Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balbir calling Soham. Rajji gets tensed. Soham comes and asks what is it. Balbir says its an important talk about your past. Balbir and Reman smile looking at Rajji’s tensed face. Balbir says the thing is actually………. My servant’s son also met with same accident and they worry about you too, we felt we should go from here, as only few people will be here so that you get well soon. Reman says we will pray for you. Soham says thanks for thinking so much for me. Rajji cries and leaves. Balbir and Reman come to her smiling and say it was so easy for us to tell the truth to Soham but we did not tell him as we worry about him. You got married some time ago and we did not wish him to become memory before he gets back his memory.

Balbir asks her to take Soham’s sign on the papers. Rajji calls them heartless and trying to take their son’s life for property. Reman says no, you want to take his life, else you would have done what we asked you for, if we give him stress, his brain nerves will not bear and his brain will be damaged.

Guggie comes there and says you won’t get anything by blackmailing Rajji bhabhi. Balbir asks Rajji for the last time will she get the sign or not. He says fine, I will not care about anyone’s husband and friend and only my son Soham, you will lose him. Guggie calls them cheap and says how can you kill your son in your greed, shame on such a dad. Rajji stops Guggie and says no. Soham comes and says I m going out. Rajji stops Soham and asks him to sign on the papers. Soham asks what is this paper.

Guggie also lies to him and says its bank loan papers for buying new machines for fields. Soham reads it and asks why is Balbir’s name written on it. Balbir says Guggie and Rajji told me to guarantee the deal. Soham signs the papers and gives them. Rajji cries. Reman and Balbir are very happy. Soham leaves. Rajji runs crying. Balbir and Reman come to the Bhullar house. Parmeet asks how did you come. Balbir says I have share in this house so I came to take my right. Balbir says I got Soham’s property, he gave it to me. He shows them the papers. Parmeet looks on.

Kuljeet says maybe you cheated him. Balbir argues with him. Balbir says Soham made you the caretaker of the property else I would have not even made the watchman. Balbir says this house is not yours, its mine, and I will rule in this house. He asks him to leave with his wife. Parmeet says one min, Soham did the property on your name and two more shares are on my name and Randeep’s name, you can stay here but not decide anything who will stay here and who not.

Randeep says yes, our share is bigger than you, you can’t decide, we will decide who will leave here. Parmeet asks Kuljeet to stay even if Balbir does not like it. Balbir says I remember everything how you all have insulted me, I will take revenge, I will see how you keep Kuljeet here. I will take this roof from you. Rajji thinks she has to lie to Soham, he does not know he lost the property by which he wanted to open a school on his mum’s name.

Parmeet comes to Rajji and asks how are you. She says fine. He asks about Bani. She says she went to market. He says Balbir and Reman came home, so I came to talk to Bani. She says they took advantage of Soham’s condition and threatened me that they will tell everything to Soham and give them tension. He says enough, I understood, it means they have blackmailed you and took the property. Kuljeet is right, they value only money and they can fall much low. Rajji says I worry about Soham, not property, he should be fine soon. Parmeet says yes.

Soham comes and hears them talking. He says even I want this to happen as I will get my wife back. Parmeet says a home is made when there is a wife. I m responsible for all this, I want her forgiveness and everything becoming fine. He leaves. Soham comes to Rajji and asks her what is the matter. Parmeet was talking about you, he wanted to take you back, he is saying sorry, he is trying, you should also try. Rajji thinks Parmeet was telling about Bani and Soham thinks its me, I can’t tell Soham I m his wife. Soham asks Rajji not to be angry on Parmeet.

He says you should forgive Parmeet. He says Parmeet is a good hearted guy, he came to take you, when woman leaves in laws house, the society gossip about her so I think you should go back to Parmeet. Rajji is shocked.

Soham asks Rajji to go to Parmeet’s house and makes her sit in the car. Rajji cries and leaves. Bani comes home and calls put Rajji. Soham says she is not at home, I have sent her to Parmeet’s house which is her in laws’ house. Bani is shocked. Kookie says but this is her in laws’ house. Soham is confused..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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