Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bani thinking how did Parmeet know her wish. She thinks maybe its coincidence and smiles. Parmeet hears her saying and says he knows all her wishes and will make them true. Bua ji thinks about Vicky’s decision to leave Kookie here and thinks how Rano used to wait for Balbir. Rajji and Soham think Vicky can take money and run away. Soham says don’t worry, we will not let this happen. Its morning, Soham talks to Bua ji and says we want Kookie to have a good life, please don’t give money to Vicky.

Bua ji says oh, I won’t give him, as I trust him, when he goes London after marriage, he will manage on his own. She says I m Kookie’s mum and am going to do the arrangements, you both be the soy and find out. Soham says I m afraid if Bua ji gives money to Vicky. Soham gets a call from Parmeet. Soham tells about Kookie’s marriage. Parmeet says I know, I m sure you will solve it. Parmeet says I wanted to give surprise to Bani and I want you and Rajji to come. Soham says thanks, but I m sorry we can’t come, we are trying to find out about Vicky. Parmeet says I can understand, I wish you all the best. He ends the call.

Bani gets ready in her room. Parmeet comes to her and says I told you we are going out to a special place, so I want you to look special and different. He says wait, I will select a dress for you. He gifts her a new dress, very beautiful. Bani likes it and smiles. She goes to change. She changes and he says you look beautiful. Dil de raha haai dastak………………plays…………. He ties her back strings getting closer. Parmeet looks at her holding her. Ishq da kalma………..plays…………..He says I will wait for you outside. He leaves.

Everyone get ready. Parmeet says Bani is coming, but be careful as she should not know anything. Bani comes and asks what. Bani says fine, I won’t ask anything. They leave. Guggie sees Kookie and turns. Kookie comes to talk to him. She says I know mum did wrong with you. He says I know, but I will work good for your marriage. She says you know I can’t go against my mum, its not my mistake. Guggie says there is no use to talk now. Kookie says fine, I will also not talk to you. He says yes, it will be good for Bua ji. She leaves.

Soham and Rajji sees them arguing. Rajji stops Kookie and calls Guggie. She asks them not to fight. Soham says we are trying to unite them, don’t increase our problems. Soham says why should we do this for them. Rajji says calm down, they have long life ahead, they need our support. Rajji asks them to make their love strong. Kookie starts crying and Guggie apologizes to her. Rajji and Soham smile. Kookie says say sorry. Guggie says I? Kookie says you are the guy, so you say sorry. Guggie says first you. Rajji asks them not to fight again.

Parmeet brings his family to a land. Bani asks whats this, did you bring me to see this land. He says yes. She asks why. He says this is not only a land, but a land for someone’s strong dreams, we will make a NGO centre here, which will be named after Bani Bhullar. Bani and everyone smiles.

The pandit does the puja at the land. Everyone sit in the puja. Parmeet breaks the coconut and everyone clap. Bua ji comes home silently. Simran asks did your work end. Bua ji says yes and goes to her room. Kookie sees Bua ji and follows her saying she is hiding something. Bua ji keeps her purse in the cupboard and leaves. Kookie checks her purse and sees much money. She is shocked knowing Bua ji is giving this money to Vicky. Kookie says its 7 lakhs, it means mum has decided to give this to Vicky.

Kookie calls Rajji and says Bua I brought 7 lakhs to give it to Vicky. Rajji tries to find out about Vicky soon.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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