Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th December 2013 Written Update

Everyone in Bhullar household is curious seeing Balbeer’s wife restless. Balbeer enters and she starts scolding him for not taking her call. He takes her to their room. She is furious that he had betrayed her regarding his earlier marriage and he reasons that he had to marry Rano to get his property before he left for Canada. She taunts that he still did not get the property and he finally discloses the truth about Soham. Balbeer plans to bring him to Bhullar mansion, get his share of the property and throw Soham out of the house. His wife agrees. Balbeer tells that he has to get Soham before others know that the property s not in Balbeer’s name . He spies Gagan eavesdropping and calls her in. She does not react and he feels she has not heard much

Gagan tells Randeep

that she heard Balbeer talk about the property and they should talk to the lawyer as she feels there is something wrong

Balbeer at the gurudwara, managing the slipper counter when he takes Rajji’s slippers. He tries to influence Rajji using their relation as Rano’s husband and her child’s grandfather. He says he wants to make sure Soham gets his rights. Rajji tells him she can’t help as Soham will not listen to her. Balbeer pleads with her to try so that he can repent for his deeds. He falls on his knees, touches Rajji’s feet and begs her for help pretending to be ashamed of his previous deeds and wanting to bring his family together.

Everyone in the main room having food except Rajji who is in the room. Buaji cribs about this. Kukki says she is going to stick Soham’s photos in that room so that the child will be like Soham. Rajji comes out and tells about Balbeer’s pleas and his wish that she and the child also go to the mansion with Soham.

For Bani fans Parmeet finds his bottles missing and the servant says Bani has taken them to the kitchen.. Parmeet goes to the kitchen where Bani is busy emptying all the bottles into the sink. Parmeet tries questioning her ans tells her to stop but she continues. He says she is crossing limits but Bani counters that her home has no place for alcohol. Parmeet says her brain, hands and tongues are working too much and she has become overconfident. Bani says that she is not a doormat just because she respected her husband and Parmeet insults her that she is not worth even being dirt on his feet. He ticks her off for thinking that she can change him so easily and orders her to apologise to him plus return the bottles. Hearing her refusal, Parmeet decides to throw her out and tells her to bring anyone she wants for support. Parmeet drags her out while she cries and pleads with him to leave her hand as it is hurting. Chacha and Chachi try to stop Parmeet and then Bani suddenly becomes confident again and tells them to stay out as this is her fight Parmeet pushes her out of the house. Bani pledges not to leave nor call anyone for support. He himself will take her inside. Parmeet laughs at her delusion and says her place is outside and she can rot there for all he cares. Door loses and Bani looks at it with an expression.

Precap: Rajji sees Bani’s outside and Parmeet is at the door

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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