Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s and parmeet’s place
Desho comes and asks what happened. Bani says nothing. Desho asks if her in laws have left. Bani says yes. Desho is happy that she’s going to be here for some more days, as she wont be able to come everyday.

Gagan, who comes out excited to see randeep, is shocked wehn she sees him wounded. manpreet says that what he got was what he deserved, and in fact he deserved more. Gagan asks why’s he talking like that.Manpreet asks who was it. He says that it was the same soham, who’s bani true friend. Gagan asks whats the enemity. Randip says that there’s no enemity, but some connection between him and bani. he goes on to tell the story his side

Manpreet asks why he wnt and who told to get bani. randip

says that in the absence of dadaji, he’s the descision maker. He says that he’s thinking of the welfare of the house, and to dsave the respect of this family, he would do anything. He says that he knows that bani and soham have some affair. Manpreet asks her to shut up, as he cant wash his stains with someone else’s maligning. She asks him to get out. Gagan takes him inside. Surjeet asks her to calm down.

Gagan too asks why did he go to get bani, and why didnt he inform. Randip tells her that he had goen to ease her workload, as bani is free there. Gagan is happy at her concern and says that she has full faith on her. she leaves

Gagan thinks to herself that she would set soham straight. She leaves.

Jas comes shyly in front of her in laws. The granny asks bani as to why is she still here, and if she doesnt feel like going there. She compliments her in laws for being so understanding. They ask biji that rajji must be coming now and then. Desho tells that bani is destined to go to Canada soon. Desho and bindal go to get tea and snacks. Bani is sad and tensed too.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Guggi comes in asking about soham and his health. Buaji asks how did he get to know. Gugi says that he got angad’s phone. Soham and rajji come outside. gugi asks soham if he’s alright. when buaji knows that soham wants to go to the fields, buaji reprimands hium that he has to rest and not work atleast today. A knock on the door shocks gugi, when he sees the police as he opens the door. The rest of the family is shocked too. The inspector comes and asks for soham. He asks whats the matter. the inspector says that they have to take him to the jail. Buaji asks why? The inspector says that they have come to arrest soham. Angad tries to say that there’s been a misunderstanding. But the inspectortells about his fight with randip. Buaji says that he cant do this. The inspector says that a report has been filed, and has to go to jail. Buaji says that without proof they cant arrest him. The inspector shows her the search warrant. They are all shocked. buaji still asks for proof that soham did this. The inspector says that this would be decided in the station. Buaji says that the inspector is influenced by their money. Angad and gugi calm her down saying that they would go with soham, and wont let anything happen to him. They take soham away, along with angad and gugi. The ladies are stunned and shocked. Buaji turns to rajji, and asks why they lied to her, and asks the reason for fighting. simran says that this time isnt for that, and they should focus on what to do to get soham free. Buaji agrees.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s and parmeet’s place and the police station
Bani comes to rajji’s house, and finds rajji tensed. She says that she was trying soham’s phone but not getting through. she says that she was getting tensed for them, hence came over here to meet them. bani asks what happened and if everything is alright. rajji gets her inside and says that nothing is alright. She says that soham is in jail. Bani is shocked and asks why. Rajji says that she’s very tensed and doesnt know what to do. Bani blames this on hsrelf that she shouldnt have confessed, but rajji asks her not to bother as it isnt her fault. Rajji says that everything would be alright and soon soham would be free. Buaji sees bani and asks what is she doing here. rajji tries to explain, but buaji taunts her as to why has she come here, to put salt on their wounds. She asks whats soham’s fault, that he loved her. Buaji asks why has she come eher, as they dont need her sympathy. Bani tries to speak but is shut up. she manages to say that she didnt know that her in laws had got soham in jail. She assures that shew ould talk and get soham out of jail. Bani is asked by rajji to go inside and talk. She leaves. Buaji is boggled and tensed.

Meanwhile, soham is beaten up badly by the police. Gagan hears this over the phone and is overjoyed. Angad tries to clarify the story that soham is inncoent. The inspector says that they cant leave soham as the case has just been filed. Gugi is hyper and angry, and the inspector asks him to calm down or be in jail too. Angad asks politely for a way out. The inspector says that they can file for a bail, but keep a hefty sum of money handy. they are tensed. Angad asks if they can see soham. The inspector allows. They go with the hawaldar.

Bani tries the number. Gagan picks up. Bani tries to ask her to call manpreet. She asks why. Bani explains the whole situation as to why is soham inncoent. Gagan asks if she’s blaming randip for this. Bani denies saying that, and asks for manpreet. Bani is told by gagan that its her who has filed the report, and therefore it futile to talk to manpreet. Bani is shocked and gagan adds asking why is she so tensed for jijaji. She reprimands bani as to why she didnt even bother to ask about randip, but is dying caring for soham, and casts an aspersion as to what relation she shares with her sister’s husband. the screen freezes on bani’s distraught face.

Precap: Bani comes to her house and urgently knocks on the door. When gagan opens the door, bani is surprised to find her and asks when did they return home. Gagan says that the doors to this house are forever closed for her. Bani says that its really urgent for her to meet manpreet. But gagan unwilling to listen to anything, throws a tensed bani, out of her house. Bani is shocked as she turns back to find gagan closing the doors.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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