Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st May 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with an angry Sarab saying that if Parmeet’s family calls up then they should tell them to postpone the marriage date. Mami & Desho try to explain the consequences. Desho says that its not good for Bani. The society will speak ill of them. Sarab isn’t in a mood to listen. Right then, Parmeet’s family calls up but no one answers. Daar ji decides to call again. This time Sarab answers. Daar Jee asks them about their decision. Sarab thinks for a while & says that they will not change the marriage date & it will take place on the same day. Till then, they shall wait for Parmeet. Daar Ji is happy & so are the family members at Sarab’s home. Desho then rushes to prepare for the Oil rasam. She inquires about the special guests who have not yet arrived. Sarab says he’ll see about it.

Binder walks with a tray in her hand. She forgets one item thats used for this ceremony. Desho helps her out & Binder thanks Desho. Binder also seeks Desho’s help in the rest of the arrangements & Desho agrees.

Outside, Sohum recalls the moment where he heard Desho saying that Parmeet will arrive on the wedding day itself. He thinks this is injustice to Bani. Just then he spots Rajji outside and decides to speak to her. Sohum reveals that Parmeet will be arriving on the wedding day itself. Rajji is stunned. Sohum says this isn’t right and its unfair on their part. Sohum tells Rajji to speak to Bani about it. Rajji says its of no use as Bani wont listen. Rajji blames Sohum for being equally responsible for the mess. Had Sohum confessed his feelings they wouldnt have been in this situation. Sohum looks perturbed. Rajji says he had so many chances but he chose not to act. Rajji also tells Sohum about how he convinced Amreek to refuse the proposal. Sohum is stunned. Rajji says now it’s too late & she can’t help.

The preparations for Oil Rasam are in full swing. Binder, Desho & Mami ji are humming some songs while preparing the rangoli. Bani & Rajji are watching them as they sit with Beeji. Desho asks about their special guests since they havent arrived. The next moment we see Sarab entering with the three special guests i.e. Kishan’s mom from Sanskaar Dharohar Apno ki, Padmini from Madhubala ek Ishq ek Junoon & Divya Thakur from Uttaran. Desho, Binder & Mami Ji welcome them. Soon the ceremony begins wherein Bani & Rajji are seated & a huge duppatta is held over them. The women apply a special oil on the girl’s hair and bless them. Sohum is watching Bani with a painful expression while Bani tries to hide her sorrow behind her smile. BG- Ishq Da Kalma sad version.


Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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