Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Bani stands shocked and scared as she finds herself confronting parmeet. But she remains unfazed as parmeet asks her who is she talking to. she tells him that her masi has called for her to come back and concentrate on her career. Parmeet offers to talk herself to masi. Anu overhears it all, and pretends to be the masi, and asks him urgently to send her back for the future assignments. parmeet requests her to let maya be there for some more time. But anu says that she cant allow her after baisakhi. Anu thinks that she never thought that she would have to act and hopes that she was convincing. parmeet says that her masi wants maya to come back after a couple of days. maya says that she too is bored and that she would leave

after the 13th, baisakhi day. But parmeet requeets her to stay back for just some more days, just for him. maya reminds him that her contract ends on the 13th, and when that happenes, she would leave for mumbai, forever, divorcing him. she asks him to keep the divorce papers ready and leaves.

The next morning, while all are preparing for baisakhi, and manpreet is excited for it, bani too is super hopeful that it will be a baisakhi that people remember for years, as that would be the day for her ultimate revenge. later, bani talks with guggi, about her problems with getting parmeet to confess, while guggi is busy playing chess. bani gets irritated, while gugi says that they shouldnt hurry, as there’s lots of time left for the 13th to arrive, and in this time, history would be repeated and that would have to happen to parmeet which she had gone through, so that he can confess his crimes. they are determined.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s reidence
the next morning, eajji gets tea for soham, while he is busy with the newspaper. He finds her giggling in shyness. kuki smiles and teases them. reyman comes and finds them having a good time, as kuki continues to tease soham if he had a good night’s sleep. soham eyes rajji, and then asks kuki why is she so concerned. rajji reprimands kuki and asks her to shut up. Kuki is asked by reyman to help her along with some work. she asks reyman that she should bring tea for balbir, as she is the wife, and that love deepens by that. rajji and soham smile, while reyman is frustrated. soham asks rajji to get his clothes out, and she complies, but before they can continue talking, reyman interrupts them. soham leaves.

While they are discussing the baiskahi celebrations, they all decide that they would have a grand celebration, calling the entire village. reyman is happy at the idea. rajji gets an idea. rajji asks reyman to make laddoos for everyone, at this baisakhi, and reminds her of the promises and dreams that she had for her. reyman is left speechless without any option. Simran and kuki are amused at her dilemma. reyman agrees to make laddoos, while all are amused at her tension.

Later, rajji calls up bani, to invite her to her celebration for baisakhi so that they can make it a memorable one. bani tells about her plan to get parmeet to confess his crimes. She asks for rajji’s help. rajji says that she is always ready, and that they would conquer evil first, before celebrating happiness. they are both confident of their plan.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
parmeet returns home, from office tired and exhausted. He is tensed all the while too. he comes by the window, and then realises something. He finds something written. Parmeet is shocked to find 13th written in blood, on his window glass pane. he tries to erase it and it gets smudged. He is shell shocked and runs down calling manpreet and bani. He gathers everyone. He takes everyone to his room to show this, but the entire glass pane is clean and all are tensed for parmeet, that he is daydreaming and that something is seriously wrong with him. bani asks what did he see. parmeet is confused. manpreet asks where did it go, if it was written.bani says that he must have hallucinated. parmeet asks if this is his hallucination, then whats the red blood stains on her face. bani eyes guggi, confused. He shows them, that when he tried to wipe it, it must have got on his hands. bani eyes a red liquid sindoor, lying open on the floor. She asks him to look down. When all do so, she picks up the open bottle, and says that this is what caused the red stain. parmeet refuses to believe this. bani says that he is thinking about everything in a different light. manpreet too is tensed for him, saying that he is worseing by the day, and asks him to tell that which is getting him tensed and he isnt able to share. she asks him to meet the doctor. But parmeet refuses, denying her repeated insistence. He asks them all to leave, as he wants to be alone. they all comply, while manpreet asks him to rest, after they all leave. bani thinks that she would make the remaining 13 hours for the 13th so difficult and horrifying for him, that he would be scared to death at the mention of bani, and would himself confess his crimes.

late in the night, bani comes out of the bathroom and asks parmeet, who’s sitting scared in one corner, to dose off. he complies. bani lies down too. meanwhile, from a distance, guggi flashes a torch in his eyes, and gets him to wake up. but when he does, he doesnt find anyone and wonders who’s torching light in his room , this late. he lies down again. guggi again lights the torch. When parmeet looks in that direction, he finds a message saing, only 12 hours are left. parmeet’s pacing wakes up maya, and asks him to be rest, as his pacing isd not letting her sleep. Parmeet again relates what happened to him, and maya gives a non care asttitude towards it. maya says that she doesnt have time at all, for this stupid rant again. parmeet asks her to atleast draw some sense out of this all. Maya asks him not to disturb. parmeet apologises to her and asks for the light to be on for some time. Maya complies, after much irritation. parmeet lies down, while maya too lies on the bed. Outside, Gugi thinks that by the time the 12 hours are over, he would be so scared that he would confess the crime. finding parmeet scared and tensed, bani says that this night wont be so easy to pass for parmeet, and that there’s still lots that he has to face. She says that he would himself confess that he had killed bani. the screen freezes on her determined face.

Precap: Gugi tells bani that the night would be so difficult for parmeet, that he would be left with no choice, but to get rid of this scare by confessing that he murdered bani. They think of various tactics to scare parmeet, about bani. Meanwhile, Rajji tells soham about their plan today that would get bani to have her revenge at parmeet and finally having justive by him. rajji says that she just hopes that her courage doesnt fail and that she always has the will to stand against injustice and get people like parmeet pay for their crimes. soham says that they would always pray for her, and their support shall always be with bani, for her work. parmeet finds bani sitting on his bed, and he forgets that it might be maya, and considering it as Bani’s ghost, he gets to strangulating her, while she gasps for breath, saying that he would finish and kill bani today.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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