Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th April 2014 Written Update

Epi starts with Soham telling Bani that it’s not proper for Rajji as an unmarried gilr to stay at thier house like this, and she should go back home. Bani tells him to not stress over this and she will talk to Rajji.Bani leaves from there to get Soham his breakfast.

Rajji is cutting vegetables ( did the Maan family move their kitchen outside??) and flashes back to Soham telling her off for helping him with the shirt.( I agree with Soham here. Rajji made a decision and now doing things like this no matter how much her heart want, is kinda shady. Anyone would get pissed in Soham’s position. Really Rajji, control yourself .)

Bani brings Soham out holding his hand( really, like he’s blind, not just hurt or something?! Totally unnecessary and plot device just to make audience feel for Rajji). Soham is all smiling and remembering past flashbacks.

He tells Bani how she must be feeling to have to adapt so suddenly to someone else since she found out Parmeet wasn’t coming.He tells her ,admiringly, that it would be a big deal for any girl, and she hasnt made a complaint even once ( lol… this whole sequence was probably written to pour salt over Rajji’s wounds I swear.. I was so sick of Soham going on and on and on. it was like the good old days!) Soham goes on and on blah blah blah.

Rajji finally cant take it any more ( I couldn’t either) and burns her hand. She yells out and Bani and Soham are both concerned. Guggie come running and Bani hands Soham over to him and goes to Rajji who is crying like her heart is breaking.

Bani tells Rajji she knows how she must be feeling ( no Bani, you dont. Not really) specially when your husband claims someone else as his wife in front of you( aaand here we are.. Bani making sure we all dont forget that anything Rajji went through is nothing compared to what she herself went through)

Parmeet is standing there and hears this. Rajji goes inside to keep Soham from coming out and bani goes to Parmeet. He tells her he needs her signature on some cheques otherwise he wouldnt have disturbed her. She tells him she was with Soham so couldnt pick up the phone. Parmeet asks about Soham and Bani tells him the whole story. Parmeet is confused as to why Soham thinks Bani is his wife.Bani tells him about the wedding day fiasco and Parmeet again proves why he is the right guy for Bani, blames himself for this whole mess.

Rajji tries to stop Soham from going outside but he brushes her off. He comes outside ( limping just fine, so he CAN walk without Bani holding his hand apparently) and sees Bani there and Parmeet hides away.
They go inside and Parmeet watches hidden from behind a wall.

Bhullars: Randeep says he hopes everything would be alright with Soham. Parmeet ( just as delusional and 100% correct with Bani’s character analysis) says to Gagan he knew something was going on, because the Bani he knows would punish him, but not leave him and move on with a new life.
Gagan tells him if only BAni could see how much he is willing to do to get Bani back in his life. Randeep looks at Gagan.

Maans: Rajji tells Bani it’s a good thing Soham didnt see Randeep. Bani says that she knew Parmeet was changing but for the first time ever, she could feel he was being truthful ( so aaalll thos eother times was wat? Just you being… stupid?)Rajji asks Bani if she wants to give Parmeet another chance. Bani says she cant because she hasnt forgotten anything. She says her heart still aches, however time changes and she cant say what will happen in the future. Bani says they need to focus on Soham. Rajji is pathetically grateful to bani. The sisters hug.

Guggie, Kookie , Rajji and Bani come up with a plan to jog Soham’s memory by using the scarf Rajji gave him. Rajji hides it under the mattress and when Soham comes out of the bathroom, Bani asks him to look under the mattress for her bangle.

Soham finds the scarf and everyone looks at him with varying degrees of hope and anticipation.

Rajji runs in and asks Soham if he remembers who gave him the scarf and why.
Soham strains himself and looks up smiling. Rajji and Bani look hopefull.
Soham says he remembers. Epi ends on Rajji’s face.

Precap: No precap

Update Credit to: SophiSays

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