Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Guest House
Anu tells them that she knows how to handle the situation now. rajji tells that she would have to prove to everyone that a woman isnt weak. bani says that she doesnt want any revenge and wants to go very far away, where even parmeet’s shadow doesnt bother her. rajji tries to compose her, but bani asks her to leave her alone. Anu asks rajji to comply while she is tensed for bani.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Balbir asks soham, as he steps out, where is he going. Soham says that he’s going out for some work. balbir asks if he’s going for rajji. Soham says that she has gone to her NGO. balbir congrats him for having the will power to continue on with their work, after such a tragedy. parmeet overhears

this, and says that rajji has actually gone to that guest house, to find out about him and that she would have to go and find out about the person living there. he excuses himself for some work and leaves too.

Scene 3:
Location: Guest House
rajji and anu are discussing things, when they dont find bani sitting where she was. They go onto check her everywhere. But they dont find her and get scared. meanwhile, in the nighttime, parmeet too reaches there and is determined to find who rajji meets here. Parmeet stealthily enters the guest house, to find out who Rajji is talking to. he grabs hold of a dupatta, and thinks that he has already seen it somewhere and tries to remember where. Anu and rajji step out, while trying to find bani. While anu goes in her car, rajji decides to take a rickshaw and leave for the other direction, so that they save on time. parmeet hears the car going and decides to follow it to find out who is this person, that rajji comes to meet. He follows her. Anu calls up her people to find out about bani, who’s missing from the house.

Meanwhile, bani is waiting listlessly on the road. rajji is tensed that she isnt able to find bani after much time too. Anu is told by the driver that someone’s following her. Anu is shocked to find that its parmeet and asks the driver to speed up, and take a turn whenever he finds one. As she does so, parmeet is confused as to which of the two ways she went, and is frustrated that he missed her. he takes a road, and anu is relieved that she took the wrong one. she decides to alarm rajji, but her phone isnt reachable. Rajji prays to the lord, to keep bani safe. rajji finally finds bani, and advises her to not lose hope, while she is all hopeless, that nothing would work out, and they cant do anything. She says that she doesnt have anything, neither strength, nor courage, nor hope. Rajji tries to tell her that she is alive due to a mission. bani says that how will it fulfill, as she has no way out of this. rajji hears the sound of the temple bell ringing, and thinks that the Goddess, would only show her the way now, who has brought her till here. As rajji and bani step on the stairs leading to the temple, parmeet’s car passes by in oblivion. Both bani and rajji join the others in the arti. the priest finishes the puja. After all leave, rajji makes bani ring the temple bell. rajji tells bani, that the goddess takes away everyone’s pain and troubles, but she never does it hesrelf instead show the way to her followers, by showing them their inner strength and their will power and makes them realise, that the victim suffering is more than the guilty of the suffering. She tries to make bani realise the various forms that goddess durga takes just to keep the evil away. she says that the goddess is simple and docile but she also takes an aggressive form, when need be. bani is affected by rajji’s words. She tells bani to conver her fear into parmeet’s scare and that she would have to change so as to be able to have her revenge. She tells bani to be determined that one day, she would get parmeet guilty, and that she would have to kill the bani who used to suffer from parmeet and that in her second life given by the lord, she would have to avenge her torment by parmeet. Rajji tells bani, in the temple, that she knows that she isnt weak, then why is she refraining today, and cites her the example of the goddess durga, who did raise her voice finally against evil, and conquered it. She asks bani to be strong and fierce like her. bani is determined that she would have her revenge now. She swears along with rajji, that now justice shall be rendered. bani says that the person who was her life, is now her life’s mission, and that she would take every risk, to get parmeet to see what he has done. bani says that from today onwards, that person would suffer, who caused her to cry and suffer. she says that she doesnt know if she would succeed or not, but she wont accept defeat and would definitely show parmeet his crimes and make him pay for them too. rajji is happy with bani’s stance. rajji says that she wanted to see this courage in her and noone can defeat her now. bani says that no one can defeat them now. The screen freezes on bani and rajji’s determined face.

Precap: parmeet confronts rajji, in front of the entire family, that she thought she could judge anything and anyone, after 4 days of serving at the NGO. He clutches at her arm tightly, and jerks her away, while she is shocked. she falls into soham’s arms. He composes her, and then goes onto confront parmeet for his indecency anbd holds him by the collar, as parmeet stands defiant.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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