’s distraught face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  3. What rubbish this bani is….how many times parmeet told her to leave..he even threw her out of house so many times….still she used to come back…now she is saying if once you have told me to leave i would have gone to my parents house….utter rubbish…hate this bani

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