Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s place
Rajji is distraught at her condition, in which soham doesnt accept her as his wife, and eyes her chooda, and wonders at its futility. she takes off the chooda in frustration. Simran comes in and is surprised to find her taking it off, and akss why is she doing this. rajji is speechless. simran herself thinks that it must be her chooda taking off ritual, that she was performing herself. Simran tells her that all this is done with the rituals, and decides that she would herself do this, since they dont have a mother in law. she leaves for prepping up, and akss her to get ready for the ritual.

Scene 2:
Location: Jia’s place and soham’s place
Prepartions are on in full swing, while the relatives complain, anu, jia’s mother for the urgency. Anu blames it all on jia, saying that it was herdescision. She finds bani tensed, and goes to start there, and asks the relatives to take care of Jia’s ritual. They girls start teasing Jia, while anu tries to cheer up bani, saying that its a happy day, and she shouldnt be sad remembering her in laws. she asks her not to think of the heartless people who didnt care for her. Bani vehemently defends manpreet that she cares for her, and must also be remembering this ritual. Anu says that she would perform this with her as a mother for her. The people ask jia to close her eyes till the chooda is worn, according to the ritual. Both the Chooda taking off of bani and wearing of Jia, happen at the same time. while bani’s being taken off, jia’s being worn. At the same time, rajji too performs the ritual with a sullen face, along with simran, while soham watches tensedly. Bani and rajji remember their chooda wearing ceremony. bani and jia together remember their respective moments with parmeet, through the ritual. All bless rajji after the completion of the ritual, where she pretends to be happy, where actually she is sad. the girls tease jia after she is able to see the chooda, about it and Meet too. bani is in tears remembering parmeet. anu asks her to be strong, and says that she knows that she’s thinking about the ritual, and is sad for this. she assures her that soon she would achieve everything, and the day would come soon, when everything in her life would be like a normal married lide. She wipes her teare,s while ba ni smiles, at jia’s excitement about her chooda. Jia gets meet’s call, and anu asks her to hurry up so that they can proceed with the functions. Jia tells meet about the ritual. meet pretends to be extremely romantic, and jia too romantically talks, while bani is happy seeing jia chat happily with meet, asking him to wait for one more day, oblivious that parmeet is actually talking to jia. bani too thinks that in a few days, she would find parmeet. In her room, while packing her bags, bani thinks that she is coming to parmeet, with a whole lot of questions and no doubt, as she has the fullest faith that he has an explanation for all this, as he wouldnt have missed taking her from home then. anu comes and asks if the packing is ready. Bani nods. Anu says that she knows how excited and nervous she is to find parmeet, and have all her answers. Anu says that its strange that tomorrow both the daughters would leave this house, and there would be an unfilled void, and asks her not to forget them when she is in Canada. she asks her to visit them when she’s in india, and also get her husband. Anu gives her a gift, but bani says that this isnt requierd, as she has already done enough. Anu says that this is her right as she is her daughter, and akss her to wear this at jia’s wedding. Jia comes in and asks her to help her dress up. Anu says that she has lots of work. Bani agrees to do it. Jia thanks her. Anu asks when would she get ready then. Bani says that the bride needs to get dressed first. Anu agrees, and leaves the girls to dress up.

Kuki comes in asking rajji to have food. Rajji denies saying that she has headache, and would eat later. kuki agrees and akss her tot ell her whenever she feels hungry, so that she can warm it up for her. After she leaves, Rajji looks at herself in the mirror, sad and worried and distraught. she opens the almirah.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s place
gagan finds ranvir angry and asks him not to be upset. Gagan says that he cant do anything or be angry at the person who deserves it. gagan asks him to be calm, and closes the door. she comes to him, and tells him not to be angry in vain, and instead do something that would help him. She says that they should adapt to the changing environment. Ranvir asks her to state it more clearly. Gagan tells that now instead of dadaji, balbir is the new boss. Ranvir doesnt like the idea. Gagan asks him to pretend the same way, that he was doing with dadaji. ranvir says that he cant do that. Gagan asks him to be prerpared to leave the house then, as that day would come soon. Ranvir is still adamant that he wont bow in front of balbir, and leaves the room. Gagan says that he would do what she is saying, and as much as she knows him, he would definitely do.

Scene 4:
Location: Jia’s residence
Bani helps jia get dressed up, while she is excited. bani thinks about her own dressing up for the wedding. she compliments jia, and jia says that this dress is selected by meet, for her. Anu comes and compliments that she’s looking very beautiful. Downstairs, parmeet arrives thinking, that just after a few hours, all this property and the house would belong to her. The girls come and announce to jia, while she’s getting dressed with bani. She is too excited while bani and anu smile. Anu leaves to attend the guests, asking bani to dress up. Bani asks jia if she is nervous or excited. When jia tells about her nervousness, bani assures her that its normal, and that it would go in some time, once she is with meet. Jia says that bani too would be with her husband after some days. Bani grows tensed hearing this. As the entire family gets together to welcome the groom, Meet to their family and their house, with anu doing the puja, Bani too comes out from Jia’s room, to join the celebrations. Anu does the tilak, and welcomes parmeet inside. They all progress towards the dining table. As she tries to see the groom, amongst the sea of people in between, she is surprised to see what she does. The screen freezes on bani’s face.

Precap: The girls ask anu about where’s abni. parmeet is surprised to hear bani’s name. Anu points out that she is finally coming down, after having dressed up. Bani comes out of her room, with another girl. As bani steps down, oblivious that parmeet is sitting with the priest, parmeet sees her and is shocked..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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