Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Bani is amused at parmeet’s scare, saying that today there’s still a long way to go, and paermeet would have to bear lots of things. parmeet remembers all the scary events relating to bani that happened with him recently, and is profusely precipitating, as he sits scared in one corner. bani sees this from the corner of her eye and is happy. Finally she pretends to wake up, and asks why is he so restless. he says that he isnt feeling sleepy ajnd isnt able to understand what to do, and is going mad. Maya asks him to relax and rest and watch tv to distract himself. She switches it on. He watches disinterestedly. The news channel anchor starts saying that anything can happen, as only 11 hours remain. Bani pretends to be asleep. parmeet wakes her up to iterate what the anchor just said. Maya tells him to say something, as to whats happeneing that he is counting back the clock hours. But he doesnt share it, saying that he just wants to be alone. maya asks why’s he so afraid then and again asks him to share. but he doesnt relent and instead switches off the tv. Another hours passes by. parmeet again wakes up screaming, that she is somewhere around and haunting him. bani wakes up and pretends to be very frustrated and asks whats his problem. He says that this girl is not letting him be in peace. bani comes and asks him if he’s okay. just then, the door starts knocking. He starts asking who’s outside. manpreet answers from outside. He rushes and hugs her saying that he isnt feeling sleepy. bani tells her that he is behaving very strangely. Manpreet is concerned for him, while he says that he is very restless. Bani leaves to get a glass of cold water.

Downstairs, Gugi and bani decide that they cant wait til tomorrow and would have to get him to confess tonight only, after scaring him so much that he isnt left with any option. Gugi tells bani that the night would be so difficult for parmeet, that he would be left with no choice, but to get rid of this scare by confessing that he murdered bani. They think of various tactics to scare parmeet, about bani. They leave to go to parmeet’s room.

manpreet gives a sedative pill to parmeet, so that he can relax and have a peaceful night of sleep. Bani and guggi are tensed, as that would ruin their plans to scare and intimidate him and get him to confess his crime. They are tensed as she hands parmeet the pill. But bani stops her from giving this pill, saying that this med isnt right for the health. Manprteet says that one pill wont make any difference, as the pill would get him to sleep, and he needs that right now. Parmeet takes it whuile bani is tensed, and manpreet is relieved. She makes him lie on the bed, and asks him to close the eyes and sleep, so that when he wakes up after 12 hoursd, he would feel better. bani thinks that if he sleeps for that long, when would they manage to get him to confess his crime. she wonders what to do now, as manpreet puts parmeet to sleep. She expresses her concern to bani, about parmeet. bani assures her that soon everything would be alright, and he would be fine. manpreet asks her to take care of him and herself too. She leaves the room. After she is gone, bani closes the door. Guggi gets on his plan nevertheless. bani steslthily comes out of the door, and locking it behind her, she comes down and meets gugi. they both wonder what to do now, as they have no option but to wait now. guggi loses hope but bani doesnt, saying that they cant refrain away, saying that she wont let him sleep and would keep him awake, to be able to scare him, as the countdown has started and if something goes wrong now, their revenge would go down the drain. They ask for the Lord to help them. she goes to parmeet and tries to wake him up, asking him to share whats troubling him lately, referring to herself as bani, and asking him to open up and tell everything that he has been feeling lately. Hearing bani’s name, parmeet wakes up with a start. He thinks that bani is sitting in front of him. parmeet finds bani sitting on his bed, and he forgets that it might be maya, and considering it as Bani’s ghost, he gets to strangulating her, while she gasps for breath, saying that he would finish and kill bani today. Guggi gets scared and goes in to help parmeet release his grip. Finally he is able to, and they both reprimand him as to what was he doing. bani asks gugi to leave as its too late. parmeet is too stunned and shocked. after gugi leaves, bani pretends to be maya, and asks how dare he try to kill her. he asks her why was she impersonating herself as bani. she says that she had to act in front of manpreet. Still in a daze, he apologises for doing this and again goes off to sleep, saying that he would talk later. Bani is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s reidence
Meanwhile, Rajji tells soham about their plan today that would get bani to have her revenge at parmeet and finally having justive by him. rajji says that she just hopes that her courage doesnt fail and that she always has the will to stand against injustice and get people like parmeet pay for their crimes. soham says that they would always pray for her, and their support shall always be with bani, for her work. He says that he never thought a demure girl like bani, could do wonders like this. rajji sdays that it wasnt that easy, and making such a person confess, who tried to kill her. soham tells her not to owrry as good always conquesr evil, as parmeet would confess and alsdo apologise to bani, as the lord and rajji is with her. He tells that the person who rajji supports is the most lucky. rajji shys. They both pray that there’s a new beginning for bani tomorrow.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
guggi calls up rajji, saying that he doubts if their plan would be a success after telling her everything. bani talks to rajji where she says that she wont retreat her step back. Bani says that she hasnt sent her back to be killed again, but to live and have the revenge and fight with parmeet to get him to confess the truth. she says that everyone has been by her side, and its their fight now, and the lord wont let their effort go in vain. she says that she would manage everything in the remaining six hours. rajji complies.

The next morning, bani prays to the lord, to give her the strength to continue fighting, so that she can ask for jutice for the torture that she underwent being parmeet’s wife and requests him to get parmeet to confess his crime. The screen freezes on bani’s face.

Precap: Bani takes parmeet back again to the same picnic spot along with the rest of the family. pqarmeet says that this cant be a coincidence, that they are heer at the same place on the same date, when and where bani was killed. parmeet shows bani aka maya the boat where bani had sat. bani asks him to get in the boat. He complies. She asks what happened next. He tells her everything. He asks her to come too. Replicating the situation, she says that she is feeling thirsty and would go to get water, reminding parmeet that he had given the same excuse to bani, when he had sent her alone in the boat. Bani says that only 13 seconds are left. She starts the countdown, while he looks at her stunned and shocked. Finally, in the same fashion, as had happened to bani, parmeet is left in mid waters, while bani eyes him determinedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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