Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s place
Buaji harshly reprimands rajji not to continue this useless relationa nymore, and sign off the divorce papres. while all are shocked, rajji is stunned. Buaji hands her the papers and a pen, and asks her to do the needful. as rajji progresses towards the papers in a trance, all are tensed for her. she gives one glance to soham, who’s tensed himself, and says that she shall, and since he got the papers he would sign first. soham says that she left the house and she should sign first hence. buaji too agrees and asks her to sign. rajji gets angry and goes on to take the pen and sits down to sign, while her family is tensed and sistraught at the relation breaking off. soham is tensed himself. Angad and simran stand feeling sorry themselves.

Rajji’s hands tremble, while she rememjbers the torture that she had gone through to keep herself with soham and his family, and buaji’s acceptance finally and their following night of passion. all are tensed and puzzled as she doesnt sign off instantly. She remembers their harsh words, and gets dizzy and unconscious. She is immediately tended to, by her family and is taken inside. As the doctor examines her inside, all wait impatiently. finally the doctor comes out.

The doctor tells everyone, after inspecting rajji, that she’s going to be a mother. All are shocked, while rajji’s family slowly starts coming to terms with this news with happiness, soham’s world is shattered as he cant believe what he just heard. inside, rajji too is distraught. Buaji is shocked. simran eyes soham surprised. The doctor gives the meds prescribed to rajji. nirvel asks if rajji is okay. The doctor says that they are just calcium and vitamin tablets for her. keerat goes on the leave the doctor. Soham goes to meet rajji, but simran asks him not to go rightaway. rajji is tensed, hearing all this. she realises that he’s coming to meet her, and she shuts the door, while soham asks to open the door. rajji asks him to go away as she doesnt want to talk to him. He asks her when would she come out. She says that when she leaves. Soham is requested to talk later with her. Buaji too resigns and assk soham to come along. soham says that he wont go without talking to rajji. Buaji reminds him that she is in a delicate condition and asks him to let her rest. But soham doesnt budge. Buaji says that they would talk later and leaves. rajji is tensed inside, while soham too is shocked.

as the weather gets tensed, soham is still waiting outside for rajji. finally she opens the door, and is surprised to find him there. He goes onto confront her, while she tries to walk away. She asks him to go away, as there’s no need of her staying here. He comes to her and says that he knows very well, what is he waiting to ask her, that how can she be a mother, when they never consummated their marriage. Rajji is shocked and distraught and asks him to leave as she doesnt want to see his face. Soham says that he wont leave, as he kept asking whats bothering her and she njever responded. But today she cant be silent and would have to asnwer his questions. Soham asks rajji that if she has the guts, she should look at him in the eye, and tell her whose child is it. She silences him with a scream. She says that he shouldnt dare utter one more word, as she would forget then where is she standing, or that they ever had a relation. She asks him not to insult her atleast, if he cant respect her. She says that he should consider that she died for him, and that he would have to live without answers, just like she is. she says that she doesnt even want to see his face. rajji says that he never said that he loved her, but today she would look at him in the eye, and say that she fervently hates him. He is shocked at such ferocity. As she goes inside, soham is shocked and distraught. He remembers rajji leaving the house. he gets teary eyed, and begins to walk outside, remembering Rajji’s harsh words, an the recent turn of events in his life, a few hours back. He walks out of the house.

Rajji says to the family that its too late now, and that the descision is taken, and thats is that she doesnt want to go back to soham’s house. She locks herself inside her room. they wonder who would put sense into her now. Bani;s name comes up saying that she is the only person who can convince rajji. desho suggets that they should take bani’s number from parmeet’s house, as they would definitely have that. They are hoeful that she can talk to rajji.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Kuki comes searching for soham and finds him at the machaan. Soham asks her to go away as he doesnt want to talk to rajji. kuki says that this is the right time to talk to rajji to move on and start afresh, as he is to be a father. soham says that this isnt possible as they arent husband and wife yet. kuki asks whats he trying to say. soham asks her to get lost, as he doesnt understand whats her problem, as she was selfish and always cared for fighting with him only. Kuki says that she knows that rajji cares for him and always thought of him, hence went through buaji’s torture. Kuki tells soham about the fateful night, when rajji had come to a drunk soham, on the nightshed, that she had heard from Guggi. Soham is instantly all ears and is shocked. While she is trying to tell about her concern, he asks if she came here actually, and is told that rajji came. Kuki emphasises that rajji cares for him and isnt wrong at all. Soham is tensed with too much going on in his head. he asks kuki to go, while he comes later. Kuki complies. Soham wonders how is this possible that she came here, as he doesnt remember anything like that. He eyes the nightshed, and then one by one he starts corelating the sequences and finally remembers their consummation. He is distraught at this latest discovery of his. the screen freezes on his shocked face.

Precap: Buaji tells rajji that she has two options now, either she should go to soham’s house or she should sign the papers. Rajji eyes soham, standing tensed. Buaji says that he has already signed the papres. rajji too decides that she would sign the papers. as she gets to doing so, she is shocked when buaji tells her that its decided then that the daughter shall stay in her parents house while the child shall stay in its father’s house..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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