Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th April 2013 Written Update

Bani’s dad and Nirveil are working at their respective fields. Bani’s dad asks the worker whether Sohum had come to fix the machine. The worker answers negatively. Bani’s dad asks the worker to take the machine and leave it with the mechanic. He sees Nirvail and asks whether they will be coming home. He says that Desho truly wanted them to come. Nirvail tells him that they want them to come home just to show the groom’s family that they’re a happy family. Anyway, considering it as their duty they will come.

Later, Nirvail reaches home. Binder tells the family to get ready asap. Keerath starts throwing tantrums and Binder says that she has no time to fuss around. Rajji and Dadi say that they’re leaving for Bani’s house. She says that finally after so many years she going to that house. Binder chides Rajji for not dressing up well to which she says that the groom is coming to see Bani and not her.

Rajji and Dadi stand at the entrance of Bani’s house. She greets them and Rajji tells her that she told Dadi about them being close friends. Soon, Binder and Nirvail also arrive. Desho welcomes them in happily. Nirvail looks at their house and Mami says that nothing has changed in this hous. Desho asks what they’d like to have.. lassi or adrakwali chai? Nirvail is pleasantly surprised as Desho remembers that he likes adrakwali chai. Binder says that they’d have chai only. Mami tells Bani to get ready as the groom’s family would arrive any moment. Bani agrees.

Sohum is sad as he recalls his VeerJi’s words. His friend comes home and asks the reason for his sadness. Soham tells him the problem and says that he cant go against his brother. Bhabhi enters and tells him not to worry as she’ll handle the matter. She tells Sohum that she wants Bani as the Bahu of this house. Sohum eventually agrees.

Bani is getting ready in her room. Mami makes a fuss over the dresses. Rajji enters the room. Jas isnt happy to see her there. Just then, Desho remembers that she hasnt purchased the sweets. Rajji volunteers to go to the market. Desho hesitates but Rajji goes.

On the way to the market, Rajji meets Sukhi. Rajji tells her that Bani isnt happy with this marriage. Suddenly she spots Sohum outside the Immigrant agent’s office and follows him. Sohum is trying to get the visa asap. The agent informs him that it will take atleast 3 months. Soham says 3 months are too much. He cannot wait for so long. The agent says that there’s another way but its a little costly. Soham’s friend immediately agrees. Soham hesitates but His friend says he’ll take a loan. Rajji overhears everything and is glad as she sees a ray of hope.

Outside the office, Rajji confronts Soham who says that he is here for some work. Rajji asks whether he is here for Bani. Sohum denies and tells Rajji to stay away from his personal life. Rajji doesnt budge and finally Soham confesses that he loves Bani and he is getting his visa so that he can marry her. Rajji is very happy.


Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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