Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th January 2014 Written Update

Lawyer on phone, tells Balbir that he will hold off telling about will but soon others will also come asking and so he has to do something fast. After keeping the phone, Balbeer tells his wife that with Rajji at the mansion, Soham will soon come and says they can tell their daughter also to come. Gagan overhears.

Servant tells Rajji that Soham is waiting outside. Rajji scolds Soham for coming there and Soham scolds her for leaving their house. As usual they fight about her not disclosing the proper reason for leaving and for her causing grief to others. Soham emotionally blackmails Rajji invoking Simran’s dreams about the baby that Rajji broke so easily by walking away. He wants to take her back so that she does not continue to repeat mistakes. Rajji refuses to go and Soham tells her that though she might not need her family, they need her. Rajji counters that her baby needs the Bhullar house and he tells they will work hard to make sure the baby is well taken care of. Soham wonders why she has found a new way to torture him and his family. He guesses that she is still angry about that night which Rajji refuses to discuss. Soham gets angry and says he has admitted he made a mistake and what more can he do. He keeps pushing her and she blurts that the mistake was not in sleeping with her but in taking her sister’s name, the one he loves and might always love. Soham is shocked. Soham can’t believe it but Rajji tells him that that one night changed her life as what should have brought them together,actually drove a bigger wedge between them. Rajji turns to go away and tells Soham not to come again as there is no one for him in that house and she also will not go to him. They look at each other with remorse and regret till Rajji finally closes the door

Soham is at home and restless thinking about everything that Rajji disclosed. He takes out Rajji’s photo and apologizes to her that she is right that a person like him deserves hatred. He resolves to correct their differences

Bani and Rajji having tea in the front garden. Bani goes to fetch something and Soham enters. He asks for another chance and promises to do whatever she wants but she refuses to go back with him. Rajji says nothing can be done and she wants to live with Bhullars for her baby.He counters that in that case he will also stay there for the baby A shocked Rajji asks how he can stay there. He says if she can use the baby as excuse to move away, then he can use the same reason to come close . He goes to bring his stuff and Raji worries that he is ditching his family for her

Buaji answers Rajji’s phone. Buaji tells her they still consider he family. Rajji begs Buaji not to let Soham come to Bhullar mansion. Buaji misunderstands and angrily says that won’t happen as they don’t want to cause issues to the luxurious life she has chosen for herself. She keeps the phone as Soham enters. Buaji stops him from going to Bhullars just because Rajji has gone there but Soham disagrees with her saying even if no one else is there, his wife and son are there. He argues with Buaji for wanting to go and finally admits that he can’t live without Rajji as he loves her a LOT.

Precap: Lawyer call Balbeer and tells him he is coming with will tomorrow. Soham reaches Bhullar mansion and Balbeer looks overwhelmed that his saviour has finally come

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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