Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Parmeet is smiling thinking about his evil plans regarding bani. balbir is very happy at this cunning move of parmeet. He asks him to take hold of his anger, as he too is very angry at her and wants to throw her out rightaway, but he knows how to control and use his anger, and wants that he learn it too. He says that what bani did required guts, but from the inside she is hollow. He says that bani would go, but accuse her destiny and not them for it. He asks parmeet to do what he wants and is instructing, and be the bad man, after its proven that he has changed and become ideal. Then she would understand that they both are mismatched. Parmeet listens intently while balbir says that this is a full proof method to get bani out

of the house. They are sgocked when Gagan comes in saying that this is their plan. gagan tells them that they arent right in doing this with bani, but god knows why she likes what they are doing, so much. they are startled at this, while she says that she;s saying the truth. she says that she likes their plan and would assist them in the execution of it. Parmeet and balbir smirk. Gagan expresses her hatred towards bani, and promises parmeet that she’s with him on his plan to getting rid of bani. balb ir says that he likes her, as she’s the only intelligent one, and is now sure that they would succeed in their plan. All three smile cunningly.

In her room, bani is thankful to the lord for this change in parmeet as she had waited all along fopr this day. as she is going out, she finds surjit, who is happy that she’s smiling and asks bani whats the matter. bani tells about parmeet’s change that has made her very happy. Surjit is excited but still doubts if parmeet is saying the truth. but bani is adamant that parmeet was genuine. Surjit hopes that this is true, and that her faith is restored in them. After she leaves, surjit’s husband says that some people easily forgive but some people always betray, and parmeet is one of them. he expresses his doubts at this recent change, and surjit is tensed.

The next morning, as parmeet is dressing up, bani gets the prashad and after parmeet apologises for his behaviour, bani makes him promise that he would never do something like this, or vent out his anger on her for something else. He turns to the lord, and pretends to be genuinely apologetic about the prashad throwing, and promises never to do this again. bani looks on smilingly. He eats the prashad. bani gives him tea, while parmeet is surprised that she has actually got him green tea, that he likes. He tastes it, and says that she has tried very nicely, but it isnt like the one that he normally drinks. He asks gagan to come inside, and make him the green tea that he likes, and asks her to show bani too how he likes it. Bani is tensed, while he says that she isnt to be blamed as she mustnt have ever heard of green tea, or takan it too. While bani stands speecheless, he asks her to also train bani in making continental cuisine, as she doesnt know anythying apart from the paranthas. gagan agrees and bani leaves, putting up a smile on her face.

Bani learns how to make French omelettes, with intermittent advise from gagan, about continental cuisine. while bani is hassled, gagan intentionally uses modern terminologies of the vegetables, that she can use for making club sandwiches and sausages. she asks bani to use, without explaining them properly. as she leaves, bani is tensed. Outside at the dining table, gagan tells them that bani has specially made continental breakfast for them. parmeet too comes and compliments her on getting modernised in the kitchen too, as a modern wife. bani serves sandwiches for them to try, while parmeet and balbir intentionally spit it out, apologising that they wont be able to eat this, and make fun of her, that even the youngest of children can make it better than this. Bani stands hurt while they cant stop laughing, intentionally to ridicule her.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
As simran delicately tries to put forth the topis, with tea to buaji, buaji is adamant that she has to take this hard descision, for life, as their divorce is definite. She says that she too had accepted rajji, but rajji herself couldnt. She says that whatever the lord does, is for a reason.

As soham sits tight clutching the scarf, and remembering rajji, buaji comes in and asks why hasnt he slept yet. he says that he isnt feeling sleepy. Buaji says that this happens when the wife leaves, and hence she is thinking of a second marriage, and asks him to forget about the past, and move on, thinking about the future. She takes the scarf, and asks him not to live life with such memories, as today he remembers her with this, tomorrow, he would wipe his tears with this. She says that she doesnt want to force this on him, but she cant see him like this. She says that she to wanted this marriage to succeed, and she knows that she’s the villain in everyone’s eyes. she says that hence she camer to talk to him, to ask if the fault is actually Rajji’s. soham is silent and speechless, while buaji pronounces her verdict that he doesnt need to think anymore, as its best that they get seperated.

The next morning, guggi asks soham and furiously reprimands him for contemplating to do something, that none in their village has ever done. Gagan says that he knows that this is buaji’s descision, but its his consent. He says that he’s just thinking. Guggi asks why is he even thinking. He asks soham to find out why rajji who’s his friend left him. Soham is reminded of the Karvachauth vrat, and buaji’s torture, and asks him to rethink whqat could be the problem and that its true that its not her, but he who’s at fault. He asks soham to go and talk to rajji one last time and make his final descision after that. soham agrees to find out why she went.

Precap: As rajji comes face to face with soham, she asks him sternly whats he here for. Soham says that he would go only after having known the answer, as to why she left the house. Rajji is speechless, while soham doesnt budge, and is determined to know the answer. rajji jerks off soham, as he tries to attent o his finger cut, telling him not to even dare touch her. He says that he was just tending out to her wound. Rajji says that he can see this wound, but what about the wound that he inflicted on her heart. rajji says that she would be able to bear this, but not that wound. She says that he would never get the reason as to why she left the house, and her happiness and her life in it..

Update Credit to:Rimjhim

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