Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence and site
Bani is tensed as the phone gets disconnected. she tells them that they are very worried, and manpreet too joins in, and express wonder if he is alright. bani offers to go to the site, but manpreet tells her that it isnt safe for her. Kuljit offers to go, but he is stopped by randip saying that he would go himself to check out. Bani expresses her concern but he asks her not to worry. He leaves, while she is tensed.

Randip finally reaches the site but doesnt find parmeet anywhere. He wonders that parmeet may have left before he came here. He calls up home to find out. manpreet picks up, and asks if he isnt at the site, when randip asks if he has returned home. Bani gets worried. Manpreet says that if parmeet returns, then they would tell him. Bani and manpreet decide that its too late and parmeet is definitely in some problem, and rush out to see. As they come out, they are blinded by jeeplights, and are shocked when they find the sarpanch come in, asking whats wrong and if they are bothered about parmeet. Bani asks what has he done to him. Sarpanch asks her to explain to parmeet that in doing others’ work, he might lose his life. An unconscious Parmeet is brought to them by Rana’s men. All are shocked and distraught to find this. Bani rushes to help Parmeet. Sarpanch says that next time, he won’t be so lucky. They are all shocked while bani is apalled. The goons leave, while bani and manpreet take him inside. Manpreet calls up randip telling about parmeet’s beating and wounds and asks him to get the doctor. He complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
Rajji tells kuki that she would have to arrange for the passport. She gets guggi’s call asking them to get the passport soon, so that he can take it to anu’s office to verify. rajji informs them that they dont have the passportr yet. Guggi is tensed and asks what would they do now. rajji asks him to wait for the night, and that kuki would get it anyhow tonight. she cancels the call. Rajji asks kuki not to be scared and asks if she wants to save herself and her love and asks her to do it anyhow tonight. Rajji asks her to do it when buaji is asleep. Kuki is tensed.

Later, in the night, while kuki waits for buaji to go to sleep, Buaji tells her that she knows what she is going through as its all but pre marital jitters, and that she would miss kuki very badly. She says that she would adapt so nicely, that she would forget guggi, as life cant be led only with innocence and love, and hence she wont ever agree to her marriage with guggi. She says that she prays to the lord to keep her happy with vicky.

Soham is tensed, when rajji comes that she couldnt talk at all. he says that he didnt find anything and any evidence against that person. He says that he knows that she’s tensed for guggi but they have nothing else to do. He says that vicky is very smart. Rajji says that he must have done some mistake sometime that they have to find out. rajji says that anu found something on her mother, about the fraud that she was involved in. Soham says that this is big news. Rajji tells him about the person who was the victim of the fraud, but says that she doesnt have the name or the address just knows that he lives nearby. rajji says that she doesnt know who was the person, who was victimised by vicky and his mother’s fraud. soham says that if this person can be found, then their attempt would be easier.

As she finally finds, that buaji is asleep, kuki gets up and goes to the almirah and opens it stealthily, and after a few goofups, of having dropped a box on the floor, and disturbing buaji in the sleep, she gets up to search for what she wants. She comes to soham and rajji and gives them the passport. while soham is confused, rajji explains everything, and whats their plan with it.

Scene 3:
Location: Bani’s and Rajji’s residence
While they are sleeping, rajji gets up and tries bani’s number. She gets frustrated when bani doesnt pick up, while soham explains that she might be asleep by now. Rajji is irritated, while soham tries to put her to sleep, by singing her a lullaby, and she taunts him on his singing skills. They have a good banter.

Meanwhile, after the doctor has checked on parmeet and left, kuldip calms randip down, as he tries to storm out in a venomous rage to have revenge, saying that they shall call the police, while he is unconvinced. manpreet inside tells bani to rest too, or else she would fall asleep. bani finds rajji’s missed calls and is tensed. She dials rajji’s number. Rajji is extremely excited to find bani’s call. Bani tensedly tells her about parmeet’s accident, and soham and rajji are shocked. They ask if the police was informed. Bani says that they have been called. Hearing the doorbell ring, bani thinks that it must be them only and cancels the call.

Randip tells the police about it, while bani comes down to hear it. Bani identifies the sarpanch behind it and when they hear the name, they hasten and leave. they are confused whether such a police would take any action. they focus on taking care of parmeet.

Guggi asks rajji why has she called him this late. rajji gives him the passport to be verified and tells him to take it. they are both happy, while rajji tells him to have faith on their love. Guggi is looking around, and rajji says that she cant make him meet kuki, saying as if buaji finds it, there would be a huge problem. but seeing guggi’s sad face, she says that she would try. guggi gets happy. while rajji turns around to leave, she finds bauji. As she is about to enter inside, Buaji is shocked to find rajji outside this late in the night, while rajji is scared that she might have seen guggi. The screen freezes on both their shocked faces.

Precap: bani asks parmeet where is he going all dressed up in the morning. parmeet says that he is going to the site to continue the NGO work. Bani says that he isnt unfazed at all, even after having borne what ws meted out to him. Parmeet says that nothing can stop him from doing this in her name. bani says that if he is doing all this to win her over and get her to love him, then he doesnt need to bother as she loves him very much and confesses her feelings for him. He, in an arguementative mood, is about to lash back, when the truth sinks in tjhat she just confessed her love for him, and he is dumbstruck. they both eye each other romantically, while bani is flustered, and Parmeet is overwhelmed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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