Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th December 2013 Written Update

Sohum is alone after kookie left. He realizes that he has slept with rajji. He remembers that he insulted her. He feels bad because he realizes his mistakes and that rajji isn’t at fault. He says that he is going right now and that he’ll ask for forgiveness and he’ll tell her he remembers everything between them. But before going, he suddenly realizes that he can’t face her since she hates him now.

Desho phones at the bullar’s house and gagan picks up. Desho asks for parmeet’s phone number in Canada so she can speak to Bani. Gagan realizes that bani hasn’t told her family that she is still in town. Gagan tells desho that bani is right here, in the house. Bani walks on her talking and she shakes her head to hint at gagan not to say anything but gagan pretends

she doesn’t understand and says “here bani, take the phone, it’s for you!”

Desho is very emotional. She asks why bani didn’t tell her that she was back from Canada. Bani lies and says that she just arrived so she hadn’t the time to phone yet. Desho is reassured. Desho wants bani to comes to see her right the next day. Desho says that she also has something to tell her. Bani says that she’ll come. Desho insists that she wants to see Parmeet with her.

Later that night, Bani goes to see parmeet (he is working on his laptop outside the house) and she explains that her mother wants to see them. She says that it’s very important that he goes with her too. Parmeet looks at her with a little smile then says “No, I won’t go with you”. Bani says that he promised that he’ll go. Parmeet says that he’ll go, he can’t take his words back as he promised. Bani is happy. But then parmeet says that he has work to do tomorrow so he’ll let her go first and will join her later. Bani is happy and goes back inside. Parmeet says to himself that once she’ll be out the house, she won’t come back.

In the morning, bani phones at her maikke. Rajji picks up the phone. Rajji asks if everything is alright with parmeet. Bani says that it is alright and that she is coming home. Rajji doesn’t understand why parmeet agreed on coming (at least someone is using her brain!), bani insists that everything has changed between parmeet and her. Rajji has a hard time believing it. After the phone call, rajji prays for bani’s happiness.

Desho asks Sarab if the gift for parmeet is packed. But sarab says that the gift is pretty enough and doesn’t need ribbon and packaging. Desho admits that she is ashamed that the watch is not high end but sarab says that she shouldn’t worry about that.

Jas says that ladies from town are arrived to meet with parmeet and bani. They all make fun of desho from inviting so many people. Desho is glowing from happiness. The invitees say that the house is very pretty.

Bani arrives and is a bit confused at the full decoration. She is also worried because parmeet isn’t here yet. When she sees that the house is full of people, she decided to wait outside the house for parmeet to come. The invitees start to worry that parmeet and bani aren’t here yet.

Bani hears it and decides to phone parmeet. Parmeet is at his house and has turned his phone off. He says to gagan that he really didn’t want to go to meet the rural people. Gagan and parmeet makes fun of the NRI dream of bani’s family. Bani phones at the house, balbeer picks up and says that parmeet isn’t here. He says that she shouldn’t worry has parmeet will probably come soon. Parmeet thanks balbeer for lying. Balbeer says that he has a plan for making fun of bani.

Desho tells jas to phone Bani. When dialing, Jas hears bani’s phone’s tune and finds bani outside the house. She happily brings her in. Desho is very happy. Bani hugs everyone. But the invitees ask where is parmeet. Bani says that he has work to do but will come later. Everyone is reassured.

After some time, parmeet is still not here. Bani phones him but his phone is still turned off. The invitees says that they have to go now, they are a bit irritated and leave. Desho asks bani if everything is alright between her and parmeet. Bani says yes and then she receives a call from parmeet. She starts asking him why he didn’t came yet in a panicked voice. Parmeet says that he is sorry, he had a minor accident. Bani hands the phone to desho. Parmeet tells her that he is sorry he couldn’t come. Parmeet invites them all to come and see him at his house. Desho is a bit confused but agrees. Parmeet hangs up and looks proud of him.

They’re all sitting in a sad quiet way. Sarab says that there is no need to be so dramatic as they’ll all go see parmeet. Desho asks again if everything is alright, bani says yes again. They are all happy again. Bani goes to see rajji in the kitchen.

Rajji asks bani why didn’t parmeet come. Bani says that it’s because he had an accident. Rajji says that she doesn’t believe her but bani insists. Right then, someone calls rajji outside.

As they all go outside, they see Buwha and sohum. Sohum sees bani but doesn’t have any reaction. Buwha says that they came to take rajji back. Rajji looks at sohum angrily. Buwha says she is sure no one wants the divorce to happen. Bani is shocked at the word “divorce”. Buwha says that it’s okay no one told her, because actually divorce is not going to happen. She says to rajji that she came to bring her back because they still care about her, rajji says that she isn’t going anywhere. Everyone is shocked.

Buwha says that she can either go with them or sign the divorce papers. Rajji and sohum look at each other. But buwha says there is no need to look at sohum because he already signed the papers. .Rajji is shocked and angry. She says that it’s okay, she’ll sign on the papers because it’ll make a lot of people happy to see the end of this relationship. Buwha senses that it’s not going as planned, sohum shakes his head “no”

They all try to stop her but rajji disagree. Buwha says “show us then, sign the papers”. Rajji goes to sit and sign. But she is interrupted by buwha who says that the baby will leave with his father (sohum). They are all shocked and hurt. Buwha insists that the baby doesn’t belong to her. She says that if rajji wants keep the baby she has to come back with sohum. They all try to convince her again (especially bani) Sohum shakes his head “yes” in approval

Buwha starts again saying that she’ll have to give the baby to sohum. But rajji says that there is no way she will part with her baby but there is also no way that she is going to live with sohum so the divorce is inevitable. Buwha continues saying that rajji won’t see the baby after the delivery blablabla. rajji says that she doesn’t want to hear anything else, she is very angry and starts to sign the papers. They are all in shocked state.

Sohum says “rajji stops, I have something to tell you” but rajji says that she doesn’t want to hear anything anymore and she signs. As soon as she puts the pen down, she has tears in her eyes. She looks at sohum angrily and hands him the papers. He has tears in his eyes too (songs lyrics : “pyaar nahi hai agar phir kyun laghe ke mein kuch haara, yeh rishtaa hai kuch ajeeb ke ekh ne rohna dujha hasna”).

Precap : simreen is crying and says that there is no point in being happy since the vansh isn’t going to be with them. Rajji says that the vansh will stay with them. She has her suitcase with her. They all look surprised.

Update Credit to: rajji

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