Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd June 2013 Written Update

The rasam of Bani and Rajji will be taking place. Soham will be looking on, all the quests Padmini Madhu’s Mother, jai’s mother and Divya Tapu’s mom will be blessing them. Then Beeji will ask them to stay till the wedding but the three of them say that they have a lot of work and will have to go. Then they give their blessing and leave. Soham will be waiting there to see that Bani does not make a mistake.

At night Soham will be searching for Bani. Then Happy will tell she is in the storeroom. Bani will ask Happy whether Soham came there. Then Happy says yes. Then Bani was going to thank him when Beeji calls her and Rajji.

She makes them sit and shows some jewels which she had made for them. She asks then to choose and then there will be a mini fight as to who will choose first and then they choose.

Bani goes up to the terrace. She will be standing under fairy lights which are being set up by Soham and his friend. Soham will tell him not to switch on the power till
he tells. Then he asks to switch on the lights. At the same time Bani calls Soham and he drops the lights he was catching and it falls on her. Then he jumps down and removes the lights slowly.

Then he asks her that why she did not object to the wedding when Parmeet is coming only on the wedding day. They have been giving some excuses. He asks her how he has no problem about that.

Then Soham will tell her it is not like olden days when the boy and girl don’t see and get married she tells him she has trust in her parents’ choice, she has met the boy’s
family and they are fine. He tells even the boy will be good but we have to see if he is a good boy for you. Then they both start arguing and at the end he tells her because of such attitudes wall are built in the house much to the shock of Bani.

Mammiji will ask Deshu to call all the guests and she tells that the more the merrier.
Then His friend will come there and keeps the fairy lights. Then Maamiji will ask why are you putting lights here and there and what they are upto.

Then he tells maybe the load is too much.

Upstairs Soham and Bani will still be arguing he will tell her that she has to stop this
wedding and at least postpone it till she finds out about the boy or she will end up like an another Rano. Kooki Soham’s friend will be fiddling with the lights and he asks Soham to check the electric line.

Then the whole lights will go and there will be a black out. Then Deshu will ask Kooki what was the problem. He tells her that the fuse blew and he needed the lantern to fix it. Soham will take the lantern and he will be fixing it when Bani asks hi m about the ultimatum he had given her that either he will tell Sarabhjeet about his apprehensions of the wedding or she will speak. She will tell him not to tell her father anything for this wedding is very important.

He will not agree with her and he is hell bent on saving her from making a mistake which will prove her very costly. He will tell her that you are doing what you want to do and I will do what I want to do. I will tell Sarabhjeet uncle and he will understand me. Then he will tell that the funniest part is you are getting married in two days and that to a person whom you have not seen and you have no problem.

Then the lights will come on and Maamiji who had come to the terrace will overhear what he said and she is very angry and demands to know what he was talking about.
Both Bani and Soham are shocked.

Bani will be talking with Rajji that Soham is so helpful and doing all the work in the house for all of us. She wants to thanks him for what he did and he will do another favor for us.
Rajji will be very angry and will ask her us means Tere Liye?

Update Credit to: anurao

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